Chen Gen: talk less about metaverse and speed up the development of digital twin technology

Wen / Chen Gen

After the opening of digital twin to the civil field from NASA and the Department of defense, the application of digital twin technology as the core of industrial technology has expanded from aerospace, national defense and military industry to urban management.

Whether in the fields of industrial manufacturing, construction or urban operation management, as well as the management of human health and life characteristics, will be based on digital twins. It can be said that digital twin is an important technology in the modern industrial technological revolution, and in my book digital twin, I also put forward that digital twin brings us a major transformation of means of production.

In April 2020, the national development and Reform Commission and the central network information office issued the implementation plan on promoting the action of “using data to enrich intelligence in the cloud” to cultivate new economic development, and proposed to carry out the digital twin innovation plan as the main measure to break through the key core technology of digital transformation;

In April 2020 and February 2021, the Ministry of industry and information technology and relevant departments of the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the guidelines for the construction of intelligent ship standard system (Exposure Draft) twice respectively, bringing digital twins into the application standard system of key technologies;

In September 2021, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the three-year action plan for the construction of new infrastructure of the Internet of things, which pointed out to speed up the R & D and application of digital twin technology.

Such an important developing technology also involves all industries, including battlefield training and war management in military war. It is inseparable from the management system built with digital twin technology as the core. At the same time, as I have mentioned many times, digital twin technology is a key underlying technology for the successful construction of metaverse era in the future.

When we talk about metaverse today, a large number of people, as well as the speculation power and emotion of the market, come from some people in the field of digital currency speculation before. Including the currently established organizations related to metaverse, they are more just an organization. An organization based on marketing tends to have little substantive significance. And I can make it clear that on the day when metaverse is really implemented, there is a very high probability that it will not be named after today’s metaverse.

Therefore, at present, if we pay attention to the direction of metaverse and really think about the trend of metaverse industry, we should focus on digital twin technology. In fact, simply put, there is no concept of metaverse today. It is based on the current industrial technology, that is, based on digital twin technology and the development of wearable device industry. When these two industries are superimposed and really enter the popularization and application, the appearance of the so-called metaverse is basically outlined. Because in the process of the development of these two industrial technologies, when they want to be popularized and mature, a series of problems behind them, such as chip, computing power, transmission, data security, virtual reality interaction and so on, will be broken through.

At present, instead of indulging in the construction of metaverse in science fiction, we should pay attention to digital twins calmly and understandably. Starting from the industrialization of digital twin technology, we should carry out the construction of digital twins of virtual reality from the aspects of digital twin city, digital twin manufacturing, digital twin medical treatment, digital twin R & D and so on, And the management of physical entity world is realized based on digital twin technology.

However, from the perspective of the actual situation of the current industry, although digital twinning is a relatively new technology, our country has faced the situation of “neck sticking”. Whether from the bottom hardware technology or software application management, the localization rate of various digital tools is not high. If we no longer pay attention to it at present and do not cultivate the localization of core technologies of digital twin industrial chain as soon as possible. Well, when we are talking about the so-called metaverse today, it will only be a flash in the pan in the future, just an Alibaba or Tencent, rather than a series of Huawei.

Therefore, at present, we should not talk about science fiction metaverse, focus on the underlying technology industry chain, accelerate the development of digital twin technology, and cultivate our country’s core competitiveness around digital twin technology. When the digital twin urban governance model becomes a universal urban governance tool, we can export our digital twin industrial chain advantages to other countries, so as to build our international competitive advantage.