Consolidate the data base, develop the digital economy, and lay out the “new track” of metaverse in Guizhou

The next few years will be a golden year for the development of metaverse. (data and pictures)

In recent years, Guizhou has implemented the big data strategic action and vigorously developed the digital economy, which has laid a certain foundation for the industrial development of metaverse. The opening of metaverse will bring a broader market and development space to Guizhou.

Create a solid base for computing power

In terms of network, Guizhou has built a national Internet backbone direct connection point, a special channel for Internet data, a national top-level domain name node and a root mirror server node. It has been approved as the first national intelligent radio and television comprehensive experimental area. The radio and television optical fiber network has achieved full coverage of provinces, cities, counties and villages, and 20721 5g base stations have been built to realize “5g network county to county”. Guiyang has achieved direct Internet connection with 17 cities, with a total of 1409500 kilometers of communication optical cables and 19.06 million optical ports. In terms of edge computing, Guizhou Baishan cloud Technology Co., Ltd., a local enterprise cultivated, is one of the top 5 enterprises in the national cloud distribution market share. It has been selected into China’s “top 100 scientific and technological innovation enterprises” and Silicon Valley’s “top 100 red herring Asia”. It has established a global edge network, serving 84% of Chinese Internet users and 210 million overseas users; Edge cloud services have covered many industries such as Internet, e-commerce, games, finance, manufacturing and medical treatment, and provided safe and reliable high-performance services to more than 1000 enterprise customers such as Microsoft, Alibaba, Xiaomi and Wanda Group.

In terms of data center construction, there are 23 key data centers put into operation and under construction in the province. Converted according to the standard frame (2.5kW / frame), the designed bearing capacity is 587000, 78700 frames have been built, 37000 frames are in use, and the rack loading rate is 47%; It is designed to carry 2.97 million servers and 165800 servers have been powered on, making it one of the regions with the largest collection of super large data centers in China.

In terms of VR / AR industry development, as the first real VR town in China – beidouwan town in Gui’an New Area · OCT V Valley creative park has been completed in May 2017, and many VR enterprises have settled in, including the whole digital creative industry chain of VR education, office, R & D, exhibition, experience, entertainment, trading, derivative development and so on, Initially realize the agglomeration of virtual reality industry.

Expand and strengthen the computing industry

With the iterative upgrading of the information age, the demand for intelligent production and life in the whole society is becoming more and more urgent. Accumulating data resources, improving the level of computing power and expanding and strengthening the computing power industry have become the strategic choice of metaverse track. To promote the development of computing power network integrating multiple factors requires strong cooperation among industry, University and research. As China’s “Digital Valley”, Guizhou must actively seize the new opportunities for computing power development, create a solid base for computing power, ensure high-quality and sustainable computing power supply for the long-term development of digital economy, and promote the digital economy to better serve and integrate into the new pattern of development.

Metaverse industry is in its infancy, and the existing problems are the common problems faced by the whole society. From this perspective, the development of metaverse industry in Guizhou is basically in the same starting line with other regions.

Guizhou should promote the development of VR / AR industry and consolidate the development foundation of metaverse. Build an industrial ecosystem integrating large-scale innovation, investment, incubation and operation, and optimize the industrial development environment. Strengthen the introduction and cultivation of well-known enterprises in VR / AR field, innovative enterprises with broad market prospects, explosive projects, R & D institutions and independent technological innovation platforms, and build leading enterprises. Increase the application of VR / AR in tourism, entertainment, medical treatment, education, military and other fields, accelerate the pilot demonstration and promotion of relevant application projects, help enterprises open markets inside and outside the province and establish industry demonstration benchmarks. Encourage the development of VR / AR content distribution platform, gather content resources to obtain users, and support enterprises and economic development zones in the province to establish in various ways in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places with high VR / AR industrialization and high-level talents at home and abroad, or attract excellent enterprises to settle in Guizhou in the form of “Enclave incubator”. With VR town in Gui’an new area and Zunyi intelligent terminal Industrial Park as the core, focus on building a processing and manufacturing base for smart phones, smart wearable and VR / AR devices. Take the construction of Huawei and Tencent data centers as a breakthrough, further expand the scope of cooperation with Huawei and Tencent, build and operate an industrial public service platform for the development needs of VR / AR industry, and build an information security certification system under VR / AR environment. Do a good job in VR / AR industry monitoring statistics, regularly publish industrial monitoring reports and analysis reports, comprehensively grasp the industrial development trends of Guizhou and scientifically guide the industrial development.

Development of metaverse industry in the future

Guizhou is continuously accelerating the speed-up and capacity expansion of Guiyang Gui’an National Internet backbone direct connection point, accelerating the development of urban direct connection, realizing that the time delay to Chengdu Chongqing dual city economic circle is less than 10ms, building Gui’an as a data center service provider of Chengdu Chongqing economic circle, striving to achieve a time delay of less than 20ms to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and building a cloud service base for the whole country The “East digital West computing” computing power base actively applies for the construction of a national Internet switching center, improves the performance of the local network, reduces the cost of local network access, upgrades the international dedicated channel to the import and Export Bureau of international communication services, provides international services for the inland, and improves the pivot position of Guizhou data center.

At the same time, Guizhou pays attention to the introduction and training of talents and provides intellectual support for metaverse industry. Establish metaverse expert database and increase the introduction of industry leaders and high-end talents. We will increase incentives and support policies for young talents, unblock the channels for talent promotion, and give opportunities to study and exchange abroad. Guided by the needs of enterprises, reduce the number of administrative talents. As long as the enterprise recognizes, appropriately introduce talents with non professional background. United with well-known experts and professors of metaverse industry at home and abroad to establish a professional talent training committee, focusing on the training standards of metaverse professionals, curriculum construction, compilation of professional teaching materials, construction of experimental training center, school enterprise cooperation, talent skill certification and other issues, so as to comprehensively guide the talent training of metaverse industry in Colleges and universities in our province. Guide qualified colleges and universities in the province to carry out metaverse related course training, explore the order type talent training mode, and widely carry out practical teaching by using enterprise resources. (reporter Duan chaomu, Peng yaoyong, correspondent Li Shunlai)