At the end of the year, the three hot spots of carbon neutralization, lithium battery and metaverse gave birth to a number of demon stocks. Who is “pretending to be a tiger”?

Every year, there are more or less hot spots in A shares. Some hot spots have formed a more perfect industrial chain, and its continuity is enough to become a theme investment for the whole year. However, some hot spots are new concepts, which often turn into bubble speculation and breed a “hot spot” event. Usually, behind this category of hot spots, there is no shortage of capital to help fuel the tide. Leave a ground of chicken feathers.

In 2021, carbon neutralization, lithium battery and metaverse became the three hottest investment themes in the A-share market. What are the listed companies behind these three hot spots? Who is “pretending to be a tiger”?

Carbon neutralization

The “30.60” goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization and the related industrial sectors under its background are undoubtedly one of the areas with the highest attention in the capital market in 2021. The upstream power supply / generation side, the midstream transmission and energy storage side and the downstream power / energy consumption side have been exploited and hyped by the market. The market relay runs through the whole 2021, and the number of demon stocks spawned by the concept of carbon neutralization is endless.

Chevron: one of the earliest demon stocks of carbon neutralization concept in 2021

The gradual growth of China’s carbon trading market is inseparable from carbon trading. As a market leading environmental monitoring enterprise in the field of CEMS emission monitoring of fixed pollution sources, xuedilong (002658. SZ) was discovered by the market. From February 5 to March 31, xuedilong increased by 194.51% in total within 34 trading days, and the range turnover rate reached 303.36%, becoming one of the earliest doubling stocks under the concept of carbon neutralization in 2021.

In the field of carbon emission, Chevron has established a set of “carbon emission dynamic measurement system” to provide carbon emission data and provide data support for carbon emission supervision, evaluation, trading and carbon asset management.

Sequential control development: the double concept “demon king” of green power + secondary new shares

Due to catching up with the east wind of “carbon neutralization” and “secondary new shares”, Shun Kong Development (003039. SZ) has pulled 21 trading limits since its listing on March 8, with an increase of 867.68%.

Statistics show that the main business of Shun Kong development is the production and sale of tap water, water supply and drainage pipe network engineering and waste incineration power generation, and the business is concentrated in Shunde, Foshan. The reason why sequential control development is “hyped” is its waste incineration power generation project. However, in the first half of this year, among the main businesses of sequential control development, the revenue of tap water supply projects accounted for the largest, 62.49%; The income of waste incineration power generation project accounts for only 33.63%.

It is worth noting that the waste incineration power generation project developed by sequence control has been in operation since 2018. At present, domestic waste incineration is only implemented in Shunde District.

Guangyu development: real estate enterprises switch to new energy

After the hot theme investment of carbon neutralization, some listed companies chose to buy out all their main businesses in exchange for new energy business assets, represented by Guangyu development (000537. SZ).

Statistics show that Guangyu development was originally a state-owned real estate enterprise. Its business segment mainly focused on residential real estate development and covered some supporting businesses such as commerce and hotels. In the first half of this year, Guangyu development realized an operating revenue of 9.9 billion yuan and a net profit attributable to its parent of 950 million yuan, of which the real estate business brought in an income of 9.562 billion yuan.

After hours on September 5, Guangyu development suddenly announced that it planned to replace the 100% equity of Luneng new energy (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luneng new energy) jointly held by the equity of the real estate and property company, the controlling shareholder and the related parties of the controlling shareholder. The reporter learned that Luneng new energy development and construction of new energy projects such as offshore wind power, onshore wind power, photovoltaic power generation and photothermal power generation. As soon as the news came out, after Guangyu development resumed trading, it won 13 consecutive boards in 13 trading days.

The replacement of relevant assets has not been completed. Previously, on December 21, China lvfa Investment Group Co., Ltd., the indirect controlling shareholder of Guangyu development, agreed in principle to the overall plan of the major asset restructuring.

Wenshan Electric Power: “snake swallowing elephant” enters pumped energy storage

Among the enterprises reorganizing and acquiring new energy, another representative listed company is Wenshan power (600995. SH).

On the evening of October 15, Wenshan Electric Power issued 19 announcements, the core content of which was the major asset restructuring. According to the reorganization plan, the company plans to implement the three-step strategy of asset replacement, issuing shares to buy assets and supporting fund-raising, and acquire 100% equity of China Southern power grid peak shaving and frequency modulation power generation Co., Ltd. from the indirect controlling shareholder China Southern Power Grid Corporation, so as to realize industrial transformation.

