The other side of the female analyst at sutu metaverse Research Institute

Author / Xiao Zha, Research Institute

Source / sudu metaverse Research Institute (ID: sootooinstitute)

Editor’s note: today is the international working women’s day. Sutu metaverse Research Institute hereby sends holiday greetings to the majority of female readers. There are also several female analysts in the fast track metaverse Research Institute. They study and study in the metaverse world every day. They type out page by page reports on the keyboard, and they tell the unknown story of metaverse company in the camera. To this end, sutu metaverse Research Institute launched another side of female analysts of sutu metaverse Research Institute to let readers show the unique style of our female analysts.

Zhao Jiaru: opportunities are always left to those who are prepared

A6021 chief exploration officer of sutu metaverse Research Institute: Zhao Jiaru

Every morning, Zhao Jiaru opens her eyes under the “harassment” of the alarm, then prepares food for “ham” (Note: Zhao Jiaru’s cat) for a day, washes and browses the freshest metaverse news every day, and then crosses 40 kilometers to the research institute to start a day’s work. Such days have been repeated for hundreds of days.

Mercury: Hello, Mr. Zhao. Let’s introduce ourselves to the readers first~

Zhao Jiaru: Hello, everyone. I am Zhao Jiaru, chief search officer of Metaverse Research Institute, and I am in charge of the operation of Metaverse Research Institute. You can see my analysis article at WeChat official account of Metaverse Research Institute, and I can see me in Metaverse related activities.

Mercury: when you study metaverse, what are your advantages over other male analysts?

Zhao Jiaru: This is a good question.

Metaverse is actually more technical than the business we better understand. You know, technology is actually unfriendly to girls in a sense. Therefore, when I first came into contact with metaverse, I felt a little unable to start with many enterprises that preferred low-level technology. I often had to consult my colleagues.

However, I think this is also a good opportunity for me to understand an industry from a very basic level. Everything is new cognition, which makes me not look at the new concept of “metaverse” from the perspective of a few years ago. In fact, science and technology have developed very fast in recent years. If you want to become an industry recognized researcher, you must keep pace with the times, always look at the development of the industry from the latest perspective and observe the new actions of enterprises.

Of course, our analyst team has their own strengths. We can learn from each other in work communication and produce professional reports for you.

Mercury: This is the first time I’ve heard you say this. What was the opportunity for you to get in touch with metaverse?

Zhao Jiaru: in fact, when I took over the fast track metaverse Research Institute, I didn’t have any preparation at all. The initial idea was that this was an arranged task. Just do it well. As for what can be done in the end, I really didn’t think about it.

However, with the deepening of the research on metaverse industry and the rising enthusiasm for metaverse in all walks of life, I personally contacted and communicated with some people in the industry and found that “metaverse” is not as mysterious as the outside world said. Although there are some “hot spot” enterprises, many enterprises still work steadfastly and hope to use their own technology, Let more people experience “metaverse”.

Therefore, it can be said that I grew up with sutu metaverse Research Institute.

Mercury: it’s been several months since the strategic upgrade of the fast track metaverse Institute. How’s it going?

Zhao Jiaru: everything is going well. I think these four words are very appropriate to answer this question.

Over the past few months, the team sorted out and determined the development direction of the Institute, deeply explored the excellent enterprises and new business paradigm of metaverse track through a variety of new media channels, promoted the industry to eliminate the false and preserve the true, provided opportunities for the upstream and downstream resource links of metaverse, and grew together with China’s metaverse industry.

Recently, we released the 2022metaverse industry development trend report. Many friends asked me for the second half after seeing the first half (Note: the report is released from top to bottom). However, in view of our established communication rhythm, we can only give it to you the next day. However, after seeing the full version of our report, everyone praised us for running very fast in the metaverse industry. I didn’t expect to release a report of nearly 100 pages in such a short time.

