End! “Rise with lithium”, metaverse does not reduce its fever. Who is the “strongest” concept stock of a shares this year

Original title: end! “Rise with lithium”, metaverse does not reduce its fever. Who is the “strongest” concept stock of a shares this year

A6021 data chart.

On December 31, 2021, a shares ended. The Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen Composite Index and gem index rose by 4.8%, 2.67% and 12% respectively for the whole year, all rising for three consecutive years. Among them, after 28 years, the Shanghai Stock Index reaped the annual line of three consecutive Yang again.

This year, Ningde era achieved an increase of 67%, with a total market value of 1.37 trillion yuan. In only one year, it quickly rose from the tenth place of a shares to the third place. Standing at the tuyere, many companies ranked among the “demon stocks”, and jiangte motor, the largest “Bull Stock” in the lithium sector, rose from 3.73 yuan at the end of 2020 to 20.76 yuan at the end of 2021, an increase of 456.57%.

In addition, Lianchuang, a star stock in the lithium battery sector, rose 488.93% this year, becoming the largest stock on the gem this year. With the support of the concept of carbon neutralization, Trina Solar rose by more than 244% throughout the year, which is the highest rising stock of the science and innovation board this year, and ranks third in the total market value of the science and innovation board.

In 2021, which concept sectors will attract the most attention, and in 2022, who will continue to be popular?

Hottest track: new energy

Ningde times market value ranks among the top three upstream industries of a shares

In 2021, the new energy industry chain will undoubtedly be the absolute star in the A-share market. Especially in the first three quarters, the market changed from “Mao index” to “Ning portfolio”, and the largest heavy position stock of public funds also changed from Guizhou Maotai last year to Ningde era.

From the upstream lithium mining, electrolyte and other industries to the downstream new energy vehicles, all have taken the east wind of new energy. Although in the fourth quarter, especially since December, new energy related sectors have ushered in more drastic adjustments, the annual increase is still prominent.

Ningde era, known as the “king of Ningde”, still achieved a 67% increase this year when the stock price has been high. The stock price rose from 350 yuan at the end of 2020 to 588 yuan at the end of 2021. Among them, the stock price ushered in a high light moment on December 3, up to 692 yuan.

As of the closing on December 31, the total market value of Ningde times had reached 1.37 trillion yuan, ranking third among all a shares, second only to Guizhou Maotai and industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and surpassing China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Ping An of China and other financial stocks that have occupied the top 10 of a stock market for many years.

According to the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News, at the end of last year, Ningde era ranked among the top 10 A shares for the first time, ranking 10th among all a shares with a total market value of 817.9 billion yuan.

It is worth mentioning that the upsurge of “rising with lithium” in the market continued until the end of the year. Wind data show that among all the concept sectors, lithium related indexes rank top this year. The lithium extraction index and lithium ore index of Salt Lake increased by more than 200% this year, the lithium electrolyte index increased by more than 100%, the lithium negative index and lithium positive index also increased by more than 90%, and the lithium battery index increased by more than 80%.

Among them, the largest “Bull Stock” in the lithium sector is jiangte motor, whose share price rose from 3.73 yuan at the end of 2020 to 20.76 yuan at the end of 2021, an increase of 456.57%. Meanwhile, on September 14, 2021, the share price reached 32.56 yuan, nearly 8 times higher than the end of last year and 25 times higher than the historical low of the share price on May 20, 2020.

However, this “Bull Stock” failed in the last month of this year. On December 9, jiangte Motor announced that the CSRC decided to file a case for investigation because of “suspected illegal information disclosure”. The day after the announcement, jiangte motor fell to the limit. In the 16 trading days from December 10 to December 31, jiangte motor fell by more than 13%.

The Star stock in the lithium battery sector is Lianchuang shares, with an increase of 488.93% this year, which has also become the largest stock on the gem this year. The share price of Lianchuang shares rose from 2.89 yuan at the end of last year to 17.02 yuan at the end of this year. On September 23 this year, the share price once climbed to 29.9 yuan, up more than 10 times from the lowest price during the year.

Shell finance reporter noted that Lianchuang announced in December this year that it had signed a cooperation framework agreement with Ningde times, which would purchase lithium battery grade PVDF and R142b products from the company. After preliminary calculation, the amount of the purchase agreement reached 1.6 billion yuan, and Lianchuang shares has also become a member of the circle of friends of Ningde era.

