Watch “metaverse”

“Metaverse”, built on the gradual maturity and integration of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and blockchain, can be described as the product of the advanced stage of digital development. In the final analysis, “metaverse” is essentially the inevitable result of the continuous renewal, iteration, further evolution and humanization of human industrial civilization and Internet technology.

“Metaverse” is known as the ultimate form of the next generation Internet in the Internet industry. Researchers from the China Academy of cyberspace established by the central network information office and the national network information office believe that at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are deeply promoted all over the world, the iterative upgrading of the new generation of network information technology is accelerated, and the deployment of information infrastructure construction is accelerated, including high-performance computing, hybrid reality equipment, low delay communication networks, integrated circuits “Hard technology”, including precision free-form surface optical system and high-pixel high-definition camera, has formed a considerable industrial scale. These provide a solid physical foundation and technical conditions for the development of “metaverse”.

The new covid-19 pneumonia epidemic in early 2020 has forced people around the world to shift their lives and work scenes from offline to online. This unprecedented large-scale digital migration has given us more thinking, discussion, attention and acceptance of “metaverse”. Although “metaverse” is still in its infancy, its future development prospect is rationally clear. Chinese researchers point out that in the short term, the development of “metaverse” will still focus on the fields of games, social networking, entertainment and so on; In the medium term, “metaverse” will gradually penetrate into many fields of production and life; In the long run, “metaverse” may be unlimited and change the organization and operation of the existing society in the way of virtual and real integration. With the ultimate application of “metaverse”, it will be an open proposition in which direction the future production mode, organization mode and social relations will develop, including a series of new situations, new problems and new challenges.

In 2021, the world suddenly set off a “metaverse” boom, which surprised many people. This is bound to make “metaverse” enter a new period of rapid exploration. Relevant technologies and business models continue to push through the old and bring forth the new, and roll forward the virtuous circle development of “metaverse”.

Although “metaverse” is mainly used in game construction at present, under the concept of “metaverse”, future games will no longer only have a single entertainment function, but integrate the virtual and real world to provide a new form of life. The game industry will break through the entertainment circle and extend to many fields such as education and work, bringing new concepts of content, products and unknown participants to all walks of life.

For example, the report “top ten forecasts of China’s” metaverse “market in 2022” released by the well-known market research institution “International Data Corporation” (IDC) forecasts China’s “metaverse” market in 2022, including the independent layout of “metaverse” platforms and “metaverse” exhibitions by major Internet companies, which are most likely to become the mainstream meeting form of enterprises Training and telecommuting are the first “metaverse” business scenarios. Relevant experts in China also believe that the next 10 years will be the golden period for the development of “metaverse”, and the transformation window period has quietly opened.

As a new thing, the development of “metaverse” will inevitably bring many new challenges to mankind. For example, some experts believe that in addition to the technical bottleneck, the development of “metaverse” will also face a series of problems, such as how to establish the basic framework of its operation, how to avoid the formation of a high monopoly, how to maintain the positive interaction between the real world and “metaverse”, and how to protect privacy and data security. In order to promote the gradual implementation of the bright prospect of “metaverse”, it is particularly necessary for enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, governments and other parties to cooperate and “group warfare”.

The first is to solve the technical problem of “metaverse”. Some analysts pointed out that at least four key technologies are perplexing scientists and technology developers in the field of “metaverse”: new display technology, computational force constraint, low delay communication and new sensor technology. Personally, for the path of developing “metaverse” in China, the competent government departments should actively guide colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to carry out “metaverse” basic research, technical standards and pre research on legal issues, and study and think about promotion, response and solutions in advance; The industry dominated by science and technology enterprises should consciously avoid hyping the related concepts of “metaverse”, focus on the technologies and products involved in “metaverse”, devote themselves to R & D, and help the healthy, orderly and benign development of “metaverse” industry. Of course, education and other fields and industries should also actively embrace “metaverse”, apply “metaverse” products for management and teaching, cultivate “metaverse” talents, promote R & D with product consumption, and cultivate professional talents with education.

To be sure, driven by technological evolution and human needs, it is only a matter of time before the “metaverse” scenario is realized and the “metaverse” industry matures. As an extension and expansion of the real world, the great opportunity and revolutionary role brought by “metaverse” are worth looking forward to. Before the real realization of “metaverse”, we need relevant parties such as industry, R & D, academia and the government to jointly strengthen the R & D of “metaverse” key technologies, speed up infrastructure construction, promote the further improvement of relevant laws and regulations, and control various risks.

(the author is an associate professor of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and technology and a doctor of Nanjing University)