Microsoft or meta: who is most likely to win metaverse?

Robert Carnevale is a news editor at windows central

Metaverse is a concept that has existed for a long time (decades or even decades, if not centuries), but its prominent position in the field of science and technology is the recent development.

Now, this word is on the tongue of many companies. It has never been said that “Yuanjie” company before October 2021. The question is: with so many companies actively adopting meta terminology, their definition of the concept is winner, champion?

The two leaders in the competition seem to be meta and Facebook. As the name suggests, meta has a 1000% advantage and can win it in the concept of metaverse (owning Facebook is also a good driving force). At the same time, Microsoft has the advantage of becoming Microsoft. The advantage of metaverse itself is that it is an ill defined concept that can be adopted and taken over by almost any corporate entity. So, who won? We ask experts to weigh.


Meta management expectation

There is a meta section itself, followed by the definition of the word. Two potential winners in two categories. Moor Insights & Anshel sag, senior analyst at strategy, has his own views on who sets the tone for everyone.

“Without meta’s investment and disclosure, I don’t think we would talk about the meta world as we do today,” he said, stressing that meta’s definition of the meta world is dominant at present. This is certainly in line with the fact that many companies began to discuss the meta world immediately after Facebook’s transformation.

Having said that, sag does not think that any company has a default “right” approach to metaverse, even if it is better at establishing a de facto definition.

“I think Yuanjie will include all kinds of devices, whether AR or VR, PC or smartphone, glass or tablet,” said sag. “Today’s Internet has built-in hardware agnosticism, and the 3D standards we see also consider this cross platform approach. Ultimately, whether it’s software or hardware, the meta world needs to be interoperable and cross platform, because otherwise, you won’t be able to get the scale you need to achieve a complete Internet.”

“In terms of its cognition among ordinary consumers, meta will face a greater and arduous battle.”

Based on this proposal, sag believes that Microsoft’s vague outline of Yuanjie is closest to what Yuanjie may eventually become, although he mentioned that AWS and Google should not be excluded from the discussion. “I actually think that one of the companies with the most comprehensive vision of metaverse may be Intel, because the company is looking at it from a multi-level perspective and understanding that the company will need to support many different methods is key.”

Sag speculates that once it is formed more appropriately than it is now, metaverse will look like today’s Internet and increase spatial awareness and distortion of 3D objects. But for today’s world, the world we live in, there is still a way to go before the final vision begins to take shape.

Returning to the core debate between Microsoft and meta, sag’s final comments touched on the fact that although meta is helping shape today’s definition of metaverse, the company itself is in a difficult position to achieve its ambitions.

“One thing I think meta’s approach needs to consider is that it is mainly based on monetization of transactions and software sales, while Microsoft’s approach is to provide cloud computing for any service that wants to enable metaverse. I think Microsoft’s approach is inherently less intrusive and more open than meta, and I believe that when you look at the views of the two companies, meta is in the general market The perception among consumers will face a much tougher battle, “he said.


It’s too early

Forrester and Gartner agree with sag that metaverse is not yet fully formed, and we are only in the pioneering stage.

Here is Gartner’s definition of metaverse:

Metaverse is a persistent and immersive digital environment composed of independent but interconnected networks that will use undetermined communication protocols. It supports persistent, distributed, collaborative and interoperable digital content, intersecting with real-time, space oriented and indexed content in the physical world. Access is currently device dependent, including experiences across immersive (augmented, hybrid, and virtual reality) spectrum.

Tuong Nguyen, senior chief analyst at Gartner, said that according to Gartner’s current definition, the company believes that metaverse does not yet exist. On the contrary, we are in a pioneering era. As an extension of this idea, given how different the current metaverse definition environment is, the “correct” definition depends on what you’re looking for.

“For example: what is a smartphone?” Ruan asked. “Different versions of the answers: email tools, text messaging devices, portable game devices, video tools, ways to access social networks, things to listen to music and books, etc. all these answers are correct, but most accurately, it is a collection of all these, not a single” slice. “

David truog, vice president and chief analyst of Forrester, agrees that some meta Festival building blocks are forming, but the real thing – fighting for the soul of meta Festival – still has a long way to go.

“The AR / MR / VR platforms we see today (such as Microsoft mesh, meta horizon worlds, roblox, campfire, recroom, spatial, etc.) are pioneers of metaverse,” truog said. “They contain some components of meta sections, but they are not meta sections, because they are not interconnected like websites and web pages, on the network. Without these interconnections, there would be no meta sections.”

He outlined several stages of metaverse that we should pay attention to. First, there are the pioneers of metaverse. Then there is the original metaverse, which enables people to travel to the world across platforms. Finally, a federated metaverse will be formed in which identities and attributes are enforced.


Anyone’s game

Provide a TL for those who are impatient; Dr: meta may set the tone for the definition of the emerging concept of meta section, but Microsoft’s fuzzy software entanglement network may eventually more accurately reflect the appearance of the said meta section in reality. Finally, neither company even has the right foundation to become a de facto leader in building a meta future that we may soon live in.

There are many unknowns and infinite possibilities. The only certainty is that Facebook has left big tech behind, at least temporarily, and ushered in an era when many people confuse themselves with the contradictory metaverse argument. If this is the beginning of the real world ready player one, just know that you have to go through the precursor era. So grab one of the best VR headphones and dive into the water before it gets cool.

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