Tianxia Xiuhong universe and Longhu XinPan “Jingneng Longhu Xishang” have reached cooperation, and metaverse digital community enables innovative marketing of real economy

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On February 26, tianxiaxiu’s metaverse social product “hongcosmos” reached cooperation with the newly developed “Jingneng Longhu Xishang” real estate project of Longhu group, a leading domestic real estate enterprise. Hongcosmos will empower “Jingneng Longhu Xishang” real estate marketing through “metaverse Sales Office” and “metaverse model room” Relevant cooperation will be carried out in the fields of “virtual decoration scene” and “virtual community”. At the same time, Jingneng longhuxi launched at the opening, and the “Xishang Sales Office” virtual space landed on the rainbow universe app to open the experience synchronously.

On the first day of opening, an endless stream of consumers consulted and looked at the house, and the exhibition area of honguniverse virtual sales office on site attracted the attention of many people. Longhu real estate’s mascot “longxiaohu” appeared as a surprise in the virtual space of “Xishang Sales Office” of hongcosmos. It not only prepared many surprise gifts and led the on-site consumers to immerse themselves in learning about Jingneng Longhu Xishang, but also made consumers feel the unique charm of the combination of metaverse and real estate.

Create a metaverse virtual house viewing function scene and restore the whole picture of the house beyond time and space

Longhu group is the pioneer of TOD development mode. While adhering to the origin of service, Longhu group makes every effort to fight for the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, and extends its service tentacles to a broader urban space. The powerful combination of Jingneng Longhu Xishang and hongcosmos will further expand the urban space and service scene of Longhu group through metaverse related technologies, and continuously upgrade the ability of space construction and service.

It is understood that the cooperation between hongcosmos and “Jingneng Longhu Xishang” will rely on cutting-edge technologies such as big data, blockchain technology and “metaverse” virtual space to create an immersive experience environment and marketing scene for “Jingneng Longhu Xishang”, such as launching “virtual model room” and creating “virtual house decoration scene” and other functional scenes, Combine 3D visualization technology with reality to give consumers a simple and convenient experience of house viewing, house purchase and decoration.

Relevant people said: users can “personally” enter the “online virtual model room” engraved 1:1 on the offline model room, experience the original appearance and internal structure details of the house anytime and anywhere, go beyond the limitations of time and space, and carry out zero cost and customized simulated decoration on the “online virtual model room”, which can be used as the template of offline decoration, Highly restore a real and perceptible panorama of the house.

Metaverse combines the real economy to enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

How to closely integrate metaverse with the real economy is attracting the attention of the state. Last year, the 14th five year plan for the development of digital economy issued by the State Council clearly stated that we should take the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy as the main line to enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. As the first metaverse technology product in China, honguniverse has actively responded to the national strategy and actively embraced the real economy since it was put into operation. At the beginning of this year, hongcosmos cooperated with Lafite, the world’s top wine brand, to help Lafite get through the marketing scene beyond reality, through hongcosmos to get through virtual and reality, expand the brand tension of Lafite physical wine and enable the sales of Lafite wine.

The cooperation between metaverse and real estate will create a new digital space for the real estate industry. Experts said that in the future, in addition to virtual house viewing and virtual decoration, metaverse is also expected to realize the construction of virtual community. Owners can not only live in the physical community, but also enter the twin digital community for activities, provide owners with intelligent services that break the restrictions of time and space, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional real estate projects.

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