Sutu metaverse Research Institute: metaverse will enter a spiral development period in the second half of 2022

Recently, sutu metaverse Research Institute released the 2022metaverse industry trend report (hereinafter referred to as the report), which is the first report of sutu metaverse Research Institute. The report points out that metaverse (metaverse) is a virtual world linked and created by scientific and technological means, mapped and interacted with the real world, and has a digital living space of a new social system.

In the report, metaverse Research Institute divides metaverse into four development stages: chaos, warm development, spiral development and industrial integration.

Last year, roblox elaborated the basic elements of metaverse in a public prospectus: identity, friends, immersion, low delay, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization; Facebook announced that the brand of the platform will be partially renamed “meta” and so on. 2021 is known as the “first year” of metaverse. Metaverse related technology industries ushered in explosive growth, and metaverse entered a period of warm development.

In this regard, sutu metaverse Research Institute predicts that from the second half of 2022 to 2024, the metaverse industry will enter a spiral development period, and the industry’s enthusiasm for metaverse will begin to return to rationality.

Metaverse Research Institute believes that metaverse will usher in the “pain of reshuffle” under the development background of the times and stage characteristics. On the one hand, with the definition and supervision of metaverse industry gradually in place, the boundary of metaverse began to be clear, and the industry began to have preliminary metaverse enterprise screening ability. On the other hand, with the improvement of the entry threshold, small enterprises began to be merged by giants, some enterprises with weak competitiveness and pseudo metaverse concept began to leave, and capital began to return to rationality.

It is worth noting that the “two-level differentiation” mentioned in the report will become the main feature of this stage, and the industry has fully entered the reshuffle period. Speed road Metaverse Research Institute believes that the Metaverse industry as a whole usher in a “painful period”, the bubble began to burst. Some enterprises continue to cultivate technology, content and ecology, gradually form barriers, and become giants when metaverse matures.

Sutu metaverse Research Institute believes that human society and metaverse will exist for a long time in the mode of “metaverse +”. Metaverse, in the form of tools, will become an important starting point to promote the efficiency of various industries to a new level after the Internet. This is the starting point of “everything can be metaverse”. If you want to reach the ultimate form of metaverse development, you must integrate with other industries and realize the scene landing by enabling “symbiosis”.

Sudu metaverse Research Institute hopes to deeply explore the excellent enterprises and new business paradigm of metaverse track through the report, promote the industry to eliminate the false and preserve the true, provide opportunities for the upstream and downstream resource links of metaverse, and grow together with China’s metaverse industry.

It is reported that the report has also received strong support from sutu network, sutu technology and finance, sutu cultural tourism and sutu Zhihu value center.