Focus on the “metaverse voice” of the national two sessions in 2022

The fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress was held in Beijing on March 5, 2022, and the fifth session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference proposed to be held in Beijing on March 4.

With the official convening of the 2022 national two sessions, the preheating topics covering education, economy, social system and other related topics have long attracted the attention of all sectors of society, including the concept of “metaverse” which has been hot since 2021.

As an important part of digital technology in the future, the trend of metaverse concept has always been concerned by the society. During the two sessions this year, a number of deputies to the National People’s Congress and members of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference submitted proposals related to metaverse, and suggested strengthening supervision and encouraging innovation, so as to seize the opportunities brought by metaverse.

Suggestions from the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party of China on metaverse industry

For the healthy and orderly development of metaverse, the Central Committee of China Association for the promotion of Democracy (hereinafter referred to as the Central Committee for the promotion of democracy) suggested that efforts should be made to solve the problem of technical limitations; Optimize and upgrade digital infrastructure, including the foundation of digital economy including metaverse industry; Establish a regulatory and governance system for metaverse related fields.

The DPP Central Committee suggested that we should solidly promote basic digital technology research, give full play to the role of enterprises, scientific research institutes and laboratories, promote the extensive and in-depth penetration of digital technology into all fields of economic, social and industrial development, and promote the integration and innovation of digital technology, application scenarios and business models.

The 14th five year plan for the development of digital economy proposes to accelerate the construction of information network infrastructure, promote the development of cloud network collaboration and computing network integration, and orderly promote the intelligent upgrading of infrastructure. DPP Central Committee said that digital infrastructure is the fourth largest type of infrastructure and the foundation of digital economy including metaverse industry. It is suggested to open the construction investment of digital infrastructure, guide the participation of social capital, encourage financial institutions to innovate products and services, and increase support for the core industries of digital economy.

NLD Central Committee proposes to accelerate metaverse science popularization and legislation

In the proposal on the development of “metaverse” technology, the Central Committee of China Democratic League (hereinafter referred to as the Central Committee of China Democratic League) suggested that relevant departments organize experts and scholars to carry out rational knowledge dissemination, popularize and publicize “metaverse” related knowledge, technology, regulations and risks to the society, and improve people’s awareness and discrimination. We should also speed up legislative research as soon as possible, form a governance model and legal basis suitable for the development of technology and market, and comprehensively improve the level of social governance in China. It is suggested to organize relevant departments to conduct Legislative Research on the relevant needs and risks of “metaverse” and publish it as soon as possible.

The NLD Central Committee also suggested strengthening directional guidance at the technical level. First of all, we will continue to pay attention to and promote the underlying technologies involved in “metaverse”, such as 5g / 6G, big data, AI, blockchain, Satellite Internet, space earth integration network and other emerging technologies. At the same time, support comprehensive integration technology for different applications; Secondly, the emerging applications represented by “metaverse” will directly bring new software and hardware requirements from bottom devices to high-level software systems, and are expected to form emerging software and hardware systems and ecosystems (such as emerging operating systems, VR / AR devices, network security technologies, etc.).

In addition, the NLD Central Committee also suggested that the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of science and technology should take the lead to organize enterprises, institutes, universities and other institutions to promote research and development in the related core devices and key software and hardware technologies of “metaverse” as soon as possible, so as to avoid being limited to people in potential fields. In particular, through the support of government funds, social capital can be guided to focus on R & D in the fields of core software and hardware.

Zhang Ying, member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology:

Zhang Ying put forward the problems faced by the development of metaverse and put forward suggestions on building digital space governance rules with Chinese characteristics and conforming to the global trend.

Zhang Ying said that at present, as an important platform for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society, metaverse is becoming an important track driving the development of the global digital economy and digital technology innovation. However, China is still a catch-up in key technologies, and there is a “neck sticking” problem in some fields.

In this regard, Zhang Ying suggested that we should speed up the tackling of key technologies, focus on key core technologies such as new generation communication, intelligent interaction, computing chip, digital tools and new sensor technology, and encourage enterprises and scientific research institutions to actively participate in the formulation of relevant national and international standards and master the voice of scientific and technological development; Form metaverse’s development orientation of “strengthening reality with emptiness” and build an industrial innovation system that enables thousands of industries; Build digital space governance rules with Chinese characteristics and conforming to global trends to promote the healthy development of metaverse related industries.

