Metaverse’s virtual and real choice: is metaverse a new outlet for leeks or a booster for the real economy?

[# metaverse’s virtual and real choice #: # metaverse is a new outlet for leeks or a booster of the real economy #?] metaverse may become the “next generation Internet” after PC Internet and mobile Internet? Because of such a halo overhead, metaverse quickly became a global “top stream” topic in 2021, and even 2021 was named “the first year of metaverse”. Virtual reality (including VR / Ar / XR, etc.), digital twins, 5g / 6G, blockchain, NFT, artificial intelligence, brain computer interface… Although these technologies and scenarios used to build metaverse are not new things, when they are packaged into the new concept of metaverse, they have become “sexy” topics that excite many people. The hype of metaverse and the severe criticism of metaverse are intertwined, and the crowd is noisy and lively. However, there is no consensus on the discussion basis of “what metaverse is”. Being touted, deified, stigmatized or demonized, from the Internet, mobile Internet to cloud computing, blockchain… Almost every new technology that is considered subversive will go through a similar process. After some confusion and game, a more unified consensus can be formed. Technology itself is not good or bad. It depends on how it is developed and applied, how it is combined with business, and how it coexists with society. Metaverse, which integrates virtual and real, is also facing an important path choice: whether to become a “virtual” illusory capital story to harvest “leeks”, or an innovative tool to empower the “real” economy? No blowing, no black. Let’s talk about metaverse’s “emptiness” and “reality”.

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