According to the announcement of Wenshan power at that time, if the reorganization is successfully completed, the main business of Wenshan power will be changed to the development, investment, construction and operation of pumped storage, peak shaving hydropower and grid side independent energy storage business. The reporter noted that the acquisition amount was as high as 30 billion yuan, while the market value of Wenshan power at that time was only about 3.8 billion yuan, which can be described as a full “snake swallowing elephant”.

Under the dual carbon background, the energy storage business has become a sunrise track. The Research Report of Haitong Securities shows that after the reorganization, Wenshan power will become a scarce pure energy storage target. With the blessing of this popular concept, Wenshan power once staged a strong performance of 10 boards for 10 days.

Lithium battery

Lithium, known as the “white oil” of the new era, is widely used in batteries in mobile phones, laptops, electric vehicles and other fields.

In recent years, with the rapid development of new energy industry, the strategic economic value of lithium resources has been further improved. Everbright Securities predicts that by 2025, the global supply of lithium carbonate will be 1.08 million tons, the demand will be 1.24 million tons, and the gap will exceed 160000 tons.

In 2021, the demand for power batteries continued to exceed expectations, and the “price rise tide” of the industry was also transmitted from lithium carbonate all the way upstream to lithium hydroxide and lithium concentrate. Similarly, the hype of the A-share market for the lithium battery industry has also experienced the evolution from the downstream of the industrial chain to the upstream resource end. For example, the once “abandoned” lithium extraction technology in Salt Lake was once again concerned by the market because of the shortage of lithium resources. Under the technical improvement in recent years, it once surpassed spodumene and lepidolite to extract lithium and was “favored” by the A-share market.

Salt Lake shares: full blood return of salt lake lithium extraction faucet

On August 10, after 14 months of suspension, Salt Lake shares (000792. SZ) resumed listing and soared 343% in the bidding stage. On the same day, the lithium extraction index of tonghuashun salt lake was once raised by more than 17%, which was no different for a time.

The unique advantage of Salt Lake shares is that the company’s mining rights cover the core section of Chaerhan Salt Lake in Qinghai. With a total area of 5856 square kilometers, Chaerhan Salt Lake is the largest soluble potassium magnesium salt deposit in China and one of the largest salt lakes in the world. The reserves of potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, lithium chloride and sodium chloride rank first in China. At present, Lanke lithium, a lithium extraction platform controlled by 51.42% of Salt Lake shares, has an annual output of 20000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate production line, which was officially commissioned in April this year, supporting a total annual capacity of 30000 tons of lithium carbonate.

Hubei Yihua: 10 times Bull Stock, “left phosphorus and right lithium”

In 2021, the A-share market generated three 10x shares, two of which came from the lithium battery industry chain, one of which was Hubei Yihua (000422. SZ). According to tonghuashun Ifind data, from the beginning of 2021 to December 28, Hubei Yihua’s maximum increase from the lowest price reached 1172.73%.

According to the data, Hubei Yihua is the leader in the domestic chlor alkali, urea and diammonium phosphate industries, supporting upstream calcium carbide and phosphate rock resources. According to the research records, in the first three quarters of 2021, Hubei Yihua’s business situation was good, the production unit load level was high and stable, the market price of leading products increased, and the production and sales were booming, resulting in a profit of 1.4 billion ~ 1.5 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2021, turning losses into profits year-on-year.

On the one hand, the traditional phosphorus chemical business ushered in a cycle reversal. On the other hand, Hubei Yihua expanded its new energy business. At noon on October 12, Hubei Yihua announced that the company signed an agreement with the holding subsidiary of Ningde times (300750. SZ) to establish a joint venture to build and operate an integrated battery material project, including iron phosphate, nickel sulfate and its front-end phosphate rock, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and other chemical raw materials of lithium iron phosphate.

Lianchuang shares: bind Ningde era and focus on PVDF for lithium battery

Taking the “Dongfeng” of new energy vehicles, the output of iron lithium battery continued to exceed expectations, which also exacerbated the demand shortage of PVDF. PVDF is a fluorine-containing binder, which accounts for about 2% ~ 3% of the battery cost.

As R142b, the mainstream raw material for synthesizing PVDF, will destroy the ozone layer, according to the provisions of the Montreal agreement, the future production quota will only be reduced without increase, which limits the output of PVDF to a certain extent. The price of R142b increased by 900% compared with the beginning of the year, thus driving the price of PVDF up. In 2021, another 10 times Lianchuang shares (300343. SZ) is the PVDF manufacturer.

