Liu Wei, member of the CPPCC National Committee: it is suggested to introduce the top-level design scheme of “metaverse” to promote legislation in the field of virtual digital economy

Original title: Liu Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference: it is suggested to introduce the top-level design scheme of “metaverse” to promote legislation in the field of virtual digital economy

Our (ChinaTimes. Net. CN) reporter Guo Haoyi and Ge Aifeng reported from Shenzhen

Since last year, the concept of “metaverse” has become popular, and there has been one after another discussion on metaverse in the market. The reporter of Huaxia times learned from Jiadu technology group that Liu Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, member of the Central Committee of the people’s Construction Association and chairman of Jiadu technology group, brought a proposal on metaverse to the two sessions of the country this year.

At present, metaverse is gradually moving from concept to reality, accelerating the digitization process of all walks of life, driving the vigorous development of relevant information industries and promoting the continuous improvement of the output value of digital economy. As a demonstration worker of China’s early technology industry, Liu Wei told the times: “as a leader of China’s early technology industry, we need to take the lead in building a smart city in the future.”

Government led “metaverse” on the “right track”

With the development of new generation information technology, metaverse is moving from concept to reality.

At present, many cities are also speeding up the discussion on the development planning of metaverse industry. Shanghai proposed to “strengthen the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology and basic capabilities of metaverse”. Chengdu, Wuhan, Hefei and other places stated in the government work report that they were taking the initiative to seize the future track of metaverse. Beijing, Shenzhen and Zhejiang also stated that they were exploring the support policies of AR engine, virtual avatar, industrial XR and other related industries.

Liu Wei proposed that in addition to enabling the real industry with metaverse related technologies, it is a good starting point to directly build a “metaverse China” digital economy led by the government, guide the close connection between the virtual world and the real world, and form a new social relations platform with virtual reality integration, immersion and interaction and complete normative system.

“This platform can not only seize the ‘national business card’ of metaverse world, lead public opinion, improve national influence and promote the digitization of public services, but also guide the online industrialization of tourism, commerce, culture and other industries damaged by the offline epidemic. On this basis, it can also promote the standardized application of new technologies such as legal digital currency and digital assets, which can be said to be of great significance.” Liu Wei said.

He further said that the metaverse digital economy is a frontier unknown field, and there is no standard mature case to follow. It is suggested to organize experts in science and technology, economy, law and society to fully demonstrate the necessity and feasibility of building a metaverse digital economy as soon as possible, form a top-level design plan, clarify the overall construction objectives and stage objectives, and refine the construction contents Construction steps, management system, resource guarantee, etc.

Liu Wei suggested that the leading and regulatory authorities should be clearly defined to promote the construction of “metaverse China”, “metaverse city” and other augmented reality, virtual reality and other projects by stages and layers. The pilot cities with high degree of external development, strong public service capacity, strong financial strength and representative cities can be selected.

At the same time, the virtual digital economy also needs to establish a suitable civil economic legal system. Liu Wei believes that “metaverse China” digital economy is not only a technology platform, but also a complex and open economic system for citizens, tourists and enterprises. Therefore, he suggested that we should explore and establish supporting laws and regulations on the right confirmation, transaction and privacy protection of digital assets at the same time, create an institutional model and standardize the operation of virtual digital economy.

Focus on the development of digital economy

In Liu Wei’s view, metaverse covers a number of cutting-edge technologies such as digital twins, virtual reality, augmented reality, 5g, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. It can not only accelerate the digitization process of all walks of life, drive the vigorous development of relevant information industries and promote the continuous improvement of the output value of digital economy, The key is to occupy the highland and voice of the future Internet world.

In the proposal, Liu Wei repeatedly focused on the “digital economy”.

In the proposal on building a digital base of transportation infrastructure and promoting the co construction, sharing and co governance of urban transportation, Liu Wei proposed that the government should lead the overall planning and promote the digital transformation of transportation infrastructure with the help of social capital; Encourage technology research and development, product innovation and scenario application in the field of transportation, build a large transportation data center, and coordinate the collaborative use of data by various departments of large transportation; And accelerate the improvement of construction standards and strengthen information protection.

In the proposal on accelerating the construction of digital energy-saving system in the field of new infrastructure and helping to achieve the dual carbon goal as soon as possible, Liu Wei proposed to use “energy-saving black technology” to promote the construction of “green new infrastructure”. On the specific implementation path, he suggested that the government comprehensively promote the implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction requirements in the field of new infrastructure from the policy level, encourage energy-saving scientific and technological innovation and improve energy-saving management; Strengthen the construction of energy-saving platforms in the field of new infrastructure, and realize the comprehensive construction of intelligent applications such as intelligent energy conservation; Encourage the use of big data and artificial intelligence to promote new energy construction and energy conservation and emission reduction, and increase the application scenarios of artificial intelligence in the field of energy conservation.

“With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the help of the fourth industry represented by new technology to the primary, secondary and tertiary industries must be revolutionary,” Liu Wei said, “For the future of digital economy, we believe that digital twin will be the core technology of digital technology landing cities and industries, and the ‘operating system’ of the next digital era.”

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