Metaverse is the future or a scam

When the general public first came into contact with metaverse, some people had seen the tuyere and made money by using metaverse training. Metaverse, is this going to set off a training boom? Just like the time of the Mike’s video promotion course selling lessons, the business is just the best way to earn money if you see tiktok and make money.

However, I have to say that in addition to the paper version of metaverse books, there are also online standard courses. Just search on Taobao. You can find a lot of relevant metaverse information without even typing the word “course”. The prices range from tens to hundreds, the sales volume is not low, and there are many kinds. The competition seems to be very fierce. In this era of involution of all things, will metaverse training be involution at the beginning?

In addition, wechat also has many contacts. If you search the contents of metaverse related courses casually, there are many articles promoting drainage. Now it is just the beginning, and the inner volume is not so serious. In a few months, you may see the overwhelming relevant metaverse training courses in the whole Internet. Metaverse can be so popular, It has a lot to do with the current global outbreak of the epidemic. People spend more time surfing the Internet at home, and their demands for virtual consumption have greatly increased. They have more and more stringent requirements for all kinds of virtual experience and VR, AR and other virtual reality.

So it seems that metaverse is the best new business form to meet the needs of these otaku men and women. Even Lao Luo mentioned that his next entrepreneurial project will be metaverse. Although people didn’t clearly mean that in the end, Mr. Luo has been paying attention to the dynamics of metaverse, which can be seen from the microblog content, However, the best is social investment. Facebook changed its name to meta to build momentum for metaverse. In the future, metaverse’s various R & D hardware and software developer conferences are also full of confidence in their related metaverse projects. It seems that tomorrow is the era of metaverse.

For example: just like more than ten years ago, we may say that playing games is not doing business, and E-sports are excuses, but now we can watch the live broadcast of E-sports. In order to win, E-sports has created huge economic dividends, and the future of metaverse is certainly worth looking forward to. This kind of metaverse integrating virtual and reality will have a profound impact and even change the business model of the world. Any technological progress is accompanied by the migration and redistribution of human wealth. Metaverse may be the password to the next era of wealth.

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