Liu Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Jiadu Technology: grasping the development opportunity of digital economy, it is suggested to introduce metaverse top-level design

“The development of digital economy will certainly bring unlimited development space to science and technology enterprises such as Jiadu technology.” Recently, Liu Wei, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Jiadu technology, said in an interview with a reporter from Shanghai Securities News.

As the “leader” of the leading enterprise in the field of intelligent security and intelligent rail transit application, Liu Wei will put forward some “scientific and technological” suggestions at the national two sessions this year, including building a large digital base of transportation infrastructure, accelerating the construction of digital energy-saving system in the field of new infrastructure, building a “metaverse China” digital economy led by the government The intelligent system enables the centralized isolation of medical observation places, and optimizes the disaster recovery and emergency response capacity of the new generation of information infrastructure.

Accurately seize the development opportunities of digital economy

“China’s manufacturing industry will certainly follow the transformation route of intellectualization and digitization.” Liu Wei said that with the continuous development of economy and society, the trend of digital transformation of manufacturing industry is irreversible and the space is huge. Digital technology industry is to use metaverse technology and artificial intelligence technology to enable and deeply transform traditional industries. It is a new iteration of the digitization of the original industry.

According to Liu Wei, Jiadu technology accurately seizes the development opportunity of digital economy. After R & D accumulation and strategic upgrading in AI core technology in recent years, the fundamentals of the company’s industrial chain have been greatly improved.

In terms of rail transit, Huajia MOS smart Metro brain, independently developed and widely used by the company, has achieved the digitization of rail transit operation, assets and services, and realized the comprehensive upgrading of the digitization of rail transit industry.

In terms of urban transportation, IDPs urban transportation brain, the company’s first, is the world’s first intelligent transportation system for commercial application in super large cities. It implements “scalpel” precise management of urban traffic problems and comprehensively improves service level and efficiency.

In terms of intelligent medical treatment, the company undertook the construction of intelligent system of large-scale centralized isolation medical observation places in Guangzhou in the form of general integration, and quickly realized the design, research and development, intelligent deployment and contactless operation of intelligent system by using independent core technologies and products, which greatly improved the service efficiency and greatly reduced the risk of cross infection.

“Our positioning is very clear. At present, the whole application scenario of the company is to focus on smart travel and public safety industry in the field of smart city industry.” Liu Wei said that according to “3 × 3. With the goal of “strategic planning”, the company will focus on “one main track and two main application scenarios” in the future.

Specifically, “one main track” refers to smart transportation, including smart rail transportation and smart city transportation. Liu Wei said that on this track, Jiadu technology has the foundation to become a global leading enterprise. In the future, it will transform the original traffic mode through artificial intelligence and other technologies.

“Two main application scenarios” refer to the digitization of security and emergency. Liu Wei said that in the future, China’s public security and emergency response field will usher in a deeper transformation. The public security and emergency needs in response to natural disasters, dangerous chemicals and epidemic prevention and control will be greatly improved. There is a huge space for scientific and technological empowerment. Jiadu technology will deeply empower this field through metaverse and artificial intelligence technology.

Launch metaverse top-level design as soon as possible

“I think digital twin will be the core technology of metaverse’s landing city and industry and the ‘operating system’ of the next digital era.” Liu Wei said that he is very optimistic about the prospects of digital twinning and simulation technology. Jiadu technology plans to launch an open digital twinning technology platform for more scenes in the future to provide a package of development tools for developers to establish metaverse scenes.

Liu Wei revealed that the company has carried out a lot of practice in digital twinning. “We have established a ‘traffic metaverse’ digital model for urban traffic in Shanghai, and the traffic police department can simulate the changes of traffic flow under different traffic restriction strategies to achieve the optimal governance model. We have also established a ‘subway metaverse’ model for Guangzhou Metro, so that operators can evaluate and optimize emergency plans in extreme environments such as sudden large passenger flow, fire and waterlogging, so as to Improve coping ability. “

Liu Wei believes that the hype of the metaverse concept should be viewed with a positive attitude. “At present, the concept of metaverse is very hot, and there is no lack of hot spots, but this is not surprising.” Liu Wei said that as an emerging thing and technology, metaverse needs policy guidance. Relevant departments actively embrace “metaverse”. On the one hand, it can avoid falling into the strange circle of passive supervision, on the other hand, it can actively guide the direction of scientific and technological innovation and master the “voice” in the future development of Internet technology.

“At present, metaverse has no complete description and fixed standards. If it is not guided correctly, it is easy to make detours.” Liu Wei suggested that we should organize demonstration and overall planning as soon as possible, issue China’s metaverse top-level design scheme, clarify the leading and regulatory departments, and promote the construction by stages and layers.

Liu Wei also suggested that we should explore the establishment of a virtual economy rule system and promote the legislative work in the confirmation of rights, trading and privacy protection of digital assets. “The iterative speed of new technologies such as virtual reality and digital twin is very fast, which will put forward new requirements for supervision. Relevant departments should make research and judgment in advance, carry out effective management and take precautions.”

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