Sina Dragon Ball Hero: the disappearance of multi metaverse, the secret of time scroll

After the Dragon Ball hero entered the time world, he really entered many metaverse. Birus once said: the disappearance of gods will determine the number of metaverse. Of course, this is only the setting of Longzhu super, but it is very different among Longzhu heroes. The death of a powerful character will increase the number of multi metaverse, which means that the number of multi metaverse will increase greatly. When every powerful character dies, their universe will disappear. What’s going on? This will be explained from the time scroll.


So what is the time scroll? It is the memory card used by the king of time to store the universe. Each multi metaverse information is recorded in the time scroll. You can go back to the past through the time scroll, but you can’t go to the future. Only the time ring of the king God can go to the future. The strong from the time scroll are the representatives of their own time and space. If they disappear, the corresponding pluralistic world will disappear, and the corresponding time scroll will be destroyed, which has a great impact.


The disappearance of many metaverse can not be said to be a bad thing. At least, the work of the king and God of the time world should be reduced a lot. This is only a person who is heinous to gods and humans. The problem is with EOS. Why did she take the time scroll and destroy it at the same time? If you want to regain the throne of the king and God of the time world, you don’t have to destroy the time scroll at all. Just detain the current king and God of the time world. You don’t have to fight so hard. I can only say that there must be something fishy in it.


In the latest plot, black Goku also appears. His ambition has been expanding. Maybe it has something to do with him. It was a pleasure for him to destroy mankind. The world he ruled was a world without human participation. After all, EOS is the king God of the world of time. It is unlikely to be bewitched by him. He is most likely to be controlled by the black Wukong. Perhaps he exchanged his body with seven dragon beads, so that there are two black Wukong. Although it is the past method, it is still a good idea to realize his wish as soon as possible.


Another doubt is the centimeter goblins. If you catch one of the three, you can win, or you can eliminate all the soldiers of other universes. According to the rules, the final victory may be more than one universe. The key is what the centimeter goblin is used for. At present, there is no information about it. Maybe cm goblins are used to absorb combat energy and use this energy to accomplish something evil. The king God of the time boundary is the biggest official position by reason, but it is not clear what relationship it has with the whole king.


The energy collected by CM goblins may be to destroy the whole king. As the highest leader of the 12 universes, he should have the right to manage the king and God of time. This battle will be extremely fierce. The strong in the past should be strengthened. At the same time, the soldiers in black will appear one after another. With the disappearance of multiple metaverse, the ultimate purpose of EOS will also be exposed. What will it be? OK, today’s sharing is here. I want to know more news. Please watch the WeChat official account – dragon ball over second seasons.

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