Prevent digital economy risks and lay out metaverse supervision in advance

Since last year, “metaverse” has become a hot word. As an important emerging industry connecting the physical world and the digital world, metaverse will reshape the digital economic system and reconstruct human production and life style. However, while seeing the broad development space of metaverse, we should also see that metaverse, as a huge systematic project, is still in the early stage of development. At this stage, it is particularly necessary to prevent individuals from exploiting the “loopholes” of policy dividends and cutting the “leeks” of investors. To this end, Tan Jianfeng, member of the CPPCC National Committee, President of the fifth space information technology research institute and honorary president of Shanghai Information Security Industry Association, submitted a proposal on strengthening the supervision of metaverse market and preventing new digital economy risks.

At present, NFT virtual artworks based on blockchain Technology (such as cartoon portraits and electronic oil paintings) have become popular in metaverse. Although metaverse community operators claim that this is a decentralized society, in fact, the rules of governance and trading are controlled and guided by enterprise giants. Tan Jianfeng said that from the perspective of the development history of the Internet, public opinion governance, transaction supervision, personal privacy protection and even the maintenance of national sovereignty in the network virtual society are severe challenges. At present, they are still constantly exploring and trying to improve. Metaverse will bring greater challenges to the above problems. The regulatory authorities of relevant industries should study the regulatory policies in advance, Prevent possible system risks.

To lay out metaverse supervision in advance is not to develop metaverse. Tan Jianfeng believes that seizing the development opportunities of metaverse industry and prospectively arranging key core technologies and major application scenarios are an important direction to occupy the commanding height of competition in the future.

“Metaverse oriented technologies and applications are still developing rapidly. Technically, we should pay close attention to the international development trend, but we should not just follow the trend or follow the set of ideas of using doctrine. We should really find something that can be used as the basis for metaverse development based on our own core technology, systematically layout and invest in relevant enterprises in advance from the national level, and change the past in information Technology, Internet and other fields have long followed and been controlled by others, especially in the basic fields of metaverse industry, such as chips, systems, tools and so on. ” Tan Jianfeng said.

In terms of preventing digital economy risks, member Tan Jianfeng will also submit a proposal on strengthening the control of key data. Tan Jianfeng suggested that relevant laws and regulations be refined, data ownership be clarified from point to area, and the operability of data security law enforcement be improved. At the same time, a national “data bank” shall be established as soon as possible, and the State shall establish a special agency for unified control to avoid the abuse of biometric data in the market, so as to ensure the security of key data and national security to the greatest extent.

In terms of promoting the development of security technology, consolidating the foundation of the security industry, and enhancing the ability of data governance and the level of data supervision, member Tan Jianfeng suggested accelerating the construction of digital identity infrastructure and solving the core technical problems related to identity authentication and governance in digital space around identity identification and trust.

Our reporter Fang Xiang