How to catch the metaverse “concept express”

 &# x3000; How to catch the metaverse “concept express”

 &# x3000; Whoever can catch metaverse’s “concept express” seems to be able to set off a heat wave in the capital market. However, like all newly born new technologies, the emergence of metaverse is also a “double-edged sword”.

 &# x3000; (Shen Sihan and Shi Dan)

 &# x3000; In February 21, 2022, the Metaverse Convention on industrial self regulation (adopted by the first plenary session) issued that Metaverse business should be based on the service of the real economy, and resolutely resist the use of Metaverse hot spot concept for capital speculation, so as to avoid the formation of market bubbles.

 &# x3000; From the listing of roblox (rblx. N) on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021, to the transformation of Facebook to build a “metaverse company”, and then to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft in January 2022 to build a “metaverse platform”, metaverse has become the most popular concept favored by capital at present.

 &# x3000; Whoever can catch metaverse’s “concept express” seems to be able to set off a heat wave in the capital market. However, like all newly born new technologies, the emergence of metaverse is also a “double-edged sword”. On the one hand, metaverse can break the shackles of physical rules in the real world and reconstruct people’s way of life; On the other hand, metaverse’s “virtual temptation” will also make people indulge in it, consume energy, and even bring disasters to real life.

 &# x3000; How to objectively view the development of metaverse, where metaverse technology will go, and what kind of convenience this new technological revolution triggered by metaverse will bring to people are the focus topics concerned by the outside world. On January 16, 2022, in the first lecture of “dialogue with science and innovation figures” at the school of management of Fudan University in 2022, “Zhuang Zhou and Mengdie – entering the parallel world of metaverse”, many scholars and technology entrepreneurs interpreted metaverse from multiple perspectives in view of the above problems.

 &# x3000; How to define and understand metaverse?

 &# x3000; The concept of metaverse originated from the sci-fi novel avalanche written by American writer Neil Stephenson in 1992. According to the description in the novel, metaverse refers to a world parallel to real life. With the blessing of various digital technologies, human beings in reality have a network separation in metaverse and can define the image of separation by themselves. However, at present, metaverse is still a science fiction concept without an official and clear definition.

 &# x3000; According to Xu Zhengchuan, associate professor of information management and business intelligence at Fudan University School of management, metaverse is essentially a virtual space expanded from reality. “Its key point is that it has both eternal digital identity and the mapping of the real world, which makes our interaction more diversified and our experience more profound. Therefore, interaction, immersion and collaboration are the three important features of metaverse.”

 &# x3000; Xu Zhengchuan believes that to understand metaverse, we must first understand the constituent elements of the universe. The natural persons living on the earth in the universe constitute a society, with stars and sea overhead. In contrast, Metaverse also has constituent elements: the creation of metaverse world includes seven elements: “metaverse’s land refers to cloud space and computing power; door refers to the way to enter, such as VR and AR; root refers to the virtual human entering metaverse; sky refers to the creation and creativity of virtual human in cloud space, which constitutes digital products, voice terminals and creative works; sea refers to IOT (Internet of things) +Data driven + AI: after the connection between virtual people is formed, the data is generated, and the data is retained to form a huge data sea, which can drive AI; Treasure, the financial system; Path, that is, digital twin, connects physical space and virtual space. “

 &# x3000; Xu Zhengchuan pointed out that only seven elements are complete can we build a complete metaverse world. In fact, many elements, such as computing power, VR and AI, are precisely the achievements of the current progress of digital technology. In other words, the emergence and development of metaverse is essentially the inevitable result of technological progress.

 &# x3000; Yan Feng, Professor of Chinese Department of Fudan University, views the emergence of metaverse from the perspective of art and humanities. He believes that metaverse is a combination of virtual reality and an ancient dream of mankind, and digital technology is the medium carrying this dream, which promotes the development of metaverse.

 &# x3000; “We can regard the traditional real world as a real universe, and literature, painting, drama, film, etc. depict a virtual universe. In the past, the two universes were separated from each other. With the development of science and technology, the boundaries of the two universes began to be broken and continuously integrated, and human virtual activities have more and more substantive power. The result of this integration is metaverse. ”Yan Feng explained.

