CPPCC National Committee member Zhou Hongyi: the essence of metaverse security is digital security

How hot is metaverse?

Play around the current technology circle and capital circle. If you don’t mention metaverse, it seems to be out. So, is metaverse a mirage or a touch of the future, a capital hype or a new track, a new bottle of old wine or a new breakthrough in science and technology?

In fact, no matter what imagination metaverse can bring us, we need to consider a question: where should we lead metaverse, pursue more virtualization, or consider how to better serve reality.

At the “opening the first year of digital security – 360 group strategy press conference” held on December 28, Zhou Hongyi, member of the CPPCC National Committee and founder of 360, gave the answer: I think metaverse is the product of the advanced stage of digital development. However, I oppose metaverse, which is divorced from reality and addicted to the virtual world, and support industrial metaverse, which serves the real economy, manufacturing industry and digital transformation of various traditional industries. In short, metaverse is also to serve the real world, not divorced from reality.

In Zhou Hongyi’s eyes, metaverse is still a developing and evolving concept, and there is still no final conclusion at present. However, it is worth noting that while metaverse provides you with full imagination space, it also attracts speculation from various schools such as game school, stock speculation school, currency speculation school and community school, overdrawing the future of the industry.

Therefore, Zhou Hongyi said that we should prevent speculation through concepts. Metaverse is still built on the mature and integrated promotion of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and blockchain. It is the product of the advanced stage of digital development. The purpose of building a virtual space completely connected with the real world is also to provide better digital support for the real world. Therefore, industrial metaverse is the ultimate direction.

So, what is industry metaverse? In Zhou Hongyi’s view, in the future, the industrial Internet will replace the consumer Internet, become a new theme in the second half of the Internet, and bring the reconstruction of traditional industries. At present, digitization has become a national strategy, and the future economic development, industrial upgrading and social governance will be based on digitization. Digitization will certainly change mankind more than the industrial revolution and will open an era independently.

Zhou Hongyi believes that the core of industrial metaverse is digital twinning. Among many schools of metaverse, 360 is a firm Digital twin. It supports metaverse combined with industrial digitization, realizes the metaverse of industrial Internet, and continuously empowers the digital transformation of various industries and high-quality economic development.

While people imagine the carnival of technology and capital brought by metaverse, Zhou Hongyi also suggests that we should calmly see the security challenges that metaverse may bring. In his opinion, it is precisely because metaverse is the product of the advanced stage of digital development that the security challenge of metaverse is also a challenge of digital security in essence. With the advent of metaverse, mankind will also usher in the first year of digital security in 2022. “Digitization can make the whole human society more ‘smart’, and it may also make security more ‘fragile’.”

Indeed, under the strong demand of metaverse, network security should also be upgraded. According to Zhou Hongyi, “The continuous escalation of network threats is the most important symbol of the first year of digital security. At present, security risks have broken through the scope of computer security and network security and upgraded to digital security. Digital security includes not only data security, but also artificial intelligence security and network security. In particular, in the world of” everything can be programmed, everything should be interconnected, big data driven business and software definition ” In the context of “world”, all aspects of the virtual world and the real world are intertwined and integrated, and the vulnerability of the whole world will be unprecedented. Attacks against the virtual world will also hurt the real world. “

In addition, Zhou Hongyi said that the upgrading of simple security issues to complex security challenges has become another sign of the opening of the first year of digital security. “The security problems in the digital age have been upgraded to eight major challenges, including big data security, cloud security, Internet of things security, new terminal security, network communication security and supply chain security, including the basic technologies used in metaverse and digitization. At the same time, security threats are intertwined and integrated with the real world, and security risks are all over key infrastructure and industrial Internet Eight scenarios, such as, Internet of vehicles and energy Internet, may affect national defense, economy, society and even personal safety, and become a major security challenge. All these indicate that 2022 will become the first year of digital security and mankind will enter the era of great security. “

The original text was published in the fifth edition of the CPPCC daily on December 31, 2021

Reporter: Sun Lin