Does Sina focus on the layout of “metaverse” of idol company, or become a new way out after “Qinglang” action?

Wen maolina

Talking about company planning without touching “metaverse” these days is just like meeting in the new year without saying auspicious words. The day before yesterday (January 18), the news of Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard brushed the screen all night, and the wowers burst into tears. Insiders patted on the thigh: Microsoft is going to do metaverse!

This is even true for companies as big as Microsoft, and domestic enterprises are scrambling to get on the bus of metaverse. Huace, a film and television producer, Chinese online, a writer of online articles, and a number of well-known and unknown game companies have successively announced their entry into metaverse. Even Siba media, an idol, has focused on this new concept.

In April 2012, aks and jiushang (the predecessor of Siba) announced the establishment of AKB’s sister group snh48. In October of the same year, snh48 was officially launched, and the “Romance of the Seine” kicked off.

In 2022, after a series of changes such as idol promotion, graduation, withdrawal and Village draft, Siba tried to update the playing method of idol industry again. “Idol metaverse” is not more incredible than today’s various “metaverse”, but how reliable is it?

March on metaverse

On January 8, snh48’s annual Golden Melody concert was held in Shanghai on time. The Golden Melody Awards is also known as the “little general selection”. In addition to the little idol singing and dancing on the stage, Siba will also talk about the next strategic layout at the end, referred to as “cake painting time”.

The “cake” in previous years is just how many major self-made dramas have been prepared, the recruitment channel of the new phase of members has been opened, and potential seed idols will receive overseas training opportunities. This year is different.

For Siba, 2022 is an important year. Snh48 officially became an army in 2012. Although it has experienced the storm of breaking away from the headquarters and standing on its own mountain, it has really gone through ten years. Siba not only said that she would hold the 10th Anniversary Concert, but also hinted that graduated members such as Ju Jingyi and Li Yitong would also attend, but also left a group of heavy news:

“The next generation Internet represented by XR, blockchain and metaverse is booming. After a long time of technical preparation and market research, Siba media will release a new business model, embrace the next generation XR Internet technology and fully enter the field of metaverse immersive social networking platform.”  

I don’t know how the people who were crazy about calling for little idols felt when they heard new terms such as NFT, metaverse and XR. According to hard candy, Siba is going to be metaverse. More practical, Siba is going to make her own virtual idol.

Tianyancha app shows that at the end of December last year, Shanghai Mina e-commerce Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Siba media, was applying for the registration of several metaverse related trademarks. Including “48metaverse”, “meta48” and “48 metaverse”. The international classification includes beer and beverage, education and entertainment. At present, the trademark status is under application.

Last August, Siba’s virtual idol group appeared on the stage of snh48 finals. On the night of the final election, Siba said it would enter the new consumption field with Guochao makeup brand “Huarong FAF”, which is also the name of Siba’s virtual idol women’s CP Group.

The FAF is composed of a flower girl who represents the soft temperament and a Rong brother who represents the sassy temperament. Both of them are female. Probably inspired by their little idols taking off by engaging in CP, sister Hua and brother Rong are themselves a pair of CP, and they also have a combination mode called “Huarong” (his highness Zijie must love Indian mythology, which is not a Halliday).

However, the positioning of FAF combination is more like the spokesman of “Huarong” than a virtual idol. Siba also mentioned in its strategic plan that it will create a series of contents such as music MV, animation and creative short video for the virtual idols “Huarong” and “FAF combination”, and empower the makeup brand of the same name through diversified means such as live video. But now “Huarong” knows very little, and there are no more materials except a concept film.

When snh48 was in full swing in 2018, Siba made MayWay VIV more like a virtual idol. This is a virtual idol combination based on blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. At that time, it was said that the combination will participate in the performance of Xingmeng theater in an anthropomorphic form as snh48 virtual idol Team VI and participate in the annual major activities of snh48 group.

