Metavirtu creates the gate to the new world of metaverse

Some people always don’t understand the connection between metaverse and blockchain. What era dividends can it bring us?

First of all, the word metaverse metaverse is composed of meta and verse. Meta stands for transcendence and verse stands for the universe. Together, it usually represents the concept of “beyond the universe”: an artificial space running parallel to the real world.

Someone listed eight key features for metaverse: identity, economy, immersive, anywhere, low friendship, variety, civilization and friends. If these characteristics can be summarized into one sentence, it is that a person with “virtual” identity can access the virtual world anytime and anywhere. This world has self-developing cultural content and economic system, and always maintains safe and stable operation. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of individual social, game and economic life.

Blockchain can solve the problems of identity and economy; VR can solve immersive problems, 5g and cloud computing can solve anywhere and low friction problems; The open UCG content production and game mode provide a problem-solving idea for solving variety, civilization and friends, so as to form a complete metaverse solution. It can be seen from this that metaverse and blockchain help each other. What dividends can they bring us? We can think about whether a blockchain game platform is built in the VR device and connected with metaverse, which will produce different sparks!

On December 15, meta virtu held the “block VR” blockchain and VR round table Summit Forum in Los Angeles and released the content to be launched in March next year. At the press conference, relevant personnel of meta virtu product R & D department showed the new helmets meta virtu and meta virtu glasses wand.

Why did Xiaobian put forward this product? Because now metaverse may still be questioned. Some people stay on the sidelines and some remain vigilant, but some people have already practiced it. Think about Alibaba and Taobao in the past, plus the short video and live delivery. When you are questioning and watching, others have been one step ahead of you, so you can only stay on the sidelines forever! If you don’t want to be content with the status quo, join it as soon as possible. People will never make money beyond cognition. Metaverse will be a dividend of a new era!