Rush layout and explore the Xingsha path of metaverse development

Xingsha times (reporter Sheng Lei correspondent Yang bang and Feng Wu) in 2022, the concept of “metaverse” continues to heat up. Xingsha street in Changsha county aims at this emerging concept, actively layout the digital economy and embrace “metaverse”. Recently, the “metaverse industry and prospect” seminar in Hunan Province was held in Xingsha street, Changsha County. Many domestic experts gathered in Xingsha to set off a “brainstorming” to explore the Xingsha path of metaverse development.

What is metaverse? Metaverse is a virtual world linked and created by scientific and technological means, which maps and interacts with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system.

At the seminar, the main person in charge of Xingsha Street shared with the guests the work plan of the street focusing on metaverse, digital economy and future industries, and hoped to have in-depth docking with all units.

As the core street in the main urban area of Changsha County, Xingsha street has obvious location advantages. At present, based on the current situation of modern industrial development, Xingsha street is implementing the development path of “one lake, one belt, one circle and one chain”, in which “one chain” is the “Xingsha · computing center” empowered by “one park and one hospital”, Build a complex integrating “algorithm industry gathering, algorithm Talent Gathering and algorithm achievement incubation”; Relying on watermelon media, mcdu education, tree root Internet and other online education, film and television media enterprises, build a “online live + offline industry” platform and build a digital industry chain.

Subsequently, Dr. Gong caichun, chief scientist of the National Academy of science and innovation and editor in chief of China metaverse white paper, introduced the background of the white paper and the main work at this stage to the participants, and gave clear working methods and Implementation Path suggestions for Hunan, especially Xingsha, to layout the metaverse industry and promote the specific work of Xingsha to grasp the digital economy and future industry.

Gong caichun suggested that Xingsha street should actively connect with the national top-level planning, introduce Hunan metaverse Association, Hunan Mobile Internet association, Central South University and other subjects, focus on the street digital industry, activate existing resources, build a physical space for industry university research cooperation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, form an industrial incubation and talent training base, and promote the introduction of strategic key projects, Boost the formation of a new industrial growth pole and high-end talent gathering area, make the county become the province’s pilot area for deepening reform and the Industrial Innovation Center for scientific and technological talents, and accumulate strength for the industrial transformation and upgrading of streets and counties.

First class inspector of the network information office of the provincial Party committee Li Qiu, chairman of Hunan Mobile Internet association, pointed out: “Changsha county is the strategic highland of construction machinery and intelligent manufacturing in our province. There are many industrial application scenarios of industrial metaverse, which is expected to become an important industrial metaverse application base in the country. We hope that Changsha County and Xingsha Street will actively layout the digital economy, embrace metaverse and provide more metaverse application projects to settled enterprises, so as to attract metaverse industrial ecology Provide a solid foundation for gathering in the area. “

Yu Haibo, vice president of resource recycling Research Institute of Central South University, said: “In the era of digital economy, Central South University is preparing for the establishment of China’s metaverse Research Institute. Changsha County has strengthened University local cooperation, actively contacted and promoted all-round industry university research cooperation with Central South University, accelerated the implementation of cooperation on the industrial platform of Central South University, attracted investment and wisdom, and contributed Central South wisdom to the industrial gathering place of Songya lake ecological new city.”

Professor Hou muzhou, director of blockchain research center of Central South University, quoted the honorary consultant of the center, famous economist Professor Zhu Jiaming, director of the academic and Technical Committee of digital assets research institute, said: “metaverse’s connotation is to absorb the information revolution (5g / 6g) and the Internet Revolution (Web3.0) The revolution of artificial intelligence and the achievements of VR, AR and MR, especially the virtual reality technology revolution including game engine, show the possibility of building a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world to mankind; It triggered the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics and life science, and changed the scientific paradigm; Promoted the breakthrough of traditional philosophy, sociology and even humanities system; It includes all digital technologies, including blockchain technology achievements; It enriches the transformation mode of digital economy and integrates digital financial achievements such as defi, IPFs and NFT. “

Chen Ning, a researcher at the China Urban Development Research Association of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: “Metaverse is an important task of China Urban Development Research Association this year. It will carry out a series of cooperation with local governments. At present, the relevant work plan is being prepared. Metaverse is the product of digital economy. After various technologies have developed to a high level, it means that it will bring a new reconstruction of productivity and production relations.”