What is metaverse? How do ordinary people make money in metaverse?

How does metaverse play? Recently, the virtual idols of the virtual world, such as Liu Yexi and Zuckerberg, have also entered the meta universe one after another. Baidu has also developed a domestic mobile game xirang. In addition, the information of blockchain games attacking real estate speculation groups can be seen everywhere on the platform. So do we ordinary people experience any reliable investment institutions? Can those strike games really make money by moving bricks? How do ordinary people make money in metaverse?

What is metaverse

First of all, we need to know what the meta universe is. The meta universe is a virtual world. We can freely entertain and live in the virtual world through necessary equipment. Frankly speaking, if we want to build a complete version of the meta universe, it is still very far away, at least in terms of ten years. But looking at a smaller direction, it is still very easy to achieve. Let’s first think about one thing that ordinary people are most likely to achieve. For example, a supermarket uses AR technology to conduct 360 ° live live video of the supermarket without dead corners. You can go to the supermarket only by wearing VR glasses at home. You can see the latest products, and then after the purchase, someone or machinery and equipment need to automatically deliver them to your home. Of course, It just allows you to see this thing without going to the scene. However, you need to use it after you buy it, and you still need to come to your hand in some way. It can’t be made out of thin air. There are many forms like this, such as current e-commerce or concert, which can be realized in this form, When we bring VR equipment at home, we can watch all kinds of objects without on-site. However, if the AR technology behind is more popular, maybe you can also install a set at home to scan yourself so that others can see you and interact. According to the current technology, ordinary people are at most pinching their faces and pinching a virtual character. They have some simple communication and interaction in it. If they want to be more realistic, they still invest a lot.

How does metaverse make money

Now why do many people choose to invest in metaverse to buy land and houses. There are only two kinds of situations. The first kind of people: they have ideas and want to take the lead and want to make money. The second kind of people listen to others and are fooled to make money. Of course, these two kinds of things may be a little one-sided. In the first case, why can they make money by taking the lead? It is written above that we can realize many functions through AR and VR, But you can’t understand this technology. It’s obviously unrealistic for you to let a supermarket owner build these things. Therefore, to realize these things, professional students need to build a platform, which can be a separate platform or a coexisting platform. Simply understand, just like when you enter a supermarket, you can only see the products of the supermarket, and when you go to the whole commercial street, you can see many products, We have built everything on a platform, so users who visit this platform can see our products. But if you build a platform yourself, then someone will visit your platform and see your products. After knowing these, it is easy to understand the speculation. For example, I am very optimistic about the company. I think his tiktok is very strong and has the ability to enlarge his virtual platform. If he is investing in the virtual platform, it is limited. Then, in order to make money, I will buy some land in this virtual platform world in advance. When others need to build supermarkets and other buildings in the future, they will come to me to buy it. So is this land worth anything? Can we invest it? We need to know how this land is produced, which is nothing more than a virtual product through technical means, and the expanded cost is nothing more than the investment of technology and equipment. Seeing here, you must have the answer in your heart.

Can blockchain games make money and how? There is a market when there is demand. It is no different from normal games. DNF’s brick moving, legend gold playing, and even the characters in the game pinch their faces and Practice on behalf of others. You need to go to the game to see if there is a suitable sales channel or cash realization method. Of course, these are only suggestions. Please be cautious in entering the market according to the actual situation. There are risks in investment and you should be cautious in entering the market.

How do ordinary people make money in metaverse

What you buy from the virtual world needs to be delivered in the real world, and you? We can be perfectly qualified for this career. In addition to these basic, there is another direction we can also do, that is to learn the relevant technologies of VR and AR, provide technical services, or carry out the sales of relevant equipment, etc. in a few years, when the meta universe is more mature, the promoter of a virtual platform can also do it. Finally, a more comprehensive understanding of what metaverse is and how metaverse makes money? Pay attention to the public platform of “metaverse business information”.