Introduction to Baidu metaverse: metaverse xirang

Xirang is the first metaverse product released by Baidu in China. Last December, baidu create AI developer conference was held in “xirang app”. This is the first conference held in metaverse in China, which can accommodate 100000 people to interact on the same screen at the same time.

There are three directions among the functions opened in the first phase. The first is to provide customization of virtual space. Partners can create their own personal space and brand world according to their own imagination; The second is the real human-computer interaction. Xirang customizes its own 3D image of avatar for each user, which can more intuitively carry out real-time voice and interactive communication with partners and customers; The third is to realize multiple people online at the same time, so that metaverse space can become an expandable platform, so that exhibitions, conferences, merchant negotiations and other activities can be carried out quickly and conveniently.

Together to promote the maturity of Greek soil

However, xirang’s actual experience is far from the expected metaverse. Regardless of the image quality, characters and operation experience, most of the architectural scenes are poorly modeled, and the characters are stuck walking, which is not satisfactory in the overall effect. Majie also mentioned this point in his speech, saying that after more than a year of development and testing, xirang’s version number is still a plural, which can also see its imperfection and there is still a huge room for growth from the envisaged goal; He also explained that metaverse will be a gradual and gradual improvement process, which can not be completed by Baidu alone. Therefore, they will also open xirang to developers and invite the majority of partners, developers and friends to xirang to promote xirang to maturity.

Throughout the development of Baidu in recent years, it can always seize the first opportunity in the fields of mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and automatic driving. Now Baidu metaverse hopes to start again, but the start is not necessarily the winner. It also needs persistence and paranoia. I hope Baidu can create a platform for partners and developers, a platform that can let imagination take root, The grand goal of “metaverse platform”.

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