Can the other side of meta break the game?

Since the second half of 2021, metaverse has become a hot concept in the market. Industry giants abroad include meta and Microsoft, which pay attention to metaverse ecology; Domestic enterprises such as byte, Baidu and Tencent promote the construction of underlying technology. It is generally believed in the industry that metaverse needs at least five to ten years of development to realize large-scale commercialization. However, at present, many companies have begun to carry out the forward-looking layout of the industry.

Recently, zhidu Co., Ltd. (000676. SZ) announced that the other side of meta, the first domestic art metaverse community participated by the company, officially opened the public beta. It is reported that “meta other bank” is an art metaverse community jointly created by zhidu Co., Ltd., zhidu group and Guoguang electric appliance in combination with blockchain technology and application scenario Innovation. At present, the main function of the community is that artists can build their own art exhibition hall in metaverse to let people watch the exhibition in a more convenient and interesting form. Xu Huijun, a famous artist from the Yellow River, and Duan Chuangxin, a famous artist, have become the first representatives of artists settled in “the other side of meta”.

The concept of “metaverse” is not related to the higher popularity of its products. It is generally believed in the industry that metaverse will be mainly reflected in four business formats: community, social networking, online office meeting and online content (entertainment). At present, the companies with metaverse layout, except that a few giants pay attention to infrastructure technology construction, underlying engine development and VR / AR and other hardware equipment research and development, most companies do metaverse content, which is also a very scarce part of metaverse ecology.

Meta other bank is an immersive experience community based on the technical advantages and corporate culture of zhidu shares and combined with the characteristics of the art industry. Artists and audiences often communicate across time and space constraints, which makes it possible to organically combine art and metaverse. The emergence of meta is to empower art and solve some pain points in current artist creation and audience viewing.

According to Duan Chuangxin, one of the first artists to settle on the other side of meta, “metaverse can bring many surprises to our artists, making creation boundless; the external influence of materials, costs and creative environment is weakened, and the exhibition viewing and interaction are no longer subject to time and space.”

At present, the experience of VR/AR devices can not be as smooth and smooth as people expect. Heavy equipment and vertigo make complaints about the most users. According to industry insiders, most users spend 30 to 50 minutes in a single use. This also puts forward higher requirements for metaverse content producers.

Lu Hongda, chairman of zhidu shares, said, “at present, the operation of metaverse community is still facing great technical difficulties. There are still some difficulties in coordination due to insufficient computing power, positioning difficulty and information transmission, but social networking, digital collection and interactive functions have been realized.”

Lu Hongda admitted that just as Baidu’s Xi soil once humbly considered himself a “negative version 6.0”, there are still many problems and deficiencies on the other side of meta, and the current public beta team is not satisfied. However, with the continuous enrichment and improvement of community functions, more and more users will be able to build and decorate their own art space in the art digital center block and its expansion area, create their own digital art works in the community and hold their own “Art Exhibition”.

From the perspective of the combination of metaverse and the industry, many people in the industry believe that content is likely to become the most easily combined format with metaverse at the current stage. The organic combination of digital cultural creation and art will also contain more possibilities. Some people in the industry are optimistic about the prospect of the other side of meta. However, they also mentioned that metaverse is still in its infancy and there is still great uncertainty about its future development direction.

The development of industry ecology also needs a lot of infrastructure and rule making. Whether the other side of meta can make great achievements in the art metaverse community still needs time to test.