Metaverse ecological platform “oasis” won a round B financing of US $10 million

Metaverse interactive social platform “oasis” has recently completed a round B financing of tens of millions of dollars. The leading investors are Wuyuan capital, oasis capital and Bai capital. Echo capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser.

Oasis was founded in 2018. Previously, oasis has received investments from Wuyuan capital, Bai capital, Zhichun capital, Xianfeng k2vc and QingHan fund. According to the statistics of sensortower, oasis increased by more than 6 million registered users in Q4 in 2021, and has become one of the fastest-growing metaverse social products in the world. Oasis’s metaverse social networking is mainly composed of “virtual activities”, “acquaintance relationship chain of virtual identity” and “diverse organizational forms”. The team is building a new virtual economy ecology around these three aspects. On the oasis platform, users can complete a large number of real activities in the virtual world, including watching movies, watching live broadcasts, singing, playing cards, playing chess, playing board games, even working and attending classes.

Yin sang said that users’ activities in oasis are very high, and they can naturally know and establish good friends. For example, users can find like-minded fans in the process of watching the ball. If they play board games together, they can know long-term partners.

From the perspective of playing methods and user groups, oasis is different from other content ecosystems that take small games as the attraction point of users. Many virtual activities mapped from real life are more user viscous. Many users in oasis will continue to land on the platform to explore more playing methods after completing social activities with friends. Official statistics show that the average daily duration of oasis users is more than 110 minutes, and the remaining active users are nearly 200 minutes a day, which means that a large number of users have moved “real activities” into the virtual world.

After the completion of this round of financing, oasis will continue to carry out product iteration, expand international talents around the world, improve product operation and user service capabilities in different markets, and the virtual economy system created for creators will have the opportunity to go online within the year.

Yuan Ye, partner of Wuyuan capital: “it is a lasting need for people to record and share each other’s states, views and experiences. Past and existing social products often use synchronous abstract time slices (140 words, a picture or a short video) , oasis tries to let users create and share unique experiences through new creative production tools, and change from time slice to experience again and again in the smallest unit. 3D / avatar / VR / scene / including AI are all technological ways to realize experience creation and sharing. In the future, it is expected that in oasis, users can create and experience millions of different experiences and better understand and feel others and the world. “

Zhang Jinjian, partner of oasis capital, said: “as early as Yin Sang’s youth, he spent 18 months for his favorite games. After reading the history of World War II, he completed the localization of the video game steel ambition. At the age of 20, he chose to drop out of school and start a business. He still had ambition when he met steel all the way. Such vitality is what we value most.”

Wang Tianfan, partner of Bai capital: “the constant trend in the past few decades is that the digital world and the physical world (human and machine) continue to blend and form new networks. This is not a tuyere, but a long-term trend. Therefore, whether it is” virtual world “,” metaverse “, Or “all true Internet” is just an annotated aspect of this trend. Whether it is AI or communication to realize randomness and openness, oasis focuses on these two points in product innovation, which is very meaningful. “

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