What is metaverse? Is metaverse really the future?

Recently, there is a word that is very popular. In the past one or two months, it has frequently been on the hot search, that is metaverse. Why does it get attention? It also stems from Facebook’s co-founder and CEO Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook has changed its name because of its relationship with metaverse. Originally called Facebook, he is now renamed meta verse company. The reason is to tell you that we want to enter an era of metaverse. How can we enter it? If you wear these VR glasses, you will enter a new era. In this era, some people say that it will change the structure of mankind’s existing civilization, let us all enter a virtual world and start a new life. Others say that metaverse is a scam. These companies hope to create a concept to make more money in the stock market or attract more investors. This is also our different understanding and judgment of metaverse.

What will metaverse bring us in the future? Some people say that when you look at the traditional Internet, it is not difficult for you to understand. We receive text, pictures or video information through computers, mobile phones or mobile screens in two dimensions. When we enter metaverse, the Internet will be upgraded. This 2D information interaction mode will become 3D, and the Internet will run three times, What exactly is metaverse in the form of 3D Internet? What is metaverse? Is it just an upgraded game? Games are only a small part of metaverse. This means that some functions and services in metaverse look very much like games, like some plots we have seen on computers, including science fiction blockbusters. However, games are not just the whole picture of metaverse. In fact, we should talk about the concept of metaverse, Just go back to metaverse’s original science fiction book called avalanche. It actually refers to devices with immersive man-machine interface, including but not limited to VR, AR and Mr. The so-called immersion in reality or reality, however, enters a digital space parallel to the real world. In this digital space, it deduces a digital universe completely equal to and parallel to the real universe, a virtual universe. This is the concept of metaverse. Metaverse brings a completely virtual life to our users.

Everyone must have seen the number one player. What the number one player explained to you is actually a basic face of metaverse. Put on VR glasses, and then I may not be a high-class person in real life, but after I entered metaverse, I can be incarnated into a virtual image in my imagination, Then everyone is full of interest in the world.

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