The NPC and CPPCC leaders look forward to the following: “Metaverse” is concerned about the proposal of the Democratic Party and is ready to guard against the technology bubble.

The word “metaverse” is one of the hot words in recent years, and the discussion heat related to it has been high. In the financial sector, some banks also expressed their position and layout, hoping to seize the beach metaverse. With the upcoming two sessions, metaverse may also become a topic of concern for delegates and members.

The financial Associated Press reporter learned that a number of proposals to be submitted by the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party and the Central Committee of the Democratic League put forward suggestions on “metaverse” technology development and risk prevention and control. Insiders said that metaverse’s technology and business model are in the primary stage and are only applied in a small range. For the financial field, there is still a long way to go in the future. Metaverse to the banking industry is the direction of digital transformation, but it can’t be a gimmick.

Accelerate legislative research on risks and guide social capital to focus on core software and hardware research and development

Metaverse core refers to providing immersive experience based on AR / VR (extended reality and virtual reality) technology, using digital twin technology to generate virtual images of the real world, and using blockchain technology to build a virtual economic system, so as to closely integrate the virtual world with the real world in economic, social, identity and other systems, It can also allow users to produce and edit content interactively, and finally form a new type of Internet application and social ecology that integrates virtual and reality and is more concrete.

Li Qilin, director and chief economist of Hongta Securities Research Institute, told the financial associated press that metaverse has high requirements for immersive and powerful user creation system. The first thing we should pay attention to is the development of underlying technologies, such as the upgrading of hardware equipment, the improvement of 5g chip algorithm, and the improvement of blockchain application ecology and the facilitation of interactive devices such as VR / ar.

The information exchange and communication scene under metaverse is more digital and virtualized, but it will be more difficult to control. The proposal of the NLD Central Committee points out that it needs to be treated more carefully while promoting.

The Central Committee of the NLD proposed to strengthen directional guidance at the technical level. Promote the research and development of “metaverse” related core devices and key software and hardware technologies as soon as possible to avoid being limited to people in potential fields. In particular, through the support of government funds, social capital can be guided to focus on R & D in the fields of core software and hardware. In addition, strengthen special control at the strategic level.

Digital infrastructure is the fourth largest type of infrastructure and the foundation of digital economy including metaverse industry. The 14th five year plan for the development of digital economy requires accelerating the construction of information network infrastructure, promoting the development of cloud network coordination and computing network integration, and orderly promoting the intelligent upgrading of infrastructure.

In this regard, the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party suggested opening up investment in the construction of digital infrastructure, guiding the participation of social capital, encouraging financial institutions to innovate products and services, and increasing support for the core industries of the digital economy.

“Accelerating the pace of legislation at the legal level” has also been written into the relevant proposal on metaverse to be submitted by the NLD Central Committee. The proposal to be submitted by the NLD Central Committee points out that at present, at the emerging network level, relevant policies and regulations are relatively missing. “Metaverse” will drive the formation of a new network form in the future. In case of sudden public opinion, it will be more difficult for the full virtual environment and scene to track the source and dredge problems. Therefore, it is suggested that we should speed up legislative research as soon as possible, form a governance model and legal basis suitable for the development of technology and market, and comprehensively improve the level of social governance in China. It is suggested to organize relevant departments to conduct Legislative Research on the relevant needs and risks of “metaverse” and publish it as soon as possible.

Establish a governance system in relevant fields, and the securities regulatory authorities implement the concept of “zero tolerance”

According to the analysis of insiders, at present, international and domestic Internet enterprises and technology companies are the most active in the possible applications and investment opportunities of metaverse, which can be divided into two modes: the first is to focus on the field of core components and basic platforms and speed up the layout of metaverse hardware entrance and operating system; The second is to focus on business models and content scenarios and explore the landing of metaverse related application scenarios. The digital collection launched with NFT technology has become one of the fastest landing application scenarios.

“Digital finance and NFT tokens have become the object of attention and popularity with the concept of metaverse.” The proposal of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party pointed out that the transaction scale of NFT market is expanding rapidly, which contains great risks.

The Central Committee of the Democratic League of China said in the proposal that the concept of “metaverse” has appeared for some time and has received great repercussions in academia and industry. At present, the academic community has a calm response to it, but the industrial and financial circles are more impetuous in the face of the emerging hot spots of “metaverse”, which will bring too many uncertain factors to social development, technological evolution and financial investment.

The Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party proposed to establish a regulatory and governance system for metaverse related fields. In the face of the Metaverse boom, beware of the technology bubble in the name of technology and concept. We should strengthen dynamic monitoring, standardize the orderly innovation of digital finance, and the securities regulatory authorities should fully implement the law enforcement concept of “zero tolerance”, continuously improve laws and regulations, strengthen the connection with justice, and strengthen the crackdown on vicious violations such as market manipulation.

The NLD Central Committee suggested that in order to deal with the potential impact of the future development of “metaverse” on society in application scenarios, talent orientation, Cyberspace Security and other aspects, it is suggested to strengthen the positive guidance of its application scenarios, avoid excessive market speculation, and promote the tilt of relevant technologies to the fields of education, pension and other social and people’s livelihood.

The NLD Central Committee also suggested that relevant departments organize experts and scholars to carry out rational knowledge dissemination, popularize and publicize “metaverse” related knowledge, technology, regulations and risks to the society, and improve people’s awareness and discrimination.