How do metaverse make money? How do ordinary people make money in metaverse

How does metaverse make money

Metaverse is the embodiment of the integration of all technologies. Its industrial chain is too long, from foundation to software to hardware. If you study technology, you have a lot of opportunities. For ordinary people, if you want to succeed and make money in metaverse, you need to have these abilities, including learning ability, programming ability, creativity and financial and business sensitivity, which determines whether you can enjoy the dividends of metaverse. There are many opportunities in metaverse, and it is indeed in the earliest stage of development, even a little too early, There are indeed many opportunities for excess returns in the early stage. For example, bitcoin, which emerged in the early years, is possible to earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times in early investment.

In addition to luck, the most important thing for the first person to eat crabs is to expand their cognitive ability, which requires you to have great learning ability. I don’t know about metaverse, but you can read a lot of research reports of securities companies and information on the Internet. If you have a foundation in finance and technology, you will understand faster. You need to learn and slowly master some rules in metaverse. A person can never earn money beyond his knowledge. It is very important to take time to understand a new thing.

How does metaverse make money

The second ability is programming ability. (you can pay attention to “metaverse business information”. Many metaverse in-depth reports can be downloaded for free. I remember they are public platforms.) At present, it is highly recommended that today’s children learn programming. Programming is metaverse’s greatest productivity. For a long time, metaverse’s infrastructure needs to be built. Of course, you can choose to enter large companies to design programming software. You can also use these software to build your own infrastructure or undertake projects of some large companies. Previously, tmall built a huge tmall mall in my world. If your programming ability reaches this level, many businesses will find you. At present, this market is still blank.

Then there is creativity. Many concepts in metaverse are abstract, or the aesthetics of metaverse is undefined. In a virtual world, any wild imagination can be presented through programming. It breaks the boundaries of the physical world and is basically zero cost. The stronger your artistry and creativity are, the more you can attract everyone’s attention.

How does metaverse make money

There will be exponential growth in financial derivatives. Metaverse’s financial operation is basically zero cost. The more financial knowledge you master, it is easy to carry out capital operation. Metaverse has excess returns for a long time, and even has the opportunity of “speculation”. For financial and business sensitive people, this is an opportunity for business restructuring. For example, the previous bitcoin, bitcoin index and bitcoin leverage have come out, and basic financial knowledge is very important.