Sina’s focus on virtual real estate speculation is the previous currency circle? Metaverse is now a “real estate speculation group”, and domestic speculation has been cooled

A6021 virtual real estate of domestic macro universe. Screenshot of web page.

“Do you know that Lin Junjie spent hundreds of thousands to buy virtual plots abroad? Do you know that a piece of land for similar projects abroad can be sold for millions or even tens of millions?” On December 25, a virtual real estate seller asked a shell finance reporter.

While metaverse continues to ferment, the related virtual real estate has also become “hot”.

There are many metaverse virtual real estate high price transactions abroad. The transaction price of a piece of virtual land can even reach US $4.3 million (about 27.39 million yuan).

At the same time, the virtual real estate on the domestic rainbow universe platform was once hot. Leisure fish, some rainbow universe real estate once priced at thousands of yuan, or even tens of thousands of yuan. Under the upsurge, more and more people try to participate. In this regard, the official of honguniverse platform is also continuously strengthening the prevention and control mechanism to limit the excessive speculation of current virtual real estate by continuously raising the threshold.

As of press time, the virtual real estate speculation about rainbow universe has been curbed to a certain extent. However, it is certain that the undercurrent of metaverse virtual assets will continue to surge for a long time.

There is an upsurge of virtual real estate transactions abroad, and the highest price of a suite in China is 1 million

Foreign countries have repeatedly staged high price transactions of metaverse virtual real estate.

On November 23, star Lin Junjie announced on the social platform that he spent $123000 to buy three virtual lands on decentraland platform (a virtual reality platform based on blockchain).

According to media reports, on November 23, a piece of virtual land on decentraland platform was sold for $2.43 million (about 15.48 million yuan). After that, a piece of virtual land on the virtual game platform sandbox was traded for us $4.3 million (about 27.39 million yuan), setting a new record for the transaction price of metaverse real estate. The buyer of this virtual land is Republic real, a company specializing in investing and developing virtual real estate and other digital assets. At present, it has about 2500 digital lands on 19 different metaverse platforms.

According to DAPP (dappradar. Com), in a short week from November 22 to 28, the total transaction volume of the four major metaverse real estate trading platforms was close to US $106 million. According to Forbes, a construction company can make nearly $300000 by designing a project in metaverse.

Foreign metaverse real estate transactions are in full swing, and China is not willing to lag behind. The first hot virtual real estate transaction is in rainbow universe.

On November 18, Li Meng, chairman of tianxiaxiu of Hongren economic company, issued an open letter for the 11th anniversary, announcing the company’s 3D virtual social product based on blockchain technology – honnverse.

Inside the platform of rainbow universe is a virtual P planet. According to the tianxiaxiu news, “Rainbow universe” platform will issue 350000 sets of virtual houses in total. These virtual houses have 13 types according to different landforms. The house is divided into SSS, SS, s, a, B and C levels from high to low. The higher the level, the rarer it is. The price ranges from 8.88 yuan to 88 yuan, or even higher.

A660202 macro universe internal property. Screenshot of web page.

At present, all users can only do some simple actions on the platform. In addition, there is no other variety of game content. All online users can talk in a public chat box. Almost all users participating in the speech are calling for “attention”, “friends”, “visiting my home” and “helping with tasks”. Due to the limited number of houses officially distributed, the virtual house transaction on the platform once became the hardest hit area of speculation and looting.

Recently, shell finance of Beijing News saw many virtual real estate transactions related to rainbow universe on the second-hand trading platform leisure fish. Take polar wooden houses and half sea view houses as examples, their prices range from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the price of individual virtual houses is even as high as 1 million yuan. The transaction method is that the buyer pays, and then the seller transfers the property to the buyer through the rainbow universe platform.

in mid December, the rainbow universe real estate on the idle fish was priced. Website screenshot

Shell finance of Beijing News contacted a number of sellers and asked why the price was so high. Most sellers gave similar reasons, such as “metaverse is the future”, “honguniverse platform has large room for appreciation”, “rare things are expensive”, “tianxiaxiu is a listed company, honguniverse platform has endorsement and good development prospects”, etc.

