Beach Metaverse blue ocean or bubble?

Mango super media launched the virtual host Xiaoyang.

Liu Youyang, chief reporter of Shenzhen business daily

The “metaverse fever” continues to ferment. Not only the network platforms are overweight in succession, but many traditional film and television players are also competing to enter. At the end of last year, Hunan Radio and television announced that it would explore and build a mango metaverse platform based on the 5g Key Laboratory of the State Administration of radio and television; In early January this year, Huace film and television announced the establishment of a special new business department of metaverse. The next day, Huace’s share price once rose by more than 5%; Wanda film, in its script killing business in cooperation with polymerized dream culture and entertainment, made the first concept of “script killing metaverse”

What is the big Metaverse in the movie and TV industry? Is it blue ocean or bubble? The reporter of Shenzhen Business Daily recently interviewed relevant insiders.

Blue ocean said: first layout of three virtual digital fields

Recently, there are not a few cultural and entertainment stocks that are bullish because of the dividend of the “metaverse” concept. At the mouth of metaverse concept stocks, Huace film and television, mango hypermedia, perfect world, aofei entertainment, Chinese online, Hubei Radio and television, etc. are all impressively listed. In response to investors’ questions, film and television leaders such as ray media, who have not yet joined metaverse concept stocks, said that danghong technology and 7d technology themselves involved metaverse technology.

The first step for the film and television industry to set foot in metaverse is to shoot metaverse element films. In the early years, the film and television works involving metaverse were mainly Hollywood films, such as matrix, number one player and out of control player. Nowadays, more and more domestic film and television works try to inject similar elements. For example, in this year’s film list of Linghe culture, there is a work combining the real world and the illusory world; The film “assassinating a novelist” launched by Huace last spring festival will also start a sequel this year.

With the popularity of many film and television works, the concept of “metaverse” has been understood and accepted by many audiences. However, how the current film and television industry should access metaverse and land is far from as simple as film and television works.

In this regard, Zhao Yifang, founder and chairman of Huace film and television group, believes that film and television can be connected with metaverse by creating virtual scenes, virtual characters, digital collections and other means, including the scenes, characters and world outlook of classic works can be reproduced in metaverse. Referring to Hua CE’s layout of metaverse, Zhao Yifang introduced that “assassinating novelist” has completed three virtual images; “Anti corruption storm 5: final chapter” has launched NFT blind box, and viewers can participate in free digital collection activities online; The LED virtual shooting digital studio located in the international film and television center of the Yangtze River Delta has also been completed.

When film and television companies announce their entry into metaverse, they usually either take a stake in VR technology companies or set foot in virtual people. Mango super media launched digital virtual hosts “Yaoyao” and “Xiaoyang” just when “happy camp” fell into the crisis of rectification and suspension of broadcasting last year. Then, Hunan Radio and television announced to take 5g laboratory as the base and cooperate with China Mobile to explore and build mango’s “metaverse” platform, build the brand of virtual live concert “tidal sound laboratory”, launch the station script and immersive flagship store, and establish VR application laboratory.

Bubble says: Metaverse is still the concept of technical barriers.

Can metaverse be a good medicine to save the film and television industry from the cold winter? Many people think that Metaverse is one of the ultimate development directions of the Internet, and many professionals pour cold water on it. It is predicted that Metaverse is only a conceptual speculation, and this bubble will eventually burst.

Sun Jiashan, an associate researcher of China Academy of Arts, is a supporter of “conceptual speculation and bubble theory”. He believes that if the film and television industry blindly follows up with Metaverse, it will be hit with the burst of bubbles. “In the whole pattern of cultural industry, film and television is actually in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. The spillover of upstream resources and wealth will promote the development of downstream industries, which is a normal structure. When talents in the film and television industry continue to be poached by game companies and metaverse companies, the film and television industry is the first to collapse.”

According to Bai Yiyu, CEO of Linghe culture, on the road to metaverse, the global film and television industry has done a lot of technical preparations, such as virtual image, digital scene, digital shooting base, etc. However, limited by the existing technical conditions, including software and hardware, access bandwidth, user frequency band, etc., the current metaverse is still a conceptual framework. He believes that it is too early to talk about the practical application of metaverse in the film and television field at this stage. “The basic technical problems have not been solved, and even powerful film and television companies are difficult to play a leading role.”

Cao Haitao, an investor in the field of culture and technology and author of “Chinese style investment”, has invested in many science and technology and film and television projects, and is also cautious about metaverse. However, in terms of the long-term trend, Cao Haitao believes that metaverse is undoubtedly another progress in science and technology. Even researchers who are not optimistic about metaverse’s short-term profitability can hardly avoid the impact and challenges brought by metaverse to many industries, “Both the film and television industry and other fields should focus on high-quality development. After all, only the steady growth of hard core content can have sustained manufacturing power and make metaverse dynamic.”