With the return of the new energy king, a new high in auto parts is imminent, and metaverse idles more, where are the future market opportunities

Under the ardent expectation of all investors, big a really lived up to expectations. After the Shanghai index opened low by 1%, the shock rebound almost turned red, the Shanghai index opened low and went high, and the gem rose strongly by 1%. This time, the global stock debt double kill, a shares are so amazing, it’s time for foreigners to envy, envy and hate.

Although the market was so beautiful and the price limit of 100 shares rose, it was difficult to hide the disappointment of investors. 2900 stocks in the two cities fell and 1600 stocks rose. Although the price limit was hundreds, most stocks were rubbed on the ground, and most investors were still difficult to make money.

Besides gold and jade, the market is mainly decorated by medicine, lithium batteries, new energy vehicles and military industry. The subject stocks and weight plates are basically adjusting. Moreover, the pharmaceutical plate opens high and goes low, which is consistent with the king’s judgment yesterday. Most investors feel that under China’s “external anti input and internal anti rebound” prevention and control strategy, the impact of the new virus on us is limited, Investors choose to be safe.

Big finance: after the adjustment of the plate, the market opened sharply lower without protection, which was completely abandoned by the capital and forgotten by the market. Although there is no plate that only falls but does not rise, no one can predict when it can start a wave of market strongly. You can only pay attention to it after it is strong in large quantities. Don’t easily copy the bottom;

Big consumption: Baijiu, medicine rebound, food, medical beauty and other adjustments. The leading Jiuan medical and Tuoxin pharmaceutical industries rose the limit at the end of the trading day, stimulating the return of funds to the pharmaceutical sector. The four companies that claim to be able to detect new viruses, shuoshi biology, rejing biology, Zhijiang biology and Dongfang biology, all received changshangying. There is news in the pharmaceutical sector. Pay attention to whether they can reverse package today;

New energy: lithium battery, photovoltaic, wind energy, energy storage, automobile and chemical industry all rose. Yesterday, the king pointed out that the market is weak and the new energy track cannot be weak, otherwise the market will really have to be adjusted. Yesterday, the king of track stocks returned, especially in the lithium battery sector. Ningwang soared by 3.31%, and the stock price once again set a new record. The market value is close to 1.6 trillion. 2 trillion is not a dream. It is ningwang’s sharp rise that drives a big positive line of lithium battery to recover the lost land, and comes to the vicinity of a record high. There is the possibility of upward breakthrough at any time. In fact, the reason why the market can make a Jedi counterattack is mainly driven by the overall rise of the new energy sector. Today, whether the market continues to rebound upward or turn down again depends on the performance of the new energy track.

Auto parts: it is worthy of being the hot spot recommended by the king for two consecutive weeks. DeMax’s 20cm limit, assisted by Dehong shares, Junda shares and Wencan shares, has increased by more than 20. Many of the stocks started yesterday are large cap stocks, and institutions have also begun to enter the market. The most purchased stocks in the Dragon Tiger list after hours are basically individual auto parts stocks, The largest number of institutions are also individual stocks in the direction of auto parts. The plate is far from over and there are still many opportunities.

Secondary new shares: registered secondary new shares are still very strong. Although there are only two 20cm first boards, the core of this wave of market, Tuoxin pharmaceutical, has reached a new high limit. The secondary new direction is to superimpose the best themes, such as secondary New + auto parts, secondary New + automotive electronics, automotive + medicine, etc;

Metaverse: with continuous news from the sector, metaverse’s meta platform (formerly Facebook) postponed the change of stock code to the first quarter of 2022, which was originally scheduled to take effect later this week (November 29 to December 3); Guotai Junan Huang Yanming: metaverse must be a process from equipment manufacturing to application. At present, it is more important at the manufacturing end; Jibang Consulting: Industrial metaverse will drive the global intelligent manufacturing market to reach US $540 billion by 2025. More importantly, the official media began to talk about metaverse again. This time it seems to be positive. Metaverse pulled back the 20th line and closed the small positive line. There are signs of stopping the decline technically. It’s time to respond to the official media today.

On the whole, the market opened low and went high. The return of the king of the new energy track helped the market rebound. More than six layers of stocks were adjusted, 100 stocks rose and fell, and only 5 stocks fell, indicating that the market sentiment is relatively stable. The king prompted the market to open low and go high before trading yesterday. Individual stocks can be held and observed, avoiding investors’ blind meat cutting. At a low level, they can continue to hold and observe today.

Looking back on the trend, Wang Zhe’s early comment analysis yesterday pointed out that: “Once the market opens substantially lower and no longer falls, a small-level downward trend pattern will be formed. At the same time, it will enter the back gallop section, and the market is likely to go out of the bottom rebound trend. It should be pointed out that unless the rebound here can unexpectedly exceed the expected strength, there is a greater possibility of downward decline relay. It is not feasible to continue to fall after a day or two after the rebound It is obvious that yesterday’s bottom rebound has been realized. We need to continue to verify whether it is a decline relay.

From the technical point of view: yesterday, the big positive line of the Shanghai stock index was strong in the outside but weak in the middle, and the closing was only near the zero axis, which was further away from the pressure of the above 60 day moving average. Therefore, if the market wants to end the adjustment and really strengthen, it must continue to rise strongly today. At least stand firm on the 60 day moving average first, and then there is the possibility of continuing to break upward. Otherwise, if the strength is not strong, it is necessary to prevent the risk of downward adjustment again.

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Auto parts + secondary new shares: auto parts will rise to a new high at any time, with attention ★★★★

New energy industry chain: only when Fengguang lithium battery track stocks rise strongly can the market continue to rebound. Attention ★★★

Metaverse: stop falling positive line attention ★★

Military industry + big technology (chip, 5g): repeatedly strengthening attention ★★