Metaverse industry trend report released fast transit metaverse Research Institute is willing to be the propeller of industry development

Metaverse industry ushered in another Research Report

Recently, sutu metaverse Research Institute released the 2022metaverse industry trend report (hereinafter referred to as the report), which combines metaverse development theory with the actual development of the industry, deeply interprets the development situation of metaverse industry, feels the pulse of the future development trend of metaverse industry, and provides professional reference to metaverse enterprise executives, field experts, investors and other readers.

Express metaverse Research Institute said that the metaverse industry is in the ascendant, and many high-quality enterprises have joined the Bureau. We hope to convey an attitude through this report, and we are willing to be the propeller of industry development.

Metaverse industry has broad prospects and will enter a period of circling development in the second half of 2022

In 2021, the metaverse industry ushered in explosive growth. Industry giants have announced the layout of “metaverse”. At the same time, “metaverse entrepreneurship” has become an important entrepreneurial direction for new entrants.

According to the think tank data of sutu metaverse Research Institute, 99.9% of the “metaverse” trademarks were registered and applied for after 2021. In 2021, there were 45 enterprise investment and financing events with main businesses including “metaverse”. Although the metaverse industry has developed unprecedentedly under the stimulation of the capital market, we still need to be vigilant about the uneven level of industry entrants and prevent the occurrence of “bad money expelling good money”.

Then, when will the metaverse industry enter the spiral development period after experiencing the chaotic and enthusiastic development period of all things? According to the report of sutu metaverse Research Institute, the metaverse industry will enter a spiral development period from the second half of 2022 to 2024, and the enthusiasm of the whole industry for metaverse will begin to return to rationality.

“On the one hand, as the definition and supervision of metaverse industry are gradually put in place, the boundary of metaverse begins to be clear, and the industry begins to have preliminary metaverse enterprise screening ability; on the other hand, with the increase of entry threshold, small enterprises begin to be merged by giants, some enterprises with weak competitiveness and pseudo metaverse concept begin to leave, and capital begins to return to rationality”, According to the report.

The express metaverse Research Institute also proposed in the report that the ideal state of metaverse should be a virtual space belonging to the world, human, completely decentralized, with closed-loop economic system and content ecology, but this is also an almost impossible state.

The report believes that human society and metaverse will exist for a long time in the mode of “metaverse +”.

Innovatively put forward the concepts of “metaverse four quadrant model” and “three adhesives”

Although the metaverse industry is still in the early stage of development, several research reports have appeared in the market, and the publishers include universities, securities institutions, media, etc.

It is reported that the 2022metaverse industry trend report released by sutu metaverse Research Institute mainly focuses on the development process and Prospect of metaverse industry, industry development opportunities, social impact and talent training, as well as the crisis and challenges in the early stage of development.

For the role of enterprises in metaverse and the various technologies involved, the report innovatively puts forward the “metaverse four quadrant model”, which places metaverse “transformants”, metaverse “new infrastructure”, metaverse “services” and metaverse “operating system” into the four quadrants of technology.

At the same time, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of things, content ecology, metaverse services, interaction, games, social scenes, etc. are divided into different categories to form a metaverse industry map, which further points out the division of labor of various underlying technologies in the metaverse industry for metaverse industry, highlighting the deep understanding of fast metaverse Research Institute on the industry.

For enterprises involved in metaverse, how to continuously obtain traffic, how to promote the sustainable prosperity of the industry and how to connect “upstream and downstream” have become the three most difficult problems to solve.

To this end, sutu metaverse Research Institute pointed out in the report that social scenes are the “glue” of metaverse traffic, content ecology is the “glue” of metaverse’s sustainable prosperity, and metaverse service industry is the glue connecting upstream and downstream through soul, litchi group, chizicheng The vivid cases of Shunwang technology and other enterprises illustrate the significance of these three adhesives in metaverse industry.

Insiders said that although the metaverse industry is extremely hot, the understanding of metaverse in the whole industry is still not unified. At this time, a report that can deeply interpret the concept of metaverse is needed to answer questions and solve doubts for practitioners.

Define “false metaverse”, and express metaverse Research Institute calls for “awe” of metaverse

The concept of “hot spots” in the industry still does not exist, although the “hot spots” in the industry still exist.

Therefore, in the report, sutu metaverse Research Institute specifically mentioned “false metaverse” and defined it: metaverse that is not attached to any industry is “false metaverse”, and metaverse that is attached to industry but cannot promote each other’s symbiosis is “false metaverse”.

The real “metaverse” enterprises should represent industrial progress in the field of technology, rather than the arrangement and combination of existing technologies. The report points out that in terms of products, real “metaverse” should either bring users a more immersive experience, or use technical means to extend its ability to surpass reality based on the needs of real experience. In addition, real “metaverse” enterprises need to launch some products that can be combined with the needs of existing scenarios, Promoting the market has also made a great contribution to the maturity of “metaverse” cognition.

It is reported that the theme of the fourth part of the report is “awe” metaverse, in which the vicious “pseudo metaverse” is particularly attacked

For “hanging sheep’s head and selling dog meat”. By packaging the metaverse concept, such enterprises produce shoddy products and attract new users to register, which will greatly overdraw the reputation of the enterprise and the metaverse industry, undermine the enthusiasm of practitioners and capital investment, and lead to a vicious circle in the industry.

Sudu metaverse Research Institute hopes to deeply explore the excellent enterprises and new business paradigm of metaverse track through the report, promote the industry to eliminate the false and preserve the true, provide opportunities for the upstream and downstream resource links of metaverse, and grow together with China’s metaverse industry.

It is reported that the report has also received strong support from sutu network, sutu technology and finance, sutu cultural tourism and sutu Zhihu value center.