Focus of science and Technology Daily: metaverse is both a tuyere and a tiger’s mouth

Metaverse swept everything, and technology giants expressed their positions one after another, but they still couldn’t jump out of the projection focusing on their own business field, just like watching blind people touch elephants one after another.

What metaverse presents is still in the stage of competing for imagination. There are different opinions on whether metaverse is a future scientific and technological direction worthy of advocacy. The only consensus is that it will not be achieved overnight. This protracted war requires the joint efforts of the scientific and technological community and all links of the industrial chain.

Two debates focusing on the future of mankind

All metaverse research reports will mention that the 1992 science fiction avalanche conceived a network world parallel to the real world, namely metaverse.

In the context of the weak development of the Internet and the fading of mobile Internet dividends, the power of technology giants urgently needs a new space to release. Therefore, the concept of metaverse has become popular again.

Facebook changed its name to meta, and Liu Cixin criticized metaverse, which promoted the continuous and hot discussion of metaverse.

The data sorted out by the Internet Q & a community for the reporter of science and technology daily showed that netizens had a heated debate on the question “how to treat Liu Cixin and say that Zuckerberg’s metaverse is not the future and metaverse will eventually lead mankind to death”. As of 15:00 on November 19, more than 1800 responses had been generated, with a total of 5.63 million views.

As moenova, an excellent respondent to science fiction, said, is the future of mankind Star Trek or virtual reality? These are two major debates about human science and technology.

Knowing the excellent answer, Cheng Mo Morgan’s answer won nearly 1800 approval. “The exploration and contact of the physical world is the most real universe. And metaverse is man-made. No matter how wonderful, it is just a virtual projection of the real physical world,” said Cheng Mo Morgan, “If human beings are children, the stars and the sea are like outdoor sports, and metaverse is playing games at home. Human beings should treat metaverse correctly as they treat video games. There can be, but not all. Human children can play games, but they should participate in outdoor activities.”

In the eyes of some Zhihu netizens, metaverse is a concept convenient for capital speculation. The new bottle contains old wine such as games, AR / VR, virtual reality linkage and new social networking. Some Zhihu netizens are very optimistic about the future of metaverse or take a more neutral attitude.

Funjoel, Ph.D. in communication and information systems at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhihu respondent, said: “The essence of Metaverse is the next generation Internet Ecosystem with 3D interaction as the main increment. It is a consensus and a draught. There are bubbles and risks. But the bubble will eventually recede. The word Metaverse may exist or may be annihilated, but the next generation Internet with 3D interaction and VR/AR as the new experience will finally come.”

Zhihu answer leader Huang Yanzhen said: “it is biased to despise it as a trick and tout it as the future. A cautious and open mind is the best choice to embrace the future.”

Technical support and industrial realization

So far, the concept of metaverse has not been clearly and accurately defined. Most technology companies define metaverse from a favorable position, with scattered layout. What is the basic path of metaverse from concept to reality?

On November 2, Migu company, a subsidiary of China Mobile, laid out the road map for the realization of metaverse, which completely opened up the physical world and virtual digital space from the bottom support of the computing network, the new engine of digital interaction, the immersive social connection built by software + hardware, and mixed reality.

Although it still focuses on its own business in the specific tactical landing, this is the clearest metaverse implementation path in the industry from the perspective of an industry organizer.

Wang Yunhui, an expert in the communication industry, said: “for many years, in the development of the information and communication industry, operators have always been the industrial base that gathers and connects all products, technologies, applications, supply and demand. In the metaverse era, this positioning will not change.”

When we can reach the world of metaverse, there will be no answer in the short term. There is still a long way to go at the industrial level, technical level, legal level and moral and ethical level.

Even though the six widely recognized metaverse supporting technologies of blockchain, Internet of things, network and computing, artificial intelligence, video game technology and interactive technology (including vr virtual reality, ar Augmented reality, Mr hybrid reality, etc.) have been implemented to varying degrees, it is still far from building an ideal metaverse world.

In Zhihu’s opinion, the concept of metaverse is too huge. So far, the technology in any aspect is not mature.

At present, the visible connection medium is AR / VR, a technology and product at the junction of virtual and reality, which has stepped out of its own rhythm, and the investment and financing level has returned to the high point in 2016.

According to IDC data, in 2020, the total expenditure of Chinese market on AR / VR related products and services accounted for about 55% of the global share. From 2021, the average annual compound growth rate of Chinese AR / VR market in the next five years will be as high as 77.2%.

However, whether VR / AR and other technologies and products can become a key to open the door of metaverse depends on whether they can break the bottleneck of commercialization.

Many people think that metaverse is a game. This understanding is too simple.

Luo Haoyuan, co-founder of China Guangdong capital, said: “the scientific and technological level of the real world determines the degree to which ‘metaverse’ can be realized. What we are happy to see is that metaverse can move the entity model from real to virtual into the digital world, help solve the problems of the real world such as medical treatment, industry and military, and create incremental social value.”

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