Sina highlights Xinjiang Spring and Autumn Art Museum – cultural relics metaverse · digital collection press conference successfully opened


With the trend of spring and autumn context, create a pioneer in modern cultural relics digital technology

With the continuous development and expansion of today’s Internet, many new online industries have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. Among many network derivative industries, the product concept of “metaverse”, a digital world that can be inhabited by multiple people and developed by Facebook, has been sought after by tens of thousands of people once it was launched, The rise of this digital industry has led many well-known brands and Internet manufacturers to join this emerging industry.


Expect, and finally live up to waiting! On March 1, on the third floor of Urumqi Sunshine Hotel, the “press conference on the launch of cultural relics metaverse · digital collection” of Xinjiang Spring and Autumn Art Museum opened brightly under the attention of thousands of people! Many well-known media were invited to witness the feat of crossing the times!


The conference venue was accompanied by the shocking classical dance spring and autumn; Bring every guest present into the long stream of spring and autumn history and culture thousands of years ago.


After the dance, the person in charge of the activity stepped onto the stage and interpreted the main contents of the activity for the guests.


This spring and autumn Museum of art, Xinjiang, authorized the 35 collections of cultural relics collected by Polytron Technologies Inc in Xinjiang, and 20 red cultural relics (Metaverse): 55 collections were on the official account. The theme of the press conference is “spring and Autumn Art · new chapter of scientific innovation” – press conference on the launch of cultural relics metaverse · digital collection. This press conference is an era product with the largest number of one-time launches in Northwest China, the latest scientific and technological content, the most complete audio-visual effect and clear intellectual property rights.

The spring and autumn Museum has experienced nine years of precipitation and polishing, accompanied by changes in national policies, Xinjiang policies, identification and acceptance of cultural relics and other issues. This is undoubtedly a long process. Fortunately, all shareholders have accurate beliefs, consistent actions and advanced sense of helmsman, so they stick to it. With the guidance of the staff, the participants were full of excitement and good expectations for the future of the cultural relics metaverse. They put their hands on the launching platform of the press conference. With the end of the launching ceremony, the press conference also came to a perfect end; However, this project is just like a spark that ignites the hope of every guest present!


In this press conference, Mr. Wang Haifeng, President of “Xinjiang Spring and Autumn Cultural and Creative Technology Co., Ltd.” explained to the on-site guests the layout of the spring and autumn Museum for entering metaverse since its establishment, and the achievements made after experiencing a lot of human and material resources consumption.


After the meeting, Mr. Wang Haifeng also talked about the relationship between the launch of cultural relics metaverse and the policy issues of common prosperity put forward in the 14th five year plan conference of the Central Committee and the State Council.

   “First of all, the policy of ‘common prosperity’ is not to let people get something for nothing, but to create an entrepreneurship and innovation platform. We rely on Intelligent labor to create wealth for ourselves; second, the launch of ‘cultural relics metaverse’ products. First, it is the product of the policy platform, the need of national strategic development, the need of the broad masses of the people for the mysterious spirit of cultural relics, and the need to spread China’s cultural relics The needs of historical culture, red culture and artistic culture; Second: it is the product of advancing with the times and scientific development, the product of the progress and change of human cognitive thought, and the product of Chinese civilization moving towards the world. The boundless attribute of the Internet determines its infinite vitality and perception; Third: the market stimulation of the policy platform is bound to drive the innovation vitality of all people and stimulate a new revolution of the Internet. Therefore, the main body of our company’s products is’ my digital museum ‘, so that everyone has the opportunity to understand Chinese civilization and start a business intelligently. “

After the meeting, Mr. Wang Haifeng asked each participant a question worth pondering: “At the end of today’s interview, I would like to use the words of Bill Gates when he put forward the concept of the Internet in 1995: ‘people always overestimate the changes in the next year or two and far underestimate the changes in the next 10 years.’ 27 years later, what is the Internet today? You should think about it.”

Mr. Wang Haifeng also said: “our company sincerely invites people with lofty ideals and enterprises with dreams to cooperate in the coming years, so that we can jointly create the tomorrow of digital economy in Xinjiang.”

Prospering Xinjiang, cultivating the sun and the moon, Ruize Mu Tianshan – “press conference on the launch of cultural relics metaverse · digital collection of Xinjiang Spring and Autumn Art Museum” not only promotes the development and progress of current digital industry economy, but also better disseminates historical culture, red culture and art culture to the world for the development of Chinese history and culture; So that people can visit and understand the cultural treasures in the long history without leaving home.

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