Zhang Ying particularly stressed that it is suggested to follow the general tone of standardizing in development and developing in standardization, improve relevant laws, regulations and judicial interpretations in terms of confirming the rights of digital assets, preventing digital addiction and strengthening content security, and innovate metaverse supervision mechanism; The market supervision department shall strengthen the standard and standard development of virtual and real integration related products such as interactive terminals, and build a digital space standard system.

Ma Huateng, deputy to the National People’s Congress, chairman of Tencent’s board of directors and CEO:

At the two sessions of this year, Ma Huateng submitted the proposal on systematically promoting “digital real integration” to create new advantages of digital economy. Ma Huateng suggested that the current “digital real integration” is in a key period of systematic and all-round integration.

Ma Huateng pointed out that the current “digital real integration” faces some problems: for example, the adaptability of technology application to the needs of different industries is not strong; It is difficult to get through different digital tools, weak interoperability, etc., and the construction effect of individual livelihood digital applications is less than expected, “zombie app” phenomenon occurs from time to time. In addition, with the rise of new concepts such as “metaverse”, NFT (non homogeneous token) and Web3, speculation and evasion have appeared in some fields, bringing new risks and hidden dangers in the fields of finance, technology and social governance.

Ma Huateng proposed that we should solve the problems with the systematic thinking of “technology industry society”, jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and effectively enhance the national competitiveness.

Tan Jianfeng, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Shanghai Zhongren Network Security Technology Co., Ltd.:

To deepen the development of digital economy, we must integrate with the real economy. We should guard against capital utilization of national development planning and hot spots concept, and create new virtual economic bubbles, so as to prevent others from drilling policy dividends and cutting investors’ “leek”.

In this regard, Tan Jianfeng said in an interview with the media that the soaring of metaverse concept stocks should be treated rationally, avoid using the “metaverse” community to form an impact on the financial and economic model, advocate balancing the guidance of market development, social governance and basic values, and prevent negative guidance effects.

Tan Jianfeng pointed out that on the basis of adhering to the bottom line and red line, supervision should step up the formulation of corresponding norms and rules, guide social capital to invest in the field of originality and leading innovation, break through existing constraints and provide a certain degree of inclusiveness for industrial development. We should also pay attention to building the core competitiveness of the national digital economy with technology, do a good job in data security protection, and effectively prevent the superposition of various risks such as various technologies, markets and businesses.

He suggested that the relevant government departments should take the lead to supervise the enterprises operating online communities, online games and online transactions with the concept of “metaverse” in accordance with the national network security law, data security law, personal information protection law and the announcement on preventing the financing risk of token issuance.

Liu Wei, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Jiadu Technology Group:

As an emerging thing, metaverse has no standard and mature cases to follow. What’s more, the government needs to take the lead in demonstration and guidance to enable it to embark on the road of enabling real industries and expanding digital economy from the beginning, so as to lay a foundation for China to seize the frontier of Science and technology in the future.

Therefore, Liu Wei suggested that starting from the top level, the government should lead to build a “metaverse China” digital economy, guide the close connection between the virtual world and the real world, and form a new social relationship platform with virtual reality integration and immersion interaction. “This platform can not only seize the national business card of metaverse world, lead public opinion, improve national influence and promote the digitization of public services, but also guide the online industrialization of tourism, commerce, culture and other industries damaged by the offline epidemic. On this basis, it can also promote the standardized application of new technologies such as legal digital currency and digital assets, which can be said to be of great significance.”

At the specific implementation level, Liu Wei believes that the pilot cities with high openness, strong public service capacity, strong financial strength and representative cities can be selected, such as “metaverse Shanghai” and “metaverse Guangzhou”, In the “metaverse city”, it took the lead in creating landmark demonstration scenes such as “metaverse government service center”, “metaverse Bund” and “metaverse Guilin landscape”, which provide some virtual digital experiences of demonstration public services, urban culture and urban tourism. At the same time, various “metaverse” enterprises are introduced to carry out personalized virtual scene services to continuously enrich and improve the content of “metaverse China”.

