Metaverse project is a mixture of good and bad, and the Central Committee of the Democratic League of China suggests accelerating science popularization and legislation

Original title: the metaverse project is a mixture of good and bad. The Central Committee of the Democratic League of China proposes to accelerate science popularization and legislation

China Times (www.chinatimes. Net. CN) reporter Xu Yunqian intern reporter Cheng Kuo reports from Beijing

Metaverse, a science fiction concept born in 1992, became popular in 2021. It not only triggered people’s infinite imagination of the future virtual world, but also caused a lot of discussion and even controversy from Internet companies and financial institutions.

At present, metaverse is still a “flower in the mirror and moon in the water”, which still takes time to benefit mankind. However, its information exchange and communication scene is more digital and virtualized, and it will be more difficult to control. It needs to be treated more carefully while promoting.

On March 2, the reporter of Huaxia times learned from the China Democratic League (hereinafter referred to as “the Central Committee of the Democratic League of China”) that the Central Committee of the Democratic League of China has drafted the proposal on the technological development of “metaverse” and will submit it to the fifth session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee. In the proposal, the NLD Central Committee suggested that the dissemination of knowledge should be accelerated at the level of science popularization, and the pace of legislation should be accelerated at the legal level.

Accelerate metaverse science popularization and legislation

Metaverse based on AR / VR (extended reality and virtual reality) technology can provide immersive experience, use digital twin technology to generate virtual images of the real world, and use blockchain technology to build a virtual economic system, so as to closely integrate the virtual world with the real world in economic, social, identity and other systems, It can also allow users to produce and edit content interactively, and finally form a new type of Internet application and social ecology that integrates virtual and reality and is more concrete.

At present, many industries have explored metaverse, but the metaverse project is “a mixture of fish and Dragons”, resulting in excessive speculation and illegal fund-raising.

On February 18, the inter ministerial joint conference office on the disposal of illegal fund-raising issued the “tips on preventing the risk of illegal fund-raising in the name of” metaverse “, which mentioned that recently, some criminals rubbed hot spots and collected funds under the names of” metaverse investment project “and” metaverse chain Tour “, which were suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities.

The Central Committee of the Democratic League of China said in the proposal that the concept of “metaverse” has appeared for some time and has received great repercussions in academia and industry. At present, the academic community has a calm response to it, but the industrial and financial circles are more impetuous in the face of the emerging hot spots of “metaverse”, which will bring too many uncertain factors to social development, technological evolution and financial investment. In addition, at the emerging network level, relevant policies and regulations are relatively missing. “Metaverse” will drive the formation of a new network form in the future. When encountering sudden public opinion, it will be more difficult for the full virtual environment and scene to track the source and dredge problems.

Therefore, the science popularization level needs to speed up the dissemination of knowledge, and the legal level needs to speed up the pace of legislation.

The NLD Central Committee suggested that relevant departments organize experts and scholars to carry out rational knowledge dissemination, popularize and publicize “metaverse” related knowledge, technology, regulations and risks to the society, and improve people’s awareness and discrimination. We should also speed up legislative research as soon as possible, form a governance model and legal basis suitable for the development of technology and market, and comprehensively improve the level of social governance in China. It is suggested to organize relevant departments to conduct Legislative Research on the relevant needs and risks of “metaverse” and publish it as soon as possible.

Guidance and control are the key

The development of metaverse is bound to go through a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Guidance and control are the key to promote the development of metaverse.

To this end, the Central Committee of the NLD proposed to strengthen directional guidance at the technical level.

First of all, we will continue to pay attention to and promote the underlying technologies involved in “metaverse”, such as 5g / 6G, big data, AI, blockchain, Satellite Internet, space earth integration network and other emerging technologies. At the same time, support comprehensive integration technology for different applications; Secondly, the emerging applications represented by “metaverse” will directly bring new software and hardware requirements from bottom devices to high-level software systems, and are expected to form emerging software and hardware systems and ecosystems (such as emerging operating systems, VR / AR devices, network security technologies, etc.).

In addition, the NLD Central Committee also suggested that the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of science and technology should take the lead to organize enterprises, institutes, universities and other institutions to promote research and development in the related core devices and key software and hardware technologies of “metaverse” as soon as possible, so as to avoid being limited to people in potential fields. In particular, through the support of government funds, social capital can be guided to focus on R & D in the fields of core software and hardware.

Strengthening special control at the strategic level is also the key to promoting the development of metaverse.

In order to cope with the potential impact of the future development of “metaverse” on society in application scenarios, talent orientation, Cyberspace Security and other aspects. The Central Committee of the NLD proposes to strengthen the positive guidance of its application scenarios, avoid excessive market speculation, promote the tilt of relevant technologies to social and livelihood fields such as education and pension, and guide them to serve industrial upgrading fields such as industrial Internet, so as to effectively control the potential pan entertainment trend.

On the other hand, strengthen the education of serving the country with science and technology in the process of talent training, so that the main body of talents can serve more national strategic fields such as basic scientific research, core manufacturing, military industry and national defense. At the same time, we should be highly vigilant against the potential social security problems brought by the new form of “metaverse” social media, plan and formulate emergency strategies in terms of public opinion control and infrastructure guarantee.

In this regard, the NLD Central Committee suggests that the central civilization office, the central network information office and the Ministry of science and technology take the lead to organize institutions such as the Academy of Social Sciences, the Academy of Sciences, colleges and universities and some enterprises to carry out research on the content supervision, dissemination law and traceability of “metaverse”, so as to technically guarantee the construction of socialist spiritual civilization in China& nbsp;& nbsp;

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