But in fact, this report is not as easy as we think. Our newly formed team has no experience in making reports in the past. The release time of our report is one month later than originally planned. Do you know what the new concept of one month in metaverse means? It’s possible that others are obsessed with clothes. We just bought clothes at the base. This progress once worried me. However, fortunately, we released this report in early March, showing the industry the strength of sutu metaverse Research Institute.

Mercury: haha, I can’t talk business with you anymore. So what message does Mr. Zhao have for female friends who have just entered the workplace?

Zhao Jiaru: opportunities are always left to those who are prepared!

Now I deeply feel that if you are in a high growth industry, your growth rate may be doubled compared with others. This experience will enable you to take over new affairs at any time. Compared with the panic in the past, I am more calm now.

However, we must be clear that only by enriching ourselves at any time can we be ready to meet our own opportunities.

Li Shaotong: talent makes people shine, and hard work can

Analyst of sutu metaverse Research Institute: Li Shaotong

Before the interview, Li Shaotong was recording the interpretation video of 2022metaverse industry development trend report. At this time, she was much more natural than when she first appeared on the camera. It was her request to make a little progress in each video, which was also directly reflected in the video number of express metaverse Research Institute.

Jupiter: Hello, Miss Li. Let’s introduce ourselves first~

Li Shaotong: Hello, I’m Li Shaotong from sutu metaverse Research Institute. I’m responsible for short video recording. You can see me in the video number.

Jupiter: in your opinion, why can the team hand over the shooting and recording of the video number to you?

Li Shaotong: of course it’s because there’s no one (chuckling). Just kidding, don’t write this paragraph in.

In fact, in order to become a well-known research institution in the industry, new content forms and communication channels are essential, and I have been studying these. Therefore, after coming to sutu metaverse Research Institute, I applied to do this work, hoping to contribute to the development of the Institute.

Jupiter: is there anything that impresses you more in your daily shooting?

Li Shaotong: there are two things.

First of all, when shooting the video about MIHA tour, my colleagues put forward the idea of guest acting, and felt that a small change in the video content might have new gains. So we took it. After the editing, we found that it was more viewable.

The second thing is that some fans suggested that the sound when we record is relatively small, so we can consider using radio equipment. I put forward the suggestions of fans during the meeting and discussion. The team immediately equipped professional radio equipment. Although we were still starting a business internally and didn’t have much capital, we didn’t expect to be able to support more than 2000 yuan of equipment. This also shows the importance we attach to the channel of video number.

Jupiter: is it difficult? Can you tell us?

Li Shaotong: can you say that? Hahaha, there are so many!

For a while, I was under too much pressure. It was a double test of psychology and ability.

Psychologically, as a person who has just entered the workplace, to be honest, I am very nervous about making a video number. Although I have to deal with more articles than other colleagues in the new class. But in fact, the operation of the video number is still a little “confused”.

In terms of ability, although the partners of the team are very united and willing to grow together, most of the time they are in the stage of continuous exploration.

Jupiter: I can feel that this challenge is really not small. How did we think of this column of “quick review metaverse”?

Li Shaotong: in fact, we have deliberated on the determination of the column name for a long time.

As we all know, today’s users’ time is fragmented. We hope they can learn about metaverse in the shortest time. In addition, I personally don’t like long speeches. I prefer to simply refine the key points rather than telling stories in an hour.

Of course, the quick comment also means uninvited guests. We also hope you can actively interact with me and give me more classes.

Jupiter: you were still recording video just now, and now you accept our interview. It’s really busy, so do you have anything to remind your peers?

Li Shaotong: in fact, I’ve been thinking about the answer to this question, but after thinking about it, I still think “don’t forget your original heart” is more suitable for you. After all, the Amber Time belonging to the striver will make you feel hot every day in the future.

Finally, I want to say that talent makes people shine, and hard work can! Come on, everybody!

Write at the end

In fact, there are many female analysts in the Institute studying the representative enterprises in the metaverse industry. They are analyzing the enterprises for the next report, giving advice for the next video, and planning strategies for the first Salon of the Institute.