A seller with a “polar wooden house” in his hand and a price of 8500 yuan said that the rainbow universe platform is a promising game. It is speculation and hot. “We are early users. If you have channels to double the sales, this thing will certainly develop, which is equivalent to Shenzhen and Xiamen in the period of reform and opening up.”

Another seller with a house price of 9999 yuan also told reporters that the virtual house can be understood as a limited number of collections, and there is a lot of room for appreciation. The reporter asked how to ensure that the house on the platform can appreciate. He replied that there is no guarantee. Those who are willing to buy are people who are optimistic about its value. “Rainbow universe is the app closest to these projects in China. Some people think this project is good, so people will buy it at a high price. This is the internal logic.”

There is also a seller in Nanning, Guangxi. Her polar wooden house is priced at 6000 yuan. She said that more and more people come to play on the rainbow universe platform, but few people have houses, so the rarer houses will be more expensive. “The price of some houses has been 50000 or 60000.” At the same time, she said she had sold several sets of products at a low price because of miscalculation of the situation, and now there are only three sets left in her hand. From its screenshot, the reporter saw that she had sold a half sea view villa at the price of 240 yuan.

What is the main function of buying a house? “You can sell it to others, buy it and sell it after a period of time when the price is high.” She told the shell finance reporter of the Beijing news that most of the people who play this game are businessmen. “This is a kind of hype. According to the current trend, there is no problem that the price is expected to break 10000 in 15 days.” The reporter asked if there were more product channels. She suggested that the reporter “don’t buy too much at once” and “would rather invest money in other places. This is not very stable, but the risk is relatively large.” “It’s OK to buy a small one for tens of thousands.”

Tug of War: the official shot to curb house price speculation and cool the transaction

In the face of the increasingly fierce speculation about the price of virtual real estate, hongcosmos officials have issued statements for many times to formulate and launch new rules to curb the speculation on the platform.

On November 24, in order to curb the frequent house sales, hongcosmos announced to modify the house gift rules. Specifically, the gift rules were changed from “holding for 3 days, being visited by 5 users, real name authentication and over 18 years old” to “holding for 15 days, being visited by 50 users, real name authentication and over 18 years old”. The official also gave the reason for the rule change: “recently, some users have been cheated by trading digital collections and props such as houses on other platforms or privately.”

On December 10, hongcosmos once again said that it would focus on monitoring all violations and violations involving private transactions, induced transactions, speculation, fraud and so on. Once found, it would take measures such as restricting login and prohibiting login to relevant accounts. This reminder was reiterated on December 13 and the account list and disposal results of the first batch of illegal users were published.

Source: Rainbow universe official microblog

Soon afterwards, the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News found that a large number of rainbow universe virtual real estate were still for sale at a high price. In multiple QQ groups, inquiries and interactive messages about such products flash from morning to night. According to several sellers, although the gift can only be transferred after 15 days, due to the short time, you can first give the account to the seller for experience, and then transfer the gift independently after 15 days.

After that, hongcosmos further upgraded the prevention and control measures and promulgated the new contract terms for the gift function of hongcosmos digital collection, including: the giver and the recipient are hongcosmos friends, and the friend relationship needs to be more than 15 days; If the digital collection is held for 50 days, the house gift shall meet the demand of 50 visits to the house. Under this clause, the housing transaction boom has cooled significantly. Because at least within 50 days, users on the platform may not be able to trade through “conversion to value-added” real estate.

A group of friends even called on everyone to boycott the rainbow universe platform because of this transaction restriction, “don’t log in and don’t do tasks. Change the rules at will to restrict players’ transactions and have no game experience.” The group Friends released the above announcement in several QQ groups.