Similar to Hubei Yihua, Lianchuang shares also cooperates with Ningde times. On December 12, Lianchuang announced that the company signed a cooperation framework agreement with Ningde times, which agreed that Ningde times would give priority to purchasing lithium battery grade PVDF and R142b products of Lianchuang shares on the premise of meeting the use standards of Ningde times within the validity of the agreement. According to the agreement, the purchase amount of R142b by Ningde times alone is expected to reach 1.3 billion yuan in 2022, which exceeds the revenue of Lianchuang shares in the first three quarters.


In October this year, Facebook changed its name to “meta”, and its founder Zuckerberg said he would make every effort to build a “metaverse” platform. For a time, “metaverse” became a hot word in the global financial market. Although most people know a little about metaverse, a large number of “fancy rub hot spots” cases have emerged in the market, which can be roughly divided into four categories.

On December 23, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission issued a document “how metaverse rewrites human social life”. For the concept of metaverse, the farcical speculation in the capital market finally gradually stalled.

Zhongqingbao, tianxiaxiu: Launch metaverse game quickly

The concept of metaverse is too profound, and its most direct landing form may be the game field. At present, listed companies have launched games related to metaverse, so it is considered to be a metaverse concept stock.

For example, in September this year, zhongqingbao (300052. SZ) revealed that it would launch the metaverse game “winemaker” of virtual and real dream linkage simulation operation. Similar to zhongqingbao, tianxiaxiu (600556. SH) also cuts into metaverse with games. On November 18, Li Meng, chairman of tianxiaxiu, issued an open letter for the 11th anniversary, announcing the virtual social metaverse game product “honnverse rainbow universe”.

Goethe shares: close to the thigh of “foreign enterprises” and win the metaverse order

With Zuckerberg becoming the spokesman of metaverse, domestic listed companies supplying VR equipment to foreign giants such as meta have also become a hot spot.

Goer (002241. SZ) has won OEM orders from mainstream VR terminal manufacturers such as meta and Sony. Previously, the company said that it accounted for nearly 80% of the market in the field of OEM of high-end VR / AR equipment. Changxin Technology (300088. SZ) also disclosed on the interactive platform that the company provides the latest VR quest2 display module for meta and VR head display module for domestic VR giants.

Xuanya International: Aiming at “enterprise class” metaverse application

On December 10, xuanya International (300612. SZ) said on the interactive platform that the company actively responded to the metaverse joint creation center plan of Xinhua news agency, explored in depth the 5g financial media platform and the deep integration of products and enterprise digital platform, and strive to build the “live cloud enterprise version” into a super entrance to the “enterprise metaverse” scene.

Hengxin Oriental, Hubei Radio and television: develop VR ecology around metaverse

Hengxin Oriental (300081. SZ) is one of the few companies with practical technical support in metaverse. Through years of VR and CG industry practice and investment in overseas excellent entrepreneurial teams, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in digital assets and product R & D management. The company said that at present, the development of metaverse industry worldwide is still in the exploration stage. The company will actively build a VR industry ecosystem with “technology + content + scene” as the core, and explore and practice at the levels of entertainment content, cultural and tourism experience and educational solutions.

Established in 2016, Weirui technology under Hubei Radio and television (000665. SZ) is engaged in R & D, integrated application of VR / AR technology and services. It took the lead in launching the TV 3D Museum (naked eye), and moved the real spatial data of the museum into the TV screen. Users roamed freely in the virtual 3D Museum scene through the remote control. On December 20, the company said on the investor interaction platform that the company’s Weirui technology is engaged in R & D, integrated application of VR / AR technology and services, relying on the advantages of radio and television users, networks and platforms, creating radio and television VR / AR ecosystem and industrial chain, and providing VR / AR application services and high-tech information services. The company’s cooperation with Huawei and Tencent is detailed in relevant announcements.

A shares have different market themes every year. Investors need to distinguish between true and false “concept stocks”, rather than “soaring” with a label. Finally, the Board Secretary of Henglin shares (603661. SH) was quoted to reply to investors on “rubbing blockchain hotspots” in 2019: “rubbing hotspots has risks, everyone is happy if it is good, there is a risk of loss if it is bad, and there is a risk of being supervised if it is accurate!”