What is metaverse? Is metaverse the future or a scam

Have you ever heard of metaverse? In 2021, a novel concept term quickly became popular on the Internet, which attracted extensive attention from the scientific and technological circles and investment circles. So this concept is metaverse. What is metaverse? To be exact, metaverse is not a new concept. It is more like the rebirth of a classic concept. It is a concept giant under the new technologies of extended reality XR, blockchain, cloud computing, digital twins and so on.

What is metaverse

The term metaverse comes from a 1992 science fiction novel avalanche, which describes a world in which people use virtual images to interact with a software in three-dimensional space. If you have seen the movie “the number one player”, “the matrix” or the animation “naked little black war”, it may be easier to understand metaverse. Wearing a VR helmet on your head or inserting a brain computer interface behind your head can change your identity and ignore everything in reality. In the virtual world, metaverse can’t completely separate from the real world. It is parallel to and interconnected with the real world, but independent of the real world. People can socialize and work in it. The lack of a recognized definition of core concepts is a common phenomenon in the field of science and technology throughout the year. Although metaverse has attracted much attention and expectation from all aspects, it also does not have a recognized definition. Why did metaverse suddenly catch fire? Of course, it is an old concept in science fiction. After technological progress, it may become a new concept in reality. For the capital market, metaverse has become a hot new concept, which is not accidental, but determined by a series of factors. Next, as the authoritative information public platform of metaverse industry, “metaverse business information” (focus on obtaining 860 metaverse in-depth reports +) will be explained to you.

Is metaverse the future or a scam

From the perspective of social factors, many real scenes such as COVID-19’s press conference, concert, graduation ceremony, which began in 2020, have been moved to the new world. It has accelerated the digital migration of human society. Also joined the advent of the metaverse era.

From the perspective of technical factors, metaverse needs interaction technologies such as AR, VR and brain computer interface to improve the immersion of the virtual world. It needs to support large-scale users to be online at the same time through 5g cloud computing technology. It needs to reduce the threshold of content production and improve users’ participation through blockchain AR technology to achieve such a high degree of synchronization between metaverse and the real society. Some of these newly needed technologies have made rapid progress, while others have only rudiments. So, at present, the technology of constructing a primary original version of metaverse is available, but it is still far from building an immersive and ideal metaverse. It’s time for Baidu, Tencent and other Internet giants to be behind HTC and metaverse. It’s also time for ordinary people at home and abroad to enter HTC and metaverse. To further compete for the outlet of metaverse, Sequoia Capital, Zhenge fund and other top investment institutions have made frequent moves in metaverse track. Metaverse’s popularity reflects a magic in the Internet industry. What kind of competitiveness does the enterprise currently favored by funds have? In fact, at present, metaverse is still in the primary stage of the development of this industry. There is still a large gap between the underlying technology and application scenarios and the mature form in the future. However, this also means that there is huge room for the expansion of metaverse related industries. Therefore, digital technology giants with multiple advantages want to hold the market, In order to get the opportunity to overtake in corners, start-ups in the field of digital technology must layout in advance and even overweight the metaverse track.

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