Idle fish has also further strengthened the fight against speculation. On December 24, the shell finance reporter of the Beijing News entered key words such as “polar wooden house”, “half sea view” and “mountain village cabin” on the idle fish. Although there will be some second-hand virtual real estate waiting to be sold, the search results of each keyword are only more than a dozen at most, which has been greatly reduced compared with hundreds of results of searching the same keyword a week ago. Previously, the reporter has browsed a number of products consulted. At present, it has also shown that “the baby does not exist or has been deleted”. Many sellers said that their product links have been taken off the shelves by idle fish.

“The virtual real estate speculation group is almost all the people in the previous currency circle”

Li Zuxi, executive director of Qingbo Innovation Institute, often studies the use of virtual reality social applications such as recoom, vrchat, altspace and decentraland. He said that metaverse’s space, especially the space based on social and entertainment, has commercial value, but it may not be fully developed yet. “Although the scene experience is very elementary, it is indeed valuable and not entirely a bubble.”

However, Li Zuxi believes that there is a lot of hype in this field. It is a hype game of beating drums and passing flowers. “Because at present, its commercial value has not been fully highlighted.” Ni Zhili, founder of Hangzhou virtual human technology, also believes that the NFT and block chain markets in the international environment are more active, but they are also more complex and the risk of bubbles is higher.

Zhang Yi, CEO and chief analyst of AI media consulting, said that the current price of these virtual real estate in the market seriously exceeds their value. If it continues, it will easily cause chain financial risks, so it needs to be treated rationally. “The value of virtual real estate can be understood as entertainment attribute and leisure attribute. From this point of view, it is feasible, but the price can not be so high. Now the price seriously deviates from the value.”

Shell finance reporter found in the survey that many of the people who hype virtual real estate are the original people in the currency circle. A seller told reporters that “almost all the people who do virtual real estate transactions around him are people who fry money in the previous currency circle”. Asked the reason, “we pay attention to many information platforms, and metropolis sends these messages.” The above-mentioned seller who plans to sell the polar wooden house for 8500 yuan also told reporters earlier, “if you are interested in the house, I can point you out cheaply, and then I can take you to play the blockchain.” Another seller said that people who play virtual real estate around them are both money speculators and stock speculators. In addition, there are people who do other network projects.

Although full of hype, Li Zuxi also believes that the price heat of virtual assets also reflects the scarcity of virtual assets. “On the one hand, it is absolute scarcity. Compared with the real world, the overall space of the plot in metaverse is limited. You can be neighbors with celebrities all over the world, and the concentration of resources means its value. On the other hand, it is subsequent relative scarcity. Like the real world, virtual real estate and land are also scarce due to their location. On the one hand, their location is virtual On the other hand, the geographical location in the proposed space is similar to the intelligent recommendation of thousands of people and thousands of faces. For example, when a person comes to the virtual space, the buildings and spaces next to him can achieve thousands of people and thousands of faces, which will also bring scarcity. Of course, it has not been realized yet, which is a possible situation in the future. “

Cui Lili, executive director of the E-commerce Research Institute of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, believes that metaverse, as a phenomenon, first became popular in the investment field, and gradually entered the application fields such as virtual space and virtual idol from the conceptual description. It can be seen that this is the pursuit of this emerging concept field by some people with investment goals. There may be two reasons behind it: first, we are optimistic about virtual assets with reference to the reasoning of the rapid rise of the investment value of virtual currency in the early stage, which is also confirmed by the high price of NFT art and virtual avatars abroad; Second, since metaverse is in the stage of “seeing flowers in the fog” for most people, early intervention may be better considered.

However, for hongcosmos, Li Zuxi said that there is still a big gap between hongcosmos and foreign metaverse products such as the sandbox and decentraland. On the one hand, it is still in the internal test stage. In addition, China’s subsequent application of metaverse, the activity of ordinary users, the activity of UGC construction on the platform, and the application of NFT in it are still unknown, Therefore, although there is speculation now, it is relatively primary in terms of amount and so on. “But the basis is similar. On the one hand, it is based on the commercial value of the platform, on the other hand, it is the mode of hype and drum beating and flower passing, and in addition, there is the scarcity mentioned above.”

The future of virtual real estate and virtual assets

After the concept of “metaverse” became popular, many capital, giants and start-ups at home and abroad took action one after another to try to enter the fields related to metaverse.