 &# x3000; He pointed out that just as Rome was not built in a day, the integration of metaverse will take a long time. “Metaverse needs the support of various technologies and the drive of human nature. To judge whether metaverse has a future or not, it depends on whether it originates from human nature, whether technology supports human nature and what forms of support it can provide.”

 &# x3000; What convenience can metaverse bring?

 &# x3000; In 2018, the famous director Steven Spielberg’s film “player one” described the primary form of metaverse. As long as the protagonist wears a VR helmet, he can enter the virtual space called “oasis”.

 &# x3000; This virtual space has a complete operating economic system, spanning the physical and digital world. Data, digital goods and content can pass through metaverse. We can not only enjoy the existing facilities in this world, but also participate in creation, so as to enrich and prosper the whole universe.

 &# x3000; Although metaverse in the movie “looks beautiful”, it still has a long way to go before it can be truly realized. To some extent, metaverse is not a simple technology integration, but a system integrated by all digital technologies. However, according to the current degree of digital application, metaverse is still in the “embryonic stage”. So, how to build a mature metaverse? How will the application scenario of metaverse develop? What kind of convenience can metaverse bring to people?

 &# x3000; In terms of technology, metaverse is the inevitable result of the gradual development and aggregation of digital technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, digital twin and virtual engine. The combination of technologies has the characteristics of biological evolution, and will pursue the improvement and expansion of the next step.

 &# x3000; From the social level, metaverse will further reduce the creation cost and threshold of ordinary users, improve the degree of freedom of creation, stimulate the public’s creative enthusiasm, further release the productivity and creativity, build the next network society and realize the people-oriented Datong society.

 &# x3000; These are the convenience and improvement that metaverse may bring to people’s daily life in the development process. However, everything has two sides, and so does metaverse.

 &# x3000; For the future development of metaverse, Yan Feng said that like AI, life science, transgenic and many other technologies, metaverse is a “double-edged sword”, with uncertainty, which may bring a new world to mankind or destroy the world. The key is how to participate and intervene. “We don’t know what it will be like in the future, but what we build it into is what it will be. This is a very important part of the metaverse topic.”

 &# x3000; Metaverse covers social networking, art, cloud computing, blockchain and other fields. At present, the closest thing to the landing of metaverse concept is the game field.

 &# x3000; Take roblox, the “first stock of metaverse”, for example. As a UGC (user original content) community platform, roblox provides games to players, and allows players to make and upload games by themselves, which is divided with the platform. This gives roblox enough freedom, but because it has not yet reached the real hardware level, its game experience is very limited in immersion, and there is still a long way to go from the real metaverse game experience.

 &# x3000; As a gamer for many years, Yan Feng is optimistic about the future of metaverse. He pointed out that gameplay is one of the important features of metaverse, and can eventually enable users to carry out passive activities in a more free and active way. “Metaverse originates from human nature and is supported by modern technology, which is in line with the path of civilization evolution and dimension upgrading. With the continuous deepening of the complementarity and integration of reality and virtual, metaverse will bring a new future world integrating life, art, technology and games.”

 &# x3000; Chen Li, founder and CEO of Zhongmo information technology, pointed out that the application scenarios of metaverse will be more and more abundant in the future. Now it has expanded from some initial consumer applications, such as games, to urban and industrial fields, such as smart city.

 &# x3000; “At present, smart cities can synchronize the real-world data to the digital world, display these data, set up an alarm mechanism, and carry out reverse control through digital drive. First simulate and then produce, which greatly improves the production efficiency and realizes low-carbon and energy saving. Finally, they can integrate with AI and realize the whole process of intelligent decision-making.” Chen Li said.

 &# x3000; How do ordinary people face metaverse?

 &# x3000; It can be predicted that in the future, under the general trend of metaverse, changes may penetrate into various industries, and people’s daily activities will change with the emergence of metaverse. The ultimate goal of metaverse is to create a world that is the same as the real world. Metaverse should provide conceptual experience that is the same as or even beyond the real world.

