Worker’s daily review: in the face of “metaverse”, you might as well be more calm

Original title: in the face of “metaverse”, you might as well be more calm

Worker’s Daily – reporter Zhao ang

The concept of “metaverse” has been popular recently. To what extent? According to tianyancha data, up to now, the number of trademark applications with “metaverse” in the name has exceeded 6000, and more than 900 companies have participated in the application. Before September 22, the number of application companies was only more than 100, that is to say, the number of applications for the “metaverse” trademark increased exponentially in recent two months.

In the past three months, enterprises applying for the “metaverse” trademark have covered all industries, from cars to websites. Even scenic spots have established relevant institutions of “metaverse”, and there are even real estate speculators in the “metaverse” world. Now, if you don’t have “metaverse” in your business concept, you’re embarrassed to say hello to others.

In the face of “metaverse”, what kind of attitude should enterprises adopt more appropriately? First of all, we need to find out what “metaverse” is. In fact, so far, there is no unified concept in the industry.

“Metaverse” was first created by American science fiction writer Neil Stevenson in his 1992 novel avalanche to the effect that in the future, people will immerse themselves in the digital world and communicate with each other in the form of virtual doubles. But Stevenson didn’t say how to define metaverse. To put it more simply, the “oasis” of the virtual digital world in the film “the number one player” is more like the “metaverse” of the future that people imagine now.

In other words, the word “metaverse” can be used and interpreted by anyone. But how can related enterprises realize it and make profits through it? At present, there are no cases to be found, and few enterprises have announced specific and detailed plans. There is also a lack of corresponding evaluation information in the investment field. In other words, “metaverse” sounds good, but how do you use the word to make a profit?

To some extent, “metaverse” is suddenly hot. Some concepts, such as blockchain and VR social networking in previous years, everyone wants to get involved, but no one knows how to do it. Of course, blockchain and VR social networking are also used to explain the concept of metaverse, and even as the specific implementation method of metaverse. However, the problem is that the relevant technology is not mature, and there is a lack of corresponding basic platform. It is not easy for a single enterprise to start from scratch.

From this perspective, it is a future trend not to deny “metaverse” and its related concepts. It can be popularized and applied after the relevant technologies and markets are mature, but no one can predict how, when and what effect it will achieve.

Large science and technology enterprises with huge funds and strong R & D strength can certainly take the lead in basic R & D in order to achieve a leading position in the industry in the future. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial enterprises, it is necessary to carefully consider whether to invest funds and R & D strength in this concept. After all, at present, small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial enterprises have too many places to spend money and too many transformation challenges to face. It goes without saying whether “metaverse” is the answer to the current problems of small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial enterprises. Even if “metaverse” can really be realized, what small and medium-sized enterprises and industry enterprises need to do is often only based on the existing platform without their own R & D platform.

For this reason, in the face of the menacing “metaverse” concept, enterprise investors and operators may as well calm down. Others’ actions or just words follow suit does not mean that they should follow suit. In the same sentence, even the definition of “metaverse” is not a panacea for enterprises. What about this medicine? Still have to look at it calmly first.

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