Kong Fulong, deputy to the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Jiangxi Rural Credit Cooperatives Federation:

Kong FaLong suggested that a national “metaverse” R & D institution be established to increase capital, talent and incentive support, and focus on the basic underlying technologies and key core technologies of “metaverse” such as chips, blockchains, geospatial, interactive algorithms, perceptual display, image engine and 3D environment generation, so as to provide solid support for the independent and controllable development of “metaverse”.

He called for speeding up the research and formulation of “metaverse” industrial development plan at the national level, establishing industrial standards, norms and systems, and clarifying industrial boundaries, red lines and restricted areas.

“Accelerating the application of ‘metaverse’ in production, life, social governance and other fields can better promote the industrialization, commercialization and ecological development of ‘metaverse’.” Kong FaLong suggested that a number of scene demonstration applications such as “metaverse + Advanced Manufacturing”, “metaverse + modern agriculture”, “metaverse + cultural tourism”, “metaverse + smart city” and “metaverse + public services” should be created according to local conditions.

He also suggested that we should strengthen the forward-looking Legislative Research on “metaverse”, focus on data security, information protection, platform operation, asset attributes, property rights, ethics, excessive speculation and other issues involved in the development of “metaverse”, accelerate the construction of relevant laws, regulations and regulatory systems, and promote the standardization and Develop in norms.

Kong FaLong said that the relevant state departments will strengthen the top-level design, which will effectively and orderly promote the healthy development of “metaverse”, so as to better layout the new track of digital economy, seize the new highland of digital economy, and strengthen, optimize and expand China’s digital economy.

Gong Fuwen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, member of the Central Committee of the rural labor party and vice president of the higher people’s Court of Shaanxi Province:

For the forward-looking layout of metaverse, Gong Fuwen put forward four suggestions: first, speed up the construction of new digital infrastructure and lay a solid foundation for the development of metaverse. The second is to strengthen the research on key core technologies and control the safety lifeline of metaverse. Third, deepen the exploration and application of blockchain and expand metaverse enabling scenarios. Fourth, strengthen the comprehensive management of digital economy and escort metaverse to go steady and far.

“The development of digital economy depends on the establishment of a complete standardized station in the field of communication. It is necessary to give full play to the function of judicial guarantee, deeply integrate the judicial work into the overall situation of national development, and take the five development concepts of service innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing as the overall idea to ensure the healthy and sound development of the field of communication under the background of the era of data economy.”

Therefore, Gong Fuwen put forward the proposal of “strengthening the judicial guarantee of national standardization strategy in the field of communication” in combination with his own specialty, including using the deterrent and coercive force of judicial justice to ensure the healthy development of China’s communication industry; Strengthen the coordination between the judiciary and all sectors of society to ensure the orderly development of the communication industry; And strengthen international communication and cooperation, create a good judicial environment, and promote China’s status and influence in the international standards organization.

Wan Jie, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Yachang culture group:

Facing the upsurge of metaverse, how to think rationally about it? How does the cultural industry layout its future development? In the proposal submitted this year, Wanjie pointed out that metaverse is still in its early stage, so we should strengthen supervision and encourage innovation in line with the principle of two pronged approach, so as to seize the opportunities brought by metaverse for cultural development.

He said that although metaverse seems to have many possibilities and future development space, it is still in the initial stage of development. However, some enterprises and capital follow the rhythm of the wind and use the concept of metaverse to hype and illegally raise funds, such as fabricating false metaverse investment projects, maliciously hyping metaverse real estate for money Selling metaverse virtual currency for illegal profit and misleading the market.

In this regard, we should strengthen supervision, restrict the development of metaverse at the technical level, legal level and moral and ethical level, and clarify the legal nature, transaction mode, supervision subject and supervision mode. In addition, the development of metaverse may make security risks such as user information theft or abuse more prominent, more complex and more hidden, which requires relevant departments to actively carry out risk research and judgment and further improve prevention awareness and means.