NPC deputy Gao Yu: beware of hype about metaverse concept

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Metaverse is a space parallel to and independent of the real world. It is a network virtual world that maps the real world. People can interact through virtual digital identity, and can create, share and govern in life and industry. According to Gao Yu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and executive director of Chongqing Puyu science and technology innovation center, metaverse will change various business formats such as social life, office mode, industrial integration and urban management, and drive the transformation of social productivity and production patterns. At present, metaverse related concepts and industries are springing up like mushrooms, and everything has two sides. Gao Yu suggested that with the vigorous development of metaverse related technologies, we should be vigilant and guard against the hype of metaverse concept, and lay out the governance rules of metaverse in advance to ensure that the correct development principles are established at the beginning of its establishment. She believes that the supervision of metaverse should be strengthened from four aspects: economic activities, information security, ethics and international coordination.

Regulation of economic activities

Implement full chain tracking backup for virtual currency transactions under the name of “metaverse”

Gao Yu analysis, in the process of realizing the Metaverse vision pattern, is accompanied by diversified commercialization exploration and attempt. At this stage, due to the limitations of technological development, the prototype products of Metaverse still have great controversy. There are also strong uncertainties in the business mode. The short-term overheating is more like the stage of foam harvesting under capital operation. Some lawbreakers even fabricated false metaverse investment projects to absorb funds and were suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities. There are also those who engage in metaverse virtual currency trading in disguise and illegally seek profits by inducing investment, manipulating prices and other means.

In view of the above phenomena, Gao Yu suggested to strengthen the supervision of economic activities and strengthen the risk monitoring and early warning of “metaverse” speculation. The market supervision department shall cooperate with the banking, Internet information, public security and other departments to continuously improve the technical monitoring means, and implement the whole chain tracking and full-time information backup for the trading and exchange of virtual currencies and virtual commodities under the name of “metaverse”. Establish an information sharing and rapid response mechanism among regulatory departments, and strengthen the effective connection of online monitoring, offline touch and arrangement and fund monitoring. At the same time, strengthen the management of the registration of relevant market entities of “metaverse” and the advertisements with the words “metaverse”, and timely investigate and deal with the acts of false advertisements and exaggerated publicity.

Information security supervision

Metaverse integrates massive data and recommends the introduction of regulatory rules

Metaverse integrates emerging and traditional information technologies such as blockchain and big data, and faces more prominent network security problems. On the one hand, the technical system operated by metaverse includes the deep integration of single technology applications such as extended reality, digital twinning, blockchain and artificial intelligence; On the other hand, metaverse will be more closely related to production activities, and industrial technology will become an important part of metaverse technology system.

Gao Yu pointed out that deep synthesis technology is a typical technology application “double-edged sword” in metaverse. Only by defining an appropriate use framework for it, can science and technology benefit the people in the real sense. In January this year, the State Network Information Office recently released the regulations on the management of in-depth synthesis of Internet information services (Exposure Draft), which made a series of clear regulations and guidelines on the in-depth synthesis technology as the cornerstone of metaverse. Therefore, it is suggested that the management regulations should be officially issued as soon as possible after fully soliciting the opinions of all walks of life, regulate the application of deep synthesis technology in the form of regulations, especially make specific provisions on the purpose, marking, scope of use and punishment of abuse of technology of deep synthesis content, and clarify the subject of responsibility at the same time, so as to truly realize the “technology for the good”.

Gao Yu said that the metaverse platform will also collect a large amount of user data, including biometrics, behavior patterns and neural activity patterns. With the increasing popularity and realism of virtual reality applications, metaverse will threaten people’s privacy in new ways. In metaverse, due to the relevance between biometrics and users, once it is leaked, it will suffer permanent losses and expose users to various risks. She suggested that information security supervision rules focusing on the application of big data in subdivided scenarios should be continuously introduced.

Ethical supervision

Positively guide minors’ behavior in metaverse

Gao Yu pointed out that metaverse attracts the influx of various modern technologies, blurs people’s cognition of life and non life, reality and virtual, and challenges the ethical bottom line of society. Metaverse is a new stage of scientific and technological development. We should adhere to the basic ethics of putting science and technology first and not damaging human interests to ensure that science and technology is good.

“Metaverse’s virtual world has sensory interaction, immersion experience and addictive properties. People belong to the social group and have strong social needs. Excessive addiction to virtual cyberspace will also lead to loneliness and depression and increase users’ behavioral aggression. Therefore, it is necessary to positively guide minors’ behavior in metaverse and limit their behavior For acts that do not conform to their mental development level, it is suggested that the continuous construction of laws and regulations to protect minors should keep pace with the development of new industries. ” Gao Yu said.

International collaborative regulation

Provide China solutions for “metaverse” International Governance

Considering the various linkage relations between metaverse and the physical world, Gao Yu believes that the rule of law of centralized organizations, the participation of countries and cooperation among countries are still needed to provide support for the stability and security of metaverse operation. As the metaverse economy is in the embryonic stage, its legal guarantee system should also maintain flexible development space, accept new markets driven by new technologies with the greatest tolerance, and even do not rule out the traditional legal concept of jumping out of the physical world in the future, and re-establish new legal rules that can deal with the metaverse economic system.

Gao Yu found that at present, on the whole, there are few scientific and technological regulatory regulations issued by the international community on metaverse, and there are certain regulatory blind spots. “Decentralization does not mean that there is no regulation. A certain regulation is not opposite to the autonomy space of metaverse. The appropriate intervention of the government can prevent the improper profit seeking behavior of metaverse developers and the behavior that damages the economic order and security order in metaverse. With the construction and improvement of metaverse’s internal economic system, the economic activities and social behavior of users from all countries in metaverse will be improved It is becoming more and more complex and common, and all countries need to establish coordinated and unified rules on the jurisdiction of relevant fields “. Therefore, Gao Yu suggested that we should deeply study the legal attribute of” metaverse “and explore the legal status, rights and obligations of all subjects participating in” metaverse “activities, focusing on data security and privacy protection, Provide China solutions for “metaverse” international governance.

According to Gao Yu, metaverse’s legal system includes at least three parts: first, the reconstruction and adjustment of real law to guide the standardization of virtual subject personality; Second, legal norms such as transaction, data and security to ensure the normal operation of metaverse economic and social system; The third is the laws and regulations regulating the development and application of metaverse. “Only when a complete legal system is built can it escort the healthy development of metaverse.”

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Jiang ruojing

Editor / MA Xiaoqing