Metaverse news | Beijing Tongzhou plans to set up metaverse industry fund Jay Chou Mojie E-sports to apply for metaverse trademark

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Financial associated press blockchain daily news on the 4th today’s metaverse news: TongZhou plans to establish metaverse industry fund; Jay Chou Mojie applied for metaverse trademark; Guoyi group established a joint venture to develop metaverse virtual film and television city; Honey snow ice city’s application for the trademark of Snow King metaverse was rejected. The NLD Central Committee proposed to speed up metaverse science popularization and legislation.

Tongzhou plans to establish metaverse industry fund

Tongzhou District Government of Beijing Municipality recently issued several measures on accelerating the innovation and leading development of metaverse, the sub center of Beijing city. According to the measures, Beijing Urban sub center will build a number of metaverse demonstration application projects to support the construction of a number of metaverse application scenarios. At the same time, relying on Tongzhou Industrial guidance fund, we will combine other social capital in the way of “master Fund + direct investment” to build a fund covering metaverse industry.

NLD Central Committee proposes to accelerate metaverse science popularization and legislation

The NLD Central Committee has drafted the proposal on the development of “metaverse” technology and will submit it to the fifth session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee. In the proposal, the NLD Central Committee suggested that the dissemination of knowledge should be accelerated at the level of science popularization, and the pace of legislation should be accelerated at the legal level. The proposal to be submitted by the NLD Central Committee points out that at present, at the emerging network level, relevant policies and regulations are relatively missing. “Metaverse” will drive the formation of a new network form in the future. In case of sudden public opinion, it will be more difficult for the full virtual environment and scene to track the source and dredge problems. Therefore, it is suggested that we should speed up legislative research as soon as possible, form a governance model and legal basis suitable for the development of technology and market, and comprehensively improve the level of social governance in China. It is suggested to organize relevant departments to conduct Legislative Research on the relevant needs and risks of “metaverse” and publish it as soon as possible. Previously, it was reported that the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party planned to submit the proposal on actively and steadily promoting metaverse technology and industrial development to the fifth session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee. It is suggested to promote the development of metaverse technology industry and establish relevant supervision and governance system.

Jay Chou applied for metaverse trademark

Tianyancha app shows that Mojie E-sports (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of the “jteametaverse” trademark. The international classification includes food, wine, education and entertainment. The current trademark status is under application. The company was founded in May 2016 and is wholly owned by Mojie E-sports (Kunshan) Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is reported that “Mojie E-sports” is an E-sports brand jointly founded by Jay Chou and IDG capital.

Guoyi group established a joint venture to develop metaverse virtual film and Television City

Hong Kong stock Guoyi Group Holdings announced the establishment of a joint venture with Guobao entertainment, an artist management and entertainment program production company, and first bullion holdings, a holding company of the Philippine digital asset exchange, to create an immersive metaverse experience. The joint venture company will build a virtual film and Television City in metaverse with reference to the real scene of Guoyi Xiqiao Mountain Film and television city. The virtual film and television city will produce concerts, music programs, talent competitions and movies to provide players with an immersive online entertainment experience. Players can also enjoy online shopping in the virtual Shanghai Street shopping center through the e-commerce platform supporting NFT, onshore / offshore payment gateway and goods delivery; In terms of offline operation, the joint venture will prepare singing, performance, film production and martial arts training for players to connect virtual experience with reality.

Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360, approved Facebook metaverse: no user pain points were found

Zhou Hongyi, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and founder of 360, said that his criticism of Facebook in those years seemed to be verified, and now the share price has fallen a lot. Because the industry is not optimistic about its metaverse strategy. Its metaverse is a pseudo demand, not just a demand, so he thinks this product has not really found a pain point.