This is two years earlier than the aespa concept of Uncle Xiuman in South Korea. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, the number of appearances of maywei VIV is so few that even fans almost forget that there is such a combination.

As for this wave of metaverse plan, although Siba has not been detailed through “major release”. But hard candy Jun guessed that, combined with the current main business of Siba, it must be a virtual idol.

Despite the personnel changes and the cold winter of the industry in recent years, the number of small idols in the group has declined compared with its heyday, snh48 can still attract many girls with idol dreams every year. Among them, those little idols who are not popular but have some specialties may become the “set man” of Siba’s virtual idols.

Peaking idol economy

The Golden Melody Awards suddenly heard that Siba was going to engage in metaverse, and the fans could not help scolding president Wang for losing his head. However, the idol economy has peaked. Siba, which has no financing action since 2018, really needs to tell a new story.

Idol economy has entered the bottleneck period, which is related to the external environment on the one hand. The draft was stopped, and the behavior of raising funds to fight and invest in the gray area has also attracted the attention of relevant departments. Although the Golden Melody Awards were held smoothly this year, who knows how many more rounds of the total selection game can be played.

Coupled with the repeated epidemic, the offline theater has become a “cloud public performance”. Without the interaction on and off stage, the emotional bond between idols and fans has also weakened a lot. To put it bluntly, my head is getting faster.

On the other hand, it is related to the interior of 48 series. As we said last year, whether it is the general election or daily resources, the whole 48 Department highlights the word “volume”. From the head to the edge, each idol is coerced in different ways to join the inner battle group. Idols and fans are in a state of exhausted overdraft.

The root cause of the “roll” is the lack of young idols. Snh48 has been in the army for ten years, and has indeed successfully expanded its popularity through film and drama integration. This river even gave birth to Ju Jingyi, a small flower for internal entertainment. However, it must be admitted that the external cognition of 48 series is based on primary and secondary students. With the graduation of the two groups of the first members of the league, the little idols still in the league are not known to many passers-by.

The rise of live broadcast and short video also has a certain impact on the concept of “face-to-face Idol” advocated by Siba. Ten years ago, it was difficult for Aidou to communicate with fans. At that time, there were not even many signing meetings in China. The 48 series handshake, offline theater, coffee shop and other close contact with idols have indeed attracted many fans who want to communicate with idols and directly feel their charm.

But now face-to-face communication with idols is nothing new. Several domestic entertainment companies even have monthly live KPI. The unique advantage of 48 series has been greatly weakened.

The original 48 series closed-loop play has a set of logic that can be completely self consistent, that is, everything depends on the votes of fans. Perhaps from the perspective of professional ability, this method of determining the universe is not scientific. But in the eyes of fans, it is at least fair enough. However, with the transformation of Siba, this set of self consistent closed-loop logic has been virtually destroyed.

According to the original regulations, it takes two consecutive years for an idol to become an independent artist and have a personal studio. Ju Jingyi, Li Yitong and last year’s sun Rui all completed the transformation process in accordance with this provision. However, Xu Jiaqi, who graduated from the restricted group the 9 last year, ignored this provision and directly owned her own studio, which made many fans angry.

If you are not promoted to the hall of stars, another more conventional way to graduate is to fulfill the contract. This provision was also broken by Lin Siyi, who graduated early last year and became a contracted artist of Siba film and television. Sun Jenny, song Xinran, Jiang Shan and several other little idols who take the road of film and television have been speculated that they will skip the general election and graduate early in the future.

From the perspective of operation, it is not a bad thing for Siba to provide a third way for its little idols. It is not a bad thing to distinguish “theater idols” from “non theater idols”. Because “idol power” varies from person to person. For example, Li Yitong is a natural theater idol that is very suitable for the initial 48 playing method, while some idols are more suitable for glowing in film and television dramas.

But fans are still loyal to the 48 series because they have the ability to determine the fairness of everything. Since this iron rule has been broken and the general election is no longer the only standard to determine the future of idols, why continue to throw money with real money?

