Zuckerberg’s metaverse is missing

Wen Chen Gen

Recently, Lex Friedman, an artificial intelligence research scientist, asked Zuckerberg in a podcast when a large number of people can get most meaningful experiences in metaverse.

Zuckerberg said: “many people think that metaverse refers to a place, but in fact, the definition of metaverse is about time. At such a time point, the immersive digital world has basically become the main way for us to live and kill time.” “I think this is a reasonable idea.”

Zuckerberg pointed out that many people now live in the digital world, but they have not fully entered virtual reality.

Objectively speaking, although Zuckerberg stays in the United States and is not far away from these real hard core technology giants in the United States, Zuckerberg is not recognized and valued in the eyes of these powerful technology giants. Or to put it bluntly, these American technology giants did not take Zuckerberg seriously at all. It was nothing more than an open global social application platform driven by Internet technology.

The underlying hardware technology of the software social platform is not Facebook, and the system supporting his application is not Facebook. Even Amazon, which is engaged in e-commerce in Silicon Valley, didn’t take Zuckerberg back. Don’t say that Zuckerberg can’t do the underlying technology with real hard power, that is, he can’t even do e-commerce.

Buffett said at the annual Berkshire Hathaway conference in 2021: “we have always known that the ideal enterprise can make a lot of profits with little capital. Apple (AAPL. US), Google (Google. US), Microsoft (MSFT. US) and Facebook are good examples.”

However, when Buffett was asked what he thought of Facebook, he politely said that Facebook was an “extraordinary enterprise”. But in fact, this excellent company is the most difficult to value, and he is not sure how Facebook will perform in the next five or 10 years, so he can’t invest in the company.

In fact, Buffett’s views on the field of American science and technology, including Facebook, are the most typical and true expression of the views of the field of American science and technology on Facebook. Among these hard core technology giants in the United States, Facebook is not worth mentioning at all. As for Zuckerberg’s hype about metaverse, few people in the world regard the term “metaverse” as a thing, except some people in our country and some countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Judging from Zuckerberg’s behavior and remarks, he lacks understanding of hard core technology and the core cutting-edge laboratories of those technology giants next door to him. Of course, maybe it’s not that he doesn’t understand, but that he deliberately pretends not to understand, and then tosses some concepts and nouns. Previously, in order to package his metaverse concept, he set up a VR / AR research department, which made a lot of thunder, but recently it was reported that he was dissolving the hardware department.

Why? It is impossible for Facebook to produce a decent VR / AR product, because it is not the application level of the terminal that determines the VR / AR product, but the underlying industry chain technology of the whole VR / AR is not mature and can not support large-scale commercial popularization applications.

To put it bluntly, Zuckerberg’s level of VR / AR products is not much different from that of Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen. It’s just that the products are more detailed, but the problems faced at the technical level are the same. Hua qiangbei can’t solve it, neither can Zuckerberg.

A few days ago, someone came out and advocated to invest in AI cross voice application research. Google and apple have officially entered the application for more than five years. Even a company called Youdao translation from China is applying, and Zuckerberg came out to cook cold rice. This shows that Zuckerberg is very lack of research and investment in the application of science and technology, and always wants to overestimate his deception and underestimate the IQ of the public.

When talking about the concept of metaverse in this interview, I realized that the metaverse concept I advocated before was directly voted by Wall Street investors with their feet and broke his stock. After that, I finally understood my deception and no one believed this metaverse lie. So now I start to change my mouth and say metaverse is a time point.

So is his expression right? It can be said that it is only half right. But why do you say that? The reason is that I have always said that metaverse is not called out or planned by anyone, but the product of natural superposition after a series of cutting-edge technologies have developed to a certain stage. Therefore, he believed that it represented a point in time, and this understanding finally began to normalize.

But what’s wrong? That is the time point when metaverse can be realized in the future. It is very likely that that era is not called metaverse. It will be a new term in line with the culture, technology and cognition of that era. Just as 12 years ago, we thought that the future era should be called the era of intelligent wear. Then, in the era of big data and today’s metaverse era, all our perceptions of the future actually change with the development of times and technology, change our cognition, expand our imagination and revise our views on the future.

When the person who shouted the loudest word metaverse in the world, his cognition of metaverse was so ridiculous and uncertain. For us, when we are shouting metaverse today, what are we shouting?