Sina highlights from Bayu Gao Yu, deputy to the National People’s Congress: it is urgent to strengthen the risk monitoring and early warning of “metaverse” speculation

Gao Yu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and executive director of Chongqing Puyu science and technology innovation center. Provided by the interviewee, sent by Hualong – New Chongqing client

Hualong – New Chongqing client at 22:20 on March 4 (chief reporter she Zhenfang intern Dai Ziyan) since 2021, the concept of metaverse has continued to heat up. With the continuous development of the new generation of information technology, metaverse accelerates into reality. At the same time, this new thing will also give rise to various problems. How to effectively promote its healthy development is worthy of attention from all walks of life. As a representative from science and technology enterprises, Gao Yu, deputy to the National People’s Congress and executive director of Chongqing Puyu science and technology innovation center, paid close attention to the topic of metaverse. She brought relevant suggestions to the national two sessions.

Gao Yu believes that promoting the healthy development of metaverse needs legal escort. Reshape and adjust the real laws, provide guidance for standardizing the personality of virtual subjects, establish and improve the legal norms such as transaction, data and security to ensure the normal operation of metaverse’s economic and social system, as well as the laws and regulations regulating the development and application of metaverse.

“With the vigorous development of various supporting technologies and collaborative technologies of metaverse, we should be vigilant and guard against the hype of metaverse concept, and lay out metaverse governance rules in advance to ensure that correct development principles are established at the beginning of its establishment.” Gao Yu said that while formulating relevant laws, regulations and ethics to guide the development of metaverse industry, it is necessary to continue to discuss its governance model and explore its regulatory mechanism prospectively.

In the process of realizing the vision form of metaverse, it is accompanied by diversified commercialization exploration and attempts. Gao Yu said that at this stage, due to the limitations of technological development, the prototype products of metaverse are still controversial, and there is strong uncertainty in the business model. Some criminals fabricated false metaverse investment projects and illegally absorbed funds. There are also those who engage in metaverse virtual currency trading in disguise and illegally seek profits by inducing investment, manipulating prices and other means.

Gao Yu suggested that it is urgent to strengthen metaverse speculation risk monitoring and early warning from the level of economic activities. “The market supervision department, in coordination with the bank, wechat, public security and other departments, continues to improve the technical monitoring means, and implements full chain tracking and full-time information backup for the trading and exchange of virtual currencies and virtual commodities under the banner of metaverse.”

In addition, the regulatory authorities need to establish information sharing and rapid response mechanisms, strengthen the effective connection of online monitoring, offline touch and arrangement and fund monitoring, and strengthen the registration of metaverse related market subjects and the management of advertisements with metaverse.

Metaverse integrates emerging and traditional information technologies such as blockchain and big data, and the problem of network security is more prominent. Among them, deep synthesis technology is a typical technology application “double-edged sword” in metaverse. In January this year, the State Network Information Office recently released the regulations on the management of in-depth synthesis of Internet information services (Exposure Draft), which made a series of clear regulations and guidelines on the in-depth synthesis technology as the cornerstone of metaverse. Gao Yu suggested that after fully soliciting opinions from all walks of life, the management regulations should be officially issued as soon as possible, regulate the application of in-depth synthesis technology in the form of regulations, and clarify the subject of responsibility, so as to truly realize the “technology for the good” and ensure the security of network information.

“Metaverse’s virtual world has sensory interaction, immersion experience and addictive properties. People belong to the social group and have a strong demand for social networking. Excessive addiction of users to virtual cyberspace can also lead to loneliness, depression and increase users’ behavioral aggression.” In terms of morality and ethics, Gao Yu believes that it is necessary to positively guide the behavior of minors in metaverse and limit their behavior that does not conform to their mental development level. It is suggested that the continuous construction of laws and regulations to protect minors should keep pace with the development of new industries.

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