Zhian network was invited to attend the “Bay Area metaverse conference”, start over and restart the world!

In 2021, known as the “first year of metaverse”, the first stock of metaverse, roblox, was listed, and Facebook founder Zuckerberg renamed the brand “meta”; Tencent launched the concept of “full truth Internet” and invested 9 billion in the layout of metaverse industry… Whether from the national or social level, metaverse is also of great significance to the digitization of cultural industry.

▲ Bay Area metaverse Conference

In order to implement the instructions of “promoting the deep integration of digital technology and real economy”, grasp the wind of the times and occupy the high ground of science and technology, “Bay Area metaverse conference and 2021-2022 blockchain Industry Summit ceremony” will be officially opened in Greater China Sheraton, Shenzhen on December 27 under the policy guidance of relevant ministries and commissions and sponsored by Shenzhen information service blockchain Association.

▲ Zhian network won the “founding member certificate” of the Bay Area metaverse Development Committee

Under the guidance of leaders of relevant departments, the conference invited top academicians and experts in the information technology field related to blockchain to gather hundreds of metaverse software and hardware development listed enterprises, head technology companies and unicorn entrepreneurship projects, including Zhian network, to jointly explore the future development of digital economy, digital industry, virtual future, blockchain and metaverse, Ms. Li Derong, director of Zhian network marketing, and Mr. Yang Yang, chief technical officer, brought their colleagues to the meeting and received the “founding member certificate” of the Bay Area metaverse Development Committee.

▲ general manager Yang Yang was interviewed by Guangdong TV station

In the interview, President Yang Yang said that metaverse can extend a wealth of emerging Internet products under the empowerment of the diversified attributes of the blockchain, making the Internet break through a new outlet. As the executive vice president unit of Shenzhen information service industry blockchain Association, relying on the support of cloud computing, cloud security, distributed storage and other technologies, Zhian network has high-quality IDC infrastructure services, which will bring complete ecological construction cases to customers of hundreds of lines and thousands of industries, and go to the metaverse world with the association, Contribute to the wisdom and security of Shenzhen’s digital twin city.

▲ group photos of participants

This conference carried out brainstorming from the most cutting-edge point of view, completely broke the thinking limitations of practitioners, took a glimpse of the future of metaverse, and inspired the technological evolution and evolution of emerging and traditional industries; At the same time, there are eight associations in various fields of science and technology to participate in the digital human future, explore the cultural evolution of the digital world with the combination of virtual and real, understand the development context of the life philosophy of the virtual world, and pave the way and bridge for the great migration of the digital world in the future.

In the future, Zhian network will continue to pay attention to the metaverse field, deeply disassemble the blockchain technology, and combine the traditional product prototype design from multiple angles to make it comply with Web3 0 feature product transformation to help our customers provide new products more in line with the actual market demand, and provide a complete set of landing solutions; In the field of cultural and creative industries, Zhian will also work with our customers of 100 lines and thousands of industries to help more enterprises implement new metaverse cultural and creative Internet products in combination with the concept of metaverse and its own characteristic business, so that more customers can find a way in line with their own development characteristics in new fields, keep pace with their peers in the industry and contribute to Web3 in the future Zhian power in the 0 era!