CITIC Securities said that under the background of the gradual decline of mobile Internet dividends and the strengthening of antitrust supervision, Internet giants began to enter the investment period and accumulate strength to layout in the future. Metaverse is expected to become the next stage of the development of the Internet industry. Through metaverse, users can get more integrated production and life experiences covering games, social networking, content, consumption and expanding to online and offline, and enter the Quanzhen Internet era of thousands of lines and industries.

“Further, we believe that metaverse is not only the next generation Internet, but also the way of life of mankind in the future.”

But at the same time, the industry generally believes that metaverse is still in a fairly early stage. Metaverse involves many technologies, including VR, AR, 5g, cloud computing, etc. CITIC Securities believes that in the next 3-5 years, metaverse will enter the embryonic exploration period, and progressive technological breakthroughs and business model innovations in VR / AR, NFT, AI, cloud, pugc game platform, digital man, digital twin city and other fields will emerge one after another.

“Our imagination of metaverse is still based on the previous stage, such as our existing mobile Internet, existing VR technology, somatosensory devices and modeling technology. In fact, the real metaverse form in the future may be completely different from our existing imagination.” Previously, science fiction writer Chen Rowan Fan said in an interview with shell finance and economics of the Beijing News.

The future of metaverse is full of uncertainty. What about the prospects of virtual real estate and virtual assets that may be carried on it?

“What attracts me most about virtual reality social applications such as recoom, vrchat, altspace and decentraland is that they can directly ‘face-to-face’ communicate with people all over the world. Although we are all images of virtual people, everyone’s voice, expression and action are communicated directly in real time, and I have a strong sense of immersion when wearing helmets.” In Li Zuxi’s opinion, with the increase of people flow and commercial factors of a metaverse platform, its own market value will be greater. With such a basic value, the value of its absolute lots and the value of relative lots recommended based on artificial intelligence will further improve its overall value.

   “In this case, the follow-up virtual real estate and goods will have a relatively stable market value. We will spend like real houses and goods. On the other hand, because it is in the virtual space, it is somewhat similar to advertising space or recommendation algorithm, and there is also a relative scarcity. Therefore, in addition to purchasing virtual assets, we also have competition Price ranking is such a consumption mode. ” Li Zuxi said.

If this assumption is finally realized, the value of virtual assets of different metaverse platforms is bound to be different. Li Zuxi analyzes the influencing factors of its value from multiple perspectives: “The first is the user flow, which is the basic prerequisite. Even if the platform itself is not profitable, it can also have users; the second is to look at the foundation of the platform itself. For example, if there is continuous capital transfusion behind it, it can keep the platform active; the third is the liquidity of virtual assets, which is a constituent element of its economic vitality and value; the fourth is to look at the platform Has the economic closed loop in been formed, such as users building real estate on the platform, renting real estate, operating real estate, and obtaining income from consumers? “

In addition to users and platform parties, Li Zuxi believes that if third-party brands settle in and provide advertising fees or other funds, it can also make the platform economic system operate, so as to make the lot or real estate more valuable. “In addition, whether such a small universe and the traffic bit of this small universe in the middle of the whole metaverse can continuously obtain users to enter his metaverse from the whole network or the real world is also a value point of its existence.”

Ni Zhili, founder of Hangzhou virtual human technology, believes that digital land is just a game digital asset that can trigger imagination. There is no corresponding evaluation system for its own value. In the future, it may gradually form its own actual value after having a certain evaluation reference. In the future, virtual assets may be stored in the game computer Internet metaverse in the form of a variety of tags.

Cui Lili said that if metaverse wants to generate business value in the real world, the key is to rely on the transactions of these digital assets in the virtual world. She stressed that only the circulation of assets can bring real market and economy. “If these so-called metaverse applications can’t bring commercial value to the upstream and downstream industrial chains, the heat will pass soon.”

Beijing News shell finance reporter Sun Wenxuan, editor Xu Chao, proofreader Liu Baoqing

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