Meta said that the cellular network has not yet been able to support metaverse

PinWan on March 3, Dan rabinovitsj, vice president of connectivity business of meta platforms, said at the MWC activity recently that home networks and cellular networks are not ready for “metaverse foundation”.

“We are working closely with our colleagues to think about the next step in innovation activities.” Dan rabinovitsj said, adding that at the same time, meta is working closely with cellular network technology partners.

“If you look closely at the speed of innovation in the communications industry, you will find that it is very difficult to go faster in this field than in other industries,” rabinovitsj said “One of the things we are trying to change is the technological path of innovation.”

Rabinovitsj conference stressed: “we need to develop a common language around network performance.” “In fact, we strongly believe that measurement technology in digital form is the basis of the next stage of work.”

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of meta, said in a statement on Sunday local time: “to create a real sense of virtual world experience for smart glasses and VR head displays, we need to make great progress in network connectivity.” Zuckerberg said this needed to be “greater than any change we’ve seen before”, adding that innovative experiences such as large-scale immersive video streaming would bring new types of networks.

In response to meta, American communications giant at & amp; David Christopher, executive vice president of T (, said in an interview that the deployment speed of 5g technology is faster than that in the 4G era, adding: “the large-scale investment of major operators is proceeding in an orderly manner.”

Christopher said that network technology can now provide low latency, stable speed and high carrying capacity. “Over the next decade, this technology will only be improved and improved to support all industries and uses, including immersive experience and metaverse construction,” Christopher said “No matter how metaverse develops, it will depend on innovation and interoperability in many fields, and 5g advanced connection technology is an important element.”