Another representative of Ningde era industrial chain is Yongtai technology, which rose by more than 360% this year. Yongtai technology, a manufacturer of fluorine fine chemicals, signed a large order of 600 million electrolyte materials with Ningde times in August this year; In November this year, Yongtai technology announced that Ningde times took a stake in Yongtai technology subsidiary.

In addition, the shares of Salt Lake, the leader of lithium extraction from Salt Lake, and Tibet urban investment increased by more than 300% this year, and the mining industry in Tibet increased by more than 270%. Shi dashenghua, the leader of lithium electrolyte, rose by more than 290% this year.

From the perspective of 2022, major institutions are still optimistic about industries related to the new energy industry chain. CICC, Guotai Junan, Industrial Securities and other securities companies listed new energy as the industries recommended for attention next year.

Dai Kang, an analyst at GF Securities, proposed that the demand of the new energy sector continues to improve under the main line of “carbon neutralization”. Under the main policy line of “carbon neutralization” and the background of global energy structure transformation, it is expected that the demand and industrial trend of new energy sector will continue to improve in 2022. Potential “supply and demand resonance” sub industries are mainly concentrated in new energy vehicles, UHV (high and low voltage equipment), power supply equipment (photovoltaic, energy storage).

Metaverse concept fire

Zhongqingbao rose more than 250%, and more than 15 companies were named by regulators

After the fourth quarter, “metaverse” became popular quietly, and its popularity spread from the Internet industry to the capital market.

On October 28, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be renamed meta. In the future, the company will focus on metaverse business and attract global attention. In November, Microsoft announced its official entry into metaverse. Subsequently, domestic Internet giants also competed to enter metaverse.

In the A-share concept sector, the wind virtual reality index rose 29.81% this year, rising continuously from October 28 to mid December.

Zhongqingbao launched the “first shot” of the concept of A-share metaverse and became the stock with the highest increase, up more than 250%.

On September 6, Zhongqing Baofa said that it was building metaverse game. The next day, its share price rose by 20%, and then rose for six consecutive trading days, with the share price rising from about 8 yuan to 20 yuan. Subsequently, after the announcement of Facebook’s name change, zhongqingbao’s share price continued to rise on October 29, up to more than 42 yuan. As of the closing on December 31, zhongqingbao’s share price was reported at 32.66 yuan, an increase of 252.70% for the whole year.

Jingjiawei, another stock labeled metaverse, also caught the wind. Its share price rose 118% throughout the year and closed at 152.2 yuan at the end of this year, which has doubled compared with the end of last year. Jingjiawei is the leader of domestic GPU. Its products involve the field of graphic display and control, the field of small specialized radar, the field of chips, etc. it is known as “China’s NVIDIA”.

The shell finance reporter noted that the person in charge of the Securities Department of jingjiawei company had personally clarified that the company did not have the concept of metaverse, but its share price did not cool down, but climbed all the way. It once hit 214 yuan in late November this year.

Hengxin Oriental, whose main business involves the production of VR content, also made a brilliant increase this year, up 102.76%, and its share price rose from less than 10 yuan to 18.39 yuan. Since November, its share price has doubled in less than 20 days, with a total market value of less than 5 billion and more than 10 billion.

However, some institutions also reminded that the hype atmosphere in the metaverse market was relatively strong, many stocks were just “rubbing hot spots”, and the regulatory authorities once shot. According to the incomplete statistics of the shell finance reporter, this year, the exchange issued a letter of concern about metaverse to more than 15 listed companies, including zhongqingbao, asking zhongqingbao to explain the relevance of relevant products to the concept of metaverse, the existing layout, and whether there are hot spots and market manipulation. Other listed companies involved include Zhongzhuang construction, Hisense, Jiachuang video, Kunlun world wide, etc.

Nevertheless, galaxy securities listed metaverse as one of the three main lines to be grasped in 2022. Metaverse is a new generation of Internet form based on the transformation of network transmission, interaction mode, computing power and content ecology. Each generation of Internet transformation can bring a new round of technology dividend release, and give birth to new computing leaders (such as Intel and Qualcomm), algorithm leaders (such as Microsoft, Google and byte interaction), terminal leaders (such as Nokia and apple) and corresponding business forms. At present, we can focus on the progress and investment opportunities of cloud computing and AI chips supported by metaverse computing power.

CMB international securities proposes that metaverse still needs to undergo 10-15 years of evolution in the industrial exploration period, and finally realize ecological opening and economic self consistency. Metaverse trillion USD market space is expected, and it is suggested to capture the opportunities at the head of the industrial chain from the bottom up. The development of short-term games and social scenes is easy to achieve phased breakthroughs, which is the direction of initial investment. Focus on the opportunities in core technology fields such as algorithm, AI, interaction, GPU and digital twins in the process of digitization in the medium and long term.

Carbon neutralization tuyere

Wenshan Electric Power harvest ten board mechanism is optimistic about the carbon neutralization market next year

Since China put forward the “3060” double carbon goal, “carbon neutralization” has become a major investment theme of a shares. 2021 is very prominent. From photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power to hydrogen energy, all major sectors have “bull stocks”.

The wind carbon neutralization index rose by more than 34% this year, the related photovoltaic index rose by more than 62%, the nuclear power index rose by more than 60%, the hydropower index rose by 34% and the energy storage index rose by more than 52%.

The photovoltaic sector continued to boom, among which Trina Solar energy increased the most, with an annual increase of more than 244%. As a leader in the photovoltaic industry, Trina Solar’s share price rose from 22.92 yuan at the end of last year to 78.90 yuan at the end of this year, with a total market value of more than 160 billion yuan. This figure makes it the stock with the highest increase this year on the science and innovation board, and ranks third in the total market value of the science and innovation board.

In addition, the industry leader Longji shares rose by more than 31% this year, and Tongwei shares rose by more than 17% this year.

Among the hydropower sector, Wenshan power has the highest increase this year, up more than 146%. From September 27 to October 15 this year, the trading of Wenshan power was suspended. After the resumption of trading on October 18, the continuous board mode was opened. Ten continuous boards were harvested on October 29. The share price rose from less than 8 yuan before the suspension to 20 yuan, an increase of 160%. In the meantime, Wenshan power once prompted abnormal stock trading fluctuations, but then the stock price still rose.

This round of rise comes from a restructuring news. On October 15, Wenshan power announced that it plans to place the relevant assets and liabilities mainly engaged in power purchase and sale, power design and power distribution business out of the listed company and replace the equivalent part of 100% equity of China Southern power grid peak shaving and frequency modulation power generation Co., Ltd. held by China Southern Power Grid. After the transaction, the company’s main business will be transformed into pumped storage Development, investment, construction and operation of peak shaving hydropower and grid side independent energy storage business. As a result, Wenshan power station has two tuyeres, hydropower and energy storage, and the stock price has been stimulated.

The reporter of shell finance and economics found that the carbon neutralization related industrial chain is also the key investment direction recommended by major institutions in 2022. Industrial Securities will include photovoltaic and wind power in the main line of next year; Huaxi Securities recommended smart grid, energy storage, wind energy, photovoltaic, etc. for industry configuration next year; Hua’an securities listed “green + technology” as the main investment line in 2022, including clean energy, such as photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage, etc.

Wei Wei, an analyst at Ping An Securities, pointed out that China’s “3060” goal means that China needs to achieve carbon peak by 2030. In the future, the strength of policy support for the development of green economy will be greatly increased, driving the real economy to accelerate green transformation. In this process, it will also give birth to new economic growth points and bring medium and long-term layout direction to the capital market. Among them, industries that usher in opportunities include new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage, etc. China’s photovoltaic industry chain has a strong voice in the world, has an absolute advantage in the world, has high export demand, and photovoltaic equipment is basically localized; The wind power industry has entered the recovery cycle, and the offshore wind power space is broad; The growth space of energy storage technology is large, and the prosperity of electrochemical energy storage increases; In addition, the green transformation of traditional industries will also open the development space in the fields of energy-saving and environmental protection materials, energy-saving equipment, waste residue recycling equipment, carbon capture technology and so on.

Beijing News shell finance reporter Gu Zhijuan editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Li Ming

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