At the end of metaverse, there are 1062 enterprises

Metaverse is peeling off its gorgeous shell and returning to rationality.

Both a shares and US stocks poured cold water on metaverse:

Since 2022, the A-share metaverse concept sector index has decreased by 20%, with a decrease of 24.78% compared with the highest point. On the other hand, as soon as the latest financial report of meta was released, the share price once fell 26.44%, and $234 billion evaporated.

Returning to rationality is the beginning of stable growth. When the tide recedes, it is easier to see where the reef is and where the right path is.

In metaverse technology atlas, cube divides metaverse basic technology into six modules: network and computing technology, Internet of things, blockchain, interaction technology, video game technology and artificial intelligence.

Under the six technologies, cube knowledge manufacturing Bureau has made further sub technology segmentation. These sub technologies are closely related to the implementation of metaverse. Therefore, although holographic image and brain computer interaction in interaction technology are still in the embryonic stage, they are also included in the atlas because of their great significance to metaverse.

Together, they constitute the fundamentals of metaverse and the ballast of the digital economy.

For each sub technology, cubic knowledge manufacturing Bureau selected 1062 major global enterprises under this technology, and counted the development maturity of each technology as an important basis for industrial research.

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