How to relieve worries? Hold China Mobile! Mango hypermedia and Migu culture have finalized a 3.5 billion cooperation to jointly explore metaverse

This article comes from: financial associated press

Financial Associated Press (Changsha, reporter Li Yongjun) as of last Friday, mango hypermedia (300413. SZ) has recorded an increase of 16.62% this month, sweeping away the decline of 5 consecutive negative K-line since June this year. The change of this trend began on November 2 when Zhang Huali, chairman of mango hypermedia, gave a full speech at the China Mobile Global Partner Conference. Mango’s message to build a metaverse platform came out.

Mango super media, which tasted the sweetness, obviously intended to hold China Mobile’s thighs tighter and tighter. On the evening of November 28, mango hypermedia announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary mango TV had signed a framework agreement with Migu culture under China Mobile, and the two sides would carry out strategic cooperation of no less than 3.5 billion yuan in the next three years.

This is not only a strategic cooperation between mango hypermedia, which is good at content, and China Mobile, which has channels, but also a “group warming” at a very moment. China mobile capital, a subsidiary of China Mobile, has participated in the fixed increase of mango hypermedia twice. The subscription in August alone cost 3 billion yuan. Now, the share price of mango hypermedia has a floating loss of about 10% compared with the fixed increase price of 49.81 yuan.

Large screen business is the focus

According to the announcement, from the signing date of the agreement to January 2024, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation with a minimum amount of no less than 3.5 billion yuan in large screen business, 5g innovation business, product collage and derivative e-commerce, including an estimated cooperation amount of about 800 million yuan for trial operation in 2021.

As the second shareholder of CMCC capital, this three-year large order actually belongs to related party transactions. In the above 10 aspects of cooperation, large screen business is the “top priority”.

Through cooperation with China Mobile, mango TV operator’s large screen business will be upgraded from the traditional provincial cooperation mode to a nationwide unified aggregation and one-point distribution mode of large screen audio-visual content.

That is, in the future, in addition to the separate settlement of large screen business in Hunan Province, Migu culture will be fully responsible for the implementation of mango TV large screen content in 30 provinces in China, and mango TV will mainly undertake the support services of high-quality content and value-added services.

Insiders pointed out that this model innovation can not only increase the aggregation of basic content and head content coverage of Migu culture’s large screen, but also continuously improve the market share of mango hypermedia Internet video business, especially the operator’s business nationwide, and directly reduce the business communication cost between mango TV and 30 provincial administrative regions, So as to improve the scale of revenue and profit level.

According to the 2021 interim report of China Mobile, its mobile customers have reached 946 million, family customers have reached 205 million and government and enterprise customers have reached 15.53 million. The large and stable number of users is expected to provide a broad audience base for the content distribution of mango hypermedia.

In addition, the prospective industry Research Institute believes that large screen members have a long-term willingness to pay for content, more frequent on-demand content and stronger on-demand stickiness. Mango TV’s membership growth and renewal rate may benefit at the same time.

Metaverse is something to watch

Another aspect of cooperation is the current hot “metaverse”. Mango hypermedia and China Mobile have previously expressed their willingness to explore metaverse. Now they seem to be willing to work together in the field of metaverse.

It was announced last night that mango TV will carry out 5g innovative business cooperation with Migu culture, jointly explore and create 5g joint laboratory, and carry out VR production and broadcasting cooperation for program content suitable for VR effect. We’re going to run to metaverse together.

Since the fourth quarter, with the popularity of metaverse concept, various “metaverse” concept companies in the A-share market have made it difficult for investors to distinguish between true and false. What is the foundation for mango hypermedia and China Mobile to do “metaverse”?

According to the relevant person in charge of mango hypermedia, in fact, the company has begun to explore emerging technology fields such as AR / VR since 2016. In 2018, the “Innovation Research Institute” was established to actively layout 5g, AI, VR and other technologies.

Fang Fei, vice president of mango TV, introduced that the company will start from the creation of high-quality VR content, take film, television and game VR content realization technology and virtual character image technology as the means, supplemented by the creation of NFT digital art collection trading platform, and promote the construction of mango planet metaverse in stages.

At the initial stage, mango hypermedia plans to invest in well-known IP to create high-quality VR content, create a head VR offline experience brand by synchronously expanding the store with mcity store, and implement virtual human reception in mcity store, so as to realize the business closed loop of early VR and virtual human content.

At the China Mobile Partner Conference held at the beginning of this month, Zhang Huali, chairman of mango hypermedia, said that Hunan Radio and television will take the 5g Key Laboratory of the State Administration of radio and television as the base and take mango hypermedia as the opportunity of cooperation with China Mobile to explore the establishment of mango “metaverse” platform and fully participate in the competition of communication forms in the future.

On the evening of November 12, Zhang Huali also took a group of executives to the opening ceremony of the first flagship live entertainment experience hall “magic capital station” of its brand “mcity” in Shanghai.

That night, Zhang Huali, dressed in jeans, listened to the introduction layer by layer and experienced the immersive games of mango TV star detective and secret room escape in “magic capital station”. After him, a group of Hushang generation Z young people poured in.