 &# x3000; Metaverse is a “double-edged sword”. On the one hand, the development of metaverse will break the physical rules of the real world we are used to, redefine most of our production and life styles in the virtual space, and improve the production efficiency of the whole society in a new way of production and cooperation.

 &# x3000; On the other hand, the development of metaverse will make more people immersed in the virtual world. At present, people’s average online time has shown an increasing trend year by year, and teenagers’ performance is more obvious. When metaverse brings a new visual impact, it is expected to further prolong people’s online time and indulge them.

 &# x3000; As an ordinary person, how should we face the arrival of metaverse? How to grasp and make good use of metaverse? Will metaverse impact the daily work of ordinary people and even replace human beings?

 &# x3000; According to Xie Hao, founder and CEO of Yuanyi imagination, with the breakthrough of AI technology, artificial intelligence has gradually replaced many basic work of human beings, and metaverse may gradually replace creative work in the future, but human beings do not need to worry too much about this replacement.

 &# x3000; “Many experiments in the future can be done directly in metaverse, which has unlimited creative planning and experimental space. For individuals, the requirements of work skills are changing from general ability to creative ability, planning ability and operation ability. We need to further polish our creative expression skills, actively think and express ourselves in a higher dimension. In the future, every Individuals will have jobs, so there is no need to worry too much about the workplace crisis caused by job replacement, because when traditional jobs are replaced, new occupations and jobs are also emerging, which has great opportunities. ” Xie Hao said.

 &# x3000; Yan Feng believes that there is no need to worry too much about the problems caused by the emergence of metaverse, because virtual reality is essentially a response to the scarcity of real resources and the limitation of space. “What metaverse brings to you is more the realization of freedom and the release of creativity, the transformation of virtual things into reality, and the further deconstruction of reality, so as to open up unlimited possibilities.”

 &# x3000; When will metaverse really come?

 &# x3000; In the view of many Internet companies, metaverse is not just a simple concept, but is expected to become the “tuyere” of the next generation Internet. Whoever can catch up with this trend is likely to stand in front of the times. Therefore, both game start-ups and Internet manufacturers are planning to layout.

 &# x3000; At present, it is too early to talk about which company can win in the field of metaverse, but in the face of such a potential market, no giant will take it lightly. The question is when the concept of metaverse will be hot and optimistic, but when will it really come?

 &# x3000; In this regard, Yan Feng believes that an important indicator to judge the real arrival of metaverse is the richness of application. “If we look back at the arrival of the era of smart phones, a very important sign is the app store , this has made a qualitative change in smartphones. In the same way, only by constantly enriching applications, allowing everyone to change their original work and lifestyle through these applications, and even more people to develop new applications, is the landmark event of metaverse’s arrival. “

 &# x3000; As Yan Feng said, there are still many problems in the technical maturity of metaverse. In addition to the richness of applications, there are also the maturity of VR technology. As the technical basis for entering metaverse, the progress of VR optical technology, sensors, real-time interaction and other technologies determines whether players can have a perfect immersive experience when entering the metaverse world.

 &# x3000; The consumer market is no stranger to VR technology. Since Facebook acquired oculus, many Internet companies have emerged on the VR track, such as HTC, LETV, storm, Xiaomi and so on.

 &# x3000; 2016, the so-called “first year of VR”, is also the time point of the outbreak of the domestic VR industry. According to the data in the Internet plus film industry research report, from 2015 to 2016, the number of VR enterprises increased by eight times to 1600.

 &# x3000; However, the popularity of VR is like a flash in the pan. It has not been popularized in the market in the past six years. Although VR technology is favored by major Internet companies, the problem of poor experience caused by vertigo in C-end application has not been effectively solved.

 &# x3000; “The portability of VR equipment is a very long process, which cannot be solved in a short time. I am more optimistic about the development prospect of VR’s industrial metaverse facing the b-end market to help solve a series of pain points in the industrial field. Although the concept of metaverse has sprung up, ordinary people are about 10 ‘hacker empires’ away from the real metaverse. It is preliminarily estimated that met The age of averse may not come until 2050. Therefore, the main users of metaverse in the future may not be us, but our next generation. ” Xu Zhengchuan concluded.

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