Sina highlights to help children’s health treatment: the Spanish hospital has set up metaverse Zoo

Reference News reported on March 9 that the website of Spanish newspaper El Pais recently reported that the combination of holography and 5g technology enables children in a hospital in Barcelona to have virtual interaction with animals.

“I like lions best.” JONA screamed cheerfully when she saw the three-dimensional hologram of the animal respond to her virtual caress. At the age of 9, she has been in a hospital in Barcelona for a week. She was one of the first patients to use the new immersive simulation module. The device simulates the natural perspective of the Barcelona zoo, thanks to holographic and 5g technology applied with the support of Barcelona’s “world mobile capital” initiative.

The project was named “zoohhh” and was also included in the “hospital good friends” activity launched by the Barcelona hospital, the report said. The activities include clown performances, music therapy, game rooms on each floor of the building, trained service dogs or testing equipment decorated as spacecraft. The head of telemedicine and audio-visual media of the hospital said that in this case, the hospital is applying the most advanced technology to try its best to make children feel happy as much as possible during hospitalization and reduce their physical and mental trauma as much as possible.

The idea came almost simultaneously with Barcelona’s “world mobile capital” initiative. The initiative has been working with the hospital for many years with a view to applying technological advances to the field of health care. In order to make this project a reality, the initiative has joined forces with other entities, including Barcelona zoo and Barcelona city government, Vodafone, the Spanish commercial bank foundation, the digital Policy Department of the Catalan autonomous region, etc.

A person in charge of Barcelona’s “world mobile capital” initiative said that the initiative has cooperated with Barcelona hospital for many years, which is a hospital full of innovative concepts. Through the cooperation between Vodafone and the Catalan autonomous region, the initiative promoted the early deployment of 5g, because 5g connectivity and real-time low latency can greatly improve the efficiency of emergency care, remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. 5g technology brings infinite connection to hospitals. For example, the technology allows hospitals to monitor patients with heart disease through sensors and prevent any problems in children.

When adults argue about how the little child “metaverse” works, JONA enjoys it alone. She was watching the giraffe lick her virtual hand and learned that the giraffe only slept for 30 minutes a day. Around her, her mother is also interested in the project because she is a computer scientist who runs a family business with her husband. They will return home in the next few days because their daughter has basically recovered. (compiled by Liu lifeI)

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