Metaverse accelerated the layout, and video games rose together

On December 30, the three major market indexes fluctuated all the way up, and finally closed up collectively. Among them, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.62%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.97% and the gem index rose 1.25%. The industry sector rose more and fell less. The metaverse concept set off a rising tide, driving the game sector to rise sharply. The military industry, chips, securities and other sectors are also sought after by market funds, and the coal sector is adjusted against the trend. Individual stocks also rose more and fell less. On December 30, nearly 3000 stocks rose, with fewer than 1500 falling.

On December 30, the total turnover of the two cities was 1.02 trillion yuan, slightly higher than yesterday. On December 30, the net inflow of northbound funds was 8.141 billion yuan, including 3.580 billion yuan from Shanghai Stock connect and 4.561 billion yuan from Shenzhen Stock connect. As of December 30, the accumulated net inflow in December was 84.418 billion yuan, accounting for 1 / 5 of the total of the whole year. The buying intensity was very strong. In the same period, the CSI 300 index rose by only 1.85% in December, and the CSI 500 index rose by only 0.80%. The continuous buying from the North has not been fully reflected in the market performance.

Publisher: ccpublished on metaverse Sina Chinese on December 31, 2021