Survey map of insurance capital in November: Group survey “Mustard grass” is optimistic about the leader of consumer building materials and pays attention to “metaverse” in VR business

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Finance Associated Press (Beijing, reporter Wang Hong) according to the statistics of Finance associated press reporters, in November, insurance funds investigated a total of 190 listed companies, focusing on the building materials industry, large consumption and undervalued regional banks in the real estate chain. During the survey, he asked about the progress of VR business of many companies.

Specifically, venture capital believes that the real estate policy has stabilized, and the leader of home decoration building materials has ushered in a good opportunity for layout. In the large consumption industry, insiders believe that Fuling pickled mustard has attracted attention due to the overall price increase of consumption; At the same time, the expectation of pig price in the second half of next year has become better, and the relief of oversupply has prompted insurance funds to investigate stocks related to the pig cycle; For the highly sought after “metaverse”, the industry believes that metaverse follows the trilogy of hardware, software and traffic realization, which is reflected in the hardware. Stocks engaged in VR / AR related businesses have attracted much attention; In addition, a number of regional banks, including Bank of Ningbo, received insurance capital attention due to undervaluation and high cost performance.

Real estate policy stabilized, insurance capital optimistic about consumer building materials

The financial Associated Press reporter noted that some construction products and building materials industry companies in the “real estate chain” have obtained insurance capital research. Among them, Weixing new material, Jianlang hardware, Yonggao Co., Ltd., Tianshan Co., Ltd., Yuma sunshade and Sichuan Shuangma have been investigated by insurance companies and insurance asset management companies.

It is worth noting that Aoyuan Meigu, whose main business is real estate development, obtained a risk capital research. However, aoyuanmei Valley said that it is rapidly cutting into the medical beauty track through mergers and acquisitions of medical beauty service institutions. Financial Street, Zhongxin group and I love my family did not receive insurance capital research, but received research from 1, 8 and 4 institutions respectively.

PICC assets said that the “warm wind” to ensure the operation of the real estate industry chain was blowing frequently. At present, it is close to the time point of the new year, focusing on the upstream new energy industry chain with continuous upward business cycle and possible demand exceeding expectations, as well as the bottom layout opportunity of the leading target of home decoration building materials, which was significantly killed in the early valuation due to the impact of real estate policies, but the medium and long-term demand is still expanding and the leading concentration is rapidly improving.

Minsheng Securities said that the real estate chain focuses on the signs of policy stabilization, the marginal decline of mortgage interest rates in many places, the financing recovery of high credit central enterprises, and attaches importance to the positive significance of the signal, which is conducive to the stabilization of the valuation of consumer building materials. It is suggested to focus on the application of new materials. The future revenue contribution is expected to increase steadily, smooth the periodicity of real estate / infrastructure, and overcome the limited impact of new capacity of traditional businesses under the background of “double carbon”.

Debang Securities said that real estate ushered in the end of the policy, and the concentration of leading consumers of building materials increased significantly. With the easing of pessimism in the real estate chain, leading players such as waterproof, coating and hardware ushered in a good opportunity for layout; Waterproof materials that run through the construction cycle and catalyzed by new industry standards are preferred, followed by coatings with consumption properties, gypsum boards benefiting from the completion cycle and pipe leaders with excellent management quality.

18 institutions organized a group to investigate “pickled mustard grass” and explore opportunities for underestimation of consumption

The financial Associated Press reporter noted that large consumer industries such as food processing and meat, agricultural products, footwear, clothing and household appliances have also received insurance capital attention. Among them, “pickled mustard grass” Fuling pickled mustard has been investigated by 18 insurance companies and insurance asset management companies, and Wen’s shares, new hope and muyuan shares in “pig cycle” have also been investigated by many insurance assets.

The person in charge of equity investment of an insurance company told the financial associated press that the Fuling mustard research was affected by the recent overall price increase of consumption. The research on Wen’s shares mainly considered the problem of pig cycle. Everyone expects that the pig price in the second half of next year will be better at present, and this oversupply may be significantly improved.

According to xingkuang data, Fuling pickled mustard was surveyed by investors on November 11. In response to the consideration of “price increase”, the company said that the company has the pricing power of industrial products and dares to take the lead in raising prices; It can also strategically not raise prices temporarily and accelerate the reshuffle of the industry. In the face of the continuous price rise of upstream industrial chains such as bulk commodities and chemicals, we will comprehensively consider and choose the opportunity to adjust our business strategy.

Some people in the insurance asset management industry also said that the valuation switching market in the fourth quarter should be based on the pricing of next year’s boom. The overall idea is to strengthen the stock selection layout in the middle and lower reaches, such as the direction with high probability of dilemma reversal next year, such as the mandatory consumption of food and pig cycle under the expectation of price rise, etc.

“Metaverse” became a topic of concern for venture capital, and fengyuzhu and Liyade were investigated

According to the statistics of xingkuang data, during the survey in November, insurance capital asked about the VR / AR business layout of 6 listed companies, including lyad, hongruan technology, danghong technology, Baotong technology, oufeiguang and fengyuzhu.

In an investor survey on November 12, Riad said that the VR business grew rapidly this year, and the main performance contribution came from the wholly-owned acquisition of American naturalpoint (NP). The company’s core business is to have optical motion capture technology and products. As of the third quarter, the revenue of VR experience sector had increased by 23% year-on-year. It is expected that with the continuous opening of the demand for VR applications at home and abroad, the development of this sector will also be gradually improved.

As a “metaverse” concept stock, fengyuzhu said when receiving investor research on November 9 that it strategically invested in VR content platform veer in 2020. It plans to increase its investment in veer this year. At present, an investment intention agreement has been signed.

Fengyuzhu also said that metaverse in the early stage was a virtual digital world. It took a long time period to achieve the final goal of “metaverse”, and its realization was uncertain and risky. VR / AR technology, 3D modeling, real-time rendering, CG vision and immersive experience related to metaverse concept are important sources of contribution to the company’s profits. The application of the above digital technologies related to metaverse concept will help to improve the company’s project profit margin and strengthen the company’s bargaining power.

What is metaverse’s investment logic? Another person in charge of insurance asset management and investment told the financial associated press that like every subversive technological innovation investment path in the past, metaverse also follows the trilogy of hardware, software and flow realization. At present, the most mature hardware corresponding to metaverse is VR / AR wearable devices. In terms of software, building metaverse requires multiple technology enablers, the most important of which include cloud computing, virtual engine, etc. related business companies are good titles. After the software matures, there will be more ways to realize.

Bank of Ningbo won high-frequency research and valued undervalued and cost-effective

The financial Associated Press reporter noted that in November, six regional banks, including Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Wuxi, Sunong bank, Changshu bank, Bank of Hangzhou and Bank of Shanghai, obtained insurance capital research. Among them, 18 insurance companies and insurance asset management companies investigated the Bank of Ningbo.

According to xingkuang data, Bank of Ningbo obtained institutional group survey on November 12, November 17 and November 18 respectively. Investors’ concerns include the risk management measures, loan investment orientation, wealth management business, interest margin level, financial technology development, etc. of Bank of Ningbo.

A banking analyst told the associated press that the biggest factor affecting the banking industry this year is not only the economic recovery is less than expected, but also the real estate industry. At present, everyone is expecting the end of the market, so they will investigate the fundamentals of banks. By the end of the year, it may also face valuation switching, so it will pay attention to the cheap valuation of bank stocks. The allotment of Bank of Ningbo has been implemented, and the biggest market constraints are gone. After the allotment is completed, the stock price has the power to go up. Therefore, at present, risk capital research banks mainly focus on the cost performance and undervalued value of banks.

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