Chen Gen: the metaverse report released by KPMG is just a report

Wen / Chen Gen

According to the report of shell finance and economics in the Beijing News. Recently, KPMG officially released its report on metaverse, which is also KPMG’s first report in the field of metaverse. The report points out that the application scenarios of metaverse in the following ten fields are particularly worth looking forward to, including entertainment, social networking, retail, manufacturing, finance, medical treatment, telecommuting, education and training, R & D, urban governance, etc.

Who is KPMG? The accounting firm, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is also known as one of the four largest accounting firms in the world. The other three are PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and Ernst & young. This is another accounting firm that came out to talk about metaverse after PwC came out to talk about metaverse a few days ago and issued a report seriously. Of course, this is a magical accounting firm, which included bitcoin and Ethereum in its balance sheet last year.

I have been talking about a problem about metaverse, that is, metaverse must be the future, and it is an inevitable future. We just don’t know what it will look like when metaverse really comes. On the day when metaverse really comes, we don’t know what kind of noun metaverse will be called today.

And the essence behind all our commercial conjectures about metaverse today, whether in the form of report, film or opinion, is just a science fiction discussion based on conjecture.

If any industry has not seen the appearance of the underlying technology and the technology of the underlying industrial chain is still unknown, it can predict and conceive a so-called business or business idea based on these invisible underlying technologies. Apart from empty talk and science fiction, what is left?

In reality today, 5g is the technology we have seen, star chain communication is the technology we have seen, intelligent driving is the technology we have seen, and space immigration is the technology we have seen. It is difficult for us to build a very good business model. We are still unable to conduct commercial construction on the basis of these visible technologies.

However, today we are crazy to write reports based on metaverse, which is still floating cloud even with the underlying technology. Of course, for the technology that doesn’t exist yet, just compile some logically correct words, and then imagine it from the perspective of science fiction. This is a relatively simple and easy thing, because no one knows the future anyway. However, if it is to make a correct and accurate description of current events, it must be professional and must be very clear based on industrial logic, which will be relatively difficult.

The simplest practical problem is that whether KPMG or PwC, so many listed companies are involved in the storm of financial fraud. As the so-called top international auditors, they have not even audited the most basic financial data, and then talk about these invisible metaverse across the border.

Poker faced the so-called Metaverse report, and it is unkind to say that such a report is released in Chinese mainland to arouse a little media attention. If this kind of report is released in the English world, it is difficult to find even those who read it. In the eyes of American science and technology media reporters, this kind of report is a kind of joke and does not have substantive attention value.  

Therefore, for the metaverse report released by KPMG, it is only a report. We don’t have to take it seriously, and it has no substantive thinking value and significance. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what metaverse will look like in the future, but I believe that people who really understand the technology industry can’t accurately describe metaverse except some “gods”. That’s why we haven’t seen hard core technology companies in science and technology fields such as apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, TSMC and Huawei. They are also the real builders of metaverse underlying technology in the future. None of them came out to talk about these topics.

The core reason behind this is that these real technology research companies are very clear about the smallness of their companies and the difficulties and problems faced by the current industrial technology in the technological development path of the science and technology industry. Real scientific and technological innovation is not an easy thing, but to solve all kinds of small problems step by step, and then promote the development of technology. Instead of writing a few reports. All the reports we can see about metaverse today are not from hard core technology companies. Then, such a report will be regarded as a report and end after reading it. It has no substantive significance.

At present, the most important thing for us is not to be affected by these reports. What we really need to do is to pay attention to the breakthrough and development of underlying industrial technology, and really carry out research, R & D, breakthrough and development on the underlying industrial technology chain related to metaverse. This is what the construction of core competitiveness should look like at present or in the future.