Everything is metaverse? Don’t overspend metaverse dividends

Recently, metaverse has become a hot technology outlet. Not only did metaverse courses start to sell well on the Internet, but consumer goods dressed in metaverse concepts such as digital clothing, digital collections and 3D virtual social products also continued to flow into people’s daily life. (according to China consumer news on November 26)

Although the concept of metaverse is still vague, it does not hinder people’s exploration of a series of social changes it may trigger. In the eyes of scholars, metaverse is a virtual world in which people interact, work and entertain through mobile phone software, helmets, glasses and other devices. With the help of digital twins and virtual technology, people in reality can cross different virtual worlds, obtain rich and colorful immersive experiences and release their wild imagination, Then build a virtual authentication mechanism with blockchain technology to realize the ownership and Realization of value… The magnificent sense of science fiction is really desirable.

Change your perspective. From the perspective that metaverse is the basic technology of the next generation Internet, this slightly magical concept is a lot simpler in an instant.

Looking through the history of scientific and technological revolution in human society, we can see that human beings continue to innovate and change, so as to promote the sustainable development of society. Especially since entering the era of industrialization, it can be seen that enterprises that master key technologies are often the main force to promote technological innovation and change. In the Internet age, facing the surging trend of metaverse technology, international enterprises such as meta, Microsoft and NVIDIA have released the development blueprint and technical route of metaverse one after another to take the lead in layout; Domestic technology giants such as Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba also quietly entered the track and announced the metaverse technology reserve capacity. They made great efforts one after another with high enthusiasm.

Facing the infinite imagination space opened by metaverse, it is gratifying that excellent enterprises at the forefront of innovation enthusiastically embrace scientific and technological change. However, it must be calm that digital technology has just reached the entrance of the next generation Internet technology. Facing the huge tuyere of innovative infrastructure construction and new generation technology infrastructure construction, it is far from the desirable science fiction world described by metaverse from many technical aspects such as network environment, virtual and real interface, data processing, authentication mechanism and content production, The road is still far away.

In the digital age, we must plan ahead for the social problems that may arise in the metaverse world. In the decentralized, authoritative and multi interactive virtual world, what people think and do can be brought into play at will. The digital environment can always meet people’s intentions and accurately feed people the scenes they yearn for. The de materialized online satisfaction is far from the hard grinding feeling in reality, which will inevitably lead to addictive addiction to the virtual world. Thus, metaverse made an enlightening soul examination on the psychological and ethical proposition of “what is a person and what kind of person to become”.

It is worth noting that although the tower of metaverse still stands in the distant mountains, it also poses a great challenge to the construction of new rules and standards. In the face of the emerging wave of metaverse technology, cross industry standards and rules such as identity sharing, payment system, application compatibility, content interoperability, user privacy control, advertising supervision and addiction control are coerced. For this, we should take precautions and study it early.

Of course, in the face of the new generation of Internet technology reform represented by metaverse, we can’t do without innovation or slow innovation. We should recognize, respond and seek change, seize the major development opportunities brought by the technological revolution and industrial reform, make overall planning, actively respond, and strive to build a new generation of Internet technology engine to promote social and economic progress, Boost the high-quality development of China’s digital economy.

In the digital age, to create a consumption scene within reach, let the metaverse concept really land, and create a new industrial chain of new technologies, new formats, new models and new products, the government and enterprises need to work together to realize echelon changes in consumption scenes such as games, social networking, office, education, medical treatment, industry and public affairs, Explore the best model of metaverse enabling industry. Only by constantly exploring, daring to innovate and doing a good job in the infrastructure construction of the new generation of Internet technology in a down-to-earth manner can we enjoy the high-quality life brought about by the new technological revolution. There is no doubt that at present, it is far from reaching the stage of “everything can be metaverse”, and we can not over consume the technical dividends brought by metaverse.

(editor in charge: Ke Xiaoji)