In the face of domestic and foreign troubles, Siba really wants to tell some new stories.

“Hard” virtual idol?

In fan posters, Wang Zijie, the founder of the Seine River, is always described as a brainless businessman who is confused and incompetent and holds idols to make fans. But his highness Zijie, who was able to empty your and my pockets by “strong Dance Troupe” more than ten years ago, can’t be so unbearable. People have long seen the problems hidden under the economic prosperity of idols. Otherwise, they will start to build virtual idols in 2018.

There are so many concepts in the night of painted cakes. In fact, what is really possible to take the lead in realizing is the virtual idol. Siba has been an idol operator for 10 years. She has experience and talent reserve. It can also be regarded as a way to find a reemployment for marginal idols. After all, the subcutaneous of a-soul next door is also a company trainee according to legend.

There were many reasons that hindered the development of maywei VIV, especially technical problems. Now, whether it can really solve the technical problems is also the key to test how far Siba can go in this metaverse plan.

Virtual idols burn money. The more realistic virtual idols are, the more expensive they are. Although Siba makes a lot of money by the total selection and golden song awards every year, this money is really not enough to see in the virtual idol track.

Liu Yexi, a virtual man who shook the tiktok, said that “the price of video is more expensive than 1 grams of gold per second. Now the price of gold is 2 to 3 grams per second, and the production level and production cost of gold is 2 to 3 grams”.

Although Siba has invested in the animation company qilingshi, and qilingshi has been doing business related to virtual idols in recent years, at least from the modeling of FAF portfolio, it is difficult for Siba to break through successfully by taking the technology flow.

Without technology, shall we work hard? A-soul is the representative of virtual idol hard work. At the beginning of station B, how many people scolded these virtual people as puppets of capital because of their happy origin, and even made vicious remarks against each other in the barrage.

But more than half a year later, “I want to be miss jiaran’s dog” drifted through the barrage from time to time, and several Jiaxin sweets were hidden around the hard candy king. What people rely on is hard work, vitality and persistence. This is also the most likely path for 48 virtual idols in the future.

However, Siba has always done a closed loop, hoping to put all the traffic in its own pool, such as the emergence of pocket 48. Pocket 48, which has the functions of reward, live broadcast and chat, is a complex of several well-known social platforms on the market. However, there is always a gap between this kind of fans’ products and professional products of large factories. The user experience of pocket 48 is not good. It’s hard to retain existing fans, let alone attract external users.

The success of a-soul is certainly related to the efforts and persistence of the little idol. The platform they choose is also the key. Station B has a large number of secondary users. If Siba’s virtual idol chooses to debut in pocket 48 in the future, it can directly sentence death for the experience of being unable to log in or even flash back at three or five times. In addition, the users of pocket 48 are almost all fans, and these fans all have their own little idols. They have a grudge against the virtual human “sucking blood”. How can they support “home”?

As for the XR technology mentioned in the night of cake painting, that is, expanding reality, there are many things that can be combined with theater performance. In last year’s general single “Huarong”, it also hinted at the possibility of wearing a head show to watch the performance. However, the probability of its realization depends on the current production capacity and efficiency of Siba. At least hard candy Jun doesn’t dare to expect anything.

Fans always say that Siba’s tricks are frequent. In fact, it’s really wronged. Whether it’s idol card mobile game, idol audio game, or self-made drama synthesis and star chasing app, many strategic plans of Siba have stepped in the right direction. It just failed in execution and completion, making bystanders feel that “it’s better not to do it than to do it”.

This metaverse plan is not impossible to become a new way to cut leeks again. For example, the image of the little idol is virtualized or the blockchain of stage video, photos and audio is made into NFT and sold to fans. The one with the highest price has to wait.

With the end of the eighth election, all the most famous first-year and second-year students graduated. The future contract ownership of Ju Jingyi, the most famous, is pending, and the “second Ju Jingyi” has not been born from this river. With the concept of metaverse, can the